Magpul Dynamics Art of the Precision Rifle

Below is the teaser for the “Art of the Precision Rifle ” DVD from Magpul Dynamics. It looks great!

'We are not trying to change the world, we are just trying to question everything'

[ Many thanks to Nathan for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Nathan

    And for those who are worried, Travis Haley IS in this DVD and will probably be in more.

  • It’s a sad life indeed that has not experienced the sheer joy of hearing lead striking steel a full three seconds after the shot was fired.

  • Other Steve

    Man, they are getting out of control. They have a F-U attitude about new products at the SHOT show, but three days later release this as a new product?

    They could have been promoting this at SHOT at the very least. Their official stance is now something to the effect that “we won’t release anything until it’s done” but then have “Coming Soon” at the end of their trailer?

    WTF-Pul ?

  • TCBA_Joe

    Doesn’t seem as “dynamic” as the rest of their trailers.

  • Brian10

    On a slightly related note, but Travis has left Magpul as well.

  • gandalf23

    I will buy this when it is available. Several years ago I got to shoot alongside Todd Hodnett at a three gun match in Mingus, TX. He was a very nice guy an sure did know how to shoot. I look forward to seeing this and learning a bit more.

  • Peter

    Can’t wait for the outtakes

  • Foghorn, I think very very few people have hear a bullet strike three seconds after they pull the trigger. A bullet traveling 3000 fps will travel 9000 feet in those 3 seconds. That is 3000 yards, and to call that uncommon is a real understatement.

  • Joust

    Where’s Travis?!?
    I can’t see Travis!?!


  • subase

    That saying makes no sense.

  • Wow. Whatever they’re selling, I’m buying.

  • Matt

    Looks cool but at the cost their videos go for it’ll be awhile before I get this one. Still have to get handgun, shotgun, and carbine part two.

  • Fish0331

    Whats going on with Travis Haley? I keep hearing he is leaving MagPul but no1 is saying why…..

  • G

    Scott Connery:
    Those three seconds consists of the time it takes for the bullet to reach the target AND the time it takes for the sound to travel back from the target.

    A bullet will start to lose velocity as soon as it leaves the barrel. A bullet with a high BC (Ballistic Coefficient) will retain the velocity better than a bullet with a low BC. The 419 grain bullet used with the .408 Cheytac cartridge has an extremely BC and is launched at 3000 fps. But it will “only” travel about 2000 yards in 3 seconds.

    The speed of sound is about 1126 fps. So the sound will only travel 1126 yards in three seconds.

    I would guess that the target is 500-600 yards away if it takes three seconds before you can hear the bullet hitting the target.

  • texasplinker
  • texasplinker


    Soldier System reports Haley will appear in The Art of The Precision Rifle and future videos.

  • RL

    Haley owns the .50.

  • Harald Hansen

    @Scott Connery; remember that the sound has to travel back as well!

  • Jim Weiz


    Context would obviously help quite a bit; but I think the intent of
    “‘We are not trying to change the world, we are just trying to question everything'”

    was “we’re not trying to be needlessly radical, and we’re not trying to blow your mind- but we’re going to question everything that is done, find out why its done, and whether or not its worth doing”.

    Of course, that doesn’t make for a particularly good tagline or quote. What seems likely is-

    Marketing: We need a tagline for the web video.
    Development: Err… what?

    And “‘We are not trying to change the world, we are just trying to question everything'” was the compromise.

  • subase

    Granted I don’t think people teaching the art of shooting, will get too caught up over semantics, but questioning everything by definition changes everything. This is basically the primary idea underlining all philosophy. And actually makes the saying kind of insulting to thought, since on a superficial level it says questioning something has little effect on the world.

    Also even in the rather stretched context you mentioned, it doesn’t make sense. Cause the video is called ‘Art of the Precision Rifle’ meaning we are getting a run down not only on the basics but elemental and advanced teachings on a already established body of knowledge or ‘art’.

    For their tagline to make sense their video would have to be titled “Experimental teachings on the Precision Rifle”.

    Probably a better tagline would have been “The basics are the same, but everything else is different”. Then they would effectively communicate that they are teaching modernized, more efficient and innovative techniques on using precision rifles, while still reinforcing the basic teachings of marksmanship. (I presume)

    For what they said to make sense, you would have to assume the statement “We’re not changing the world” was actually referring to Newtonian physics, which is still elemental to long distance shooting and remains unchanged. So they are questioning everything EXCEPT physics.

    That latter would have made a good tagline too. “Question everything, except physics” Too nerdy perhaps?

  • Matt G

    Here’s an idea. Why don’t we stop breaking it down like it’s the word of Socrates and treat it like it is.

    A friggin tagline in expensive gun porn.

  • gaosmer

    it is august and do not see anything yet. Gimme a break.

    • gaosmer

      I recently bought updated versions of tactical carbine (version 2), and did recieve an email to preorder of precision rifle. merry christmas to me