How did S&W price the Governor so low?

Les Jones asks on his blog how S&W can sell the new scandium framed S&W Governor for under $600 $679. My preferred theory is that it is essential for S&W to have the gun priced competitively with the Taurus Judge. If they cannot compete with the Judge on price, they won’t sell it.

S&W Governor

UPDATE: The previously reported price was incorrect. The correct MSRP is $679.

Steve Johnson

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  • 4Cammer

    I think the bigger question is “how could anyone pay 600.00 for this?”.

  • That’s a low price? Yikes.

  • Samopal

    Street price for S&W is always much lower than MSRP. I expect for this thing to go for $600 on the street if not less.

  • If so, that’s a sad reflection of how far the Smith brand has been devalued.

  • Matt Groom

    I first saw that price and I thought “Somebody dropped the 1,” but I’m puzzled why they would set the price point so low. I would probably own more new S&Ws if they listed all of their revolvers at that price point. I want a Model 58, but not enough to part with $1K.

  • DRod

    Because fudds won’t buy it of they can’t afford it.
    Makes you wonder how much more you are paying for a regular caliber scadium S&W.

  • SpudGun

    They could give this thing away for free and I still wouldn’t go near it. I’m not blaming S&W for jumping on the bandwagon, they’re a company out to make money and not some ‘revolver champions of the common man’ or whatever.

    I am dismayed that a market for these ‘Governor / Judge’ revolvers exists in the first place – and that’s seemingly growing.

  • Clodboy

    The actual production costs only contribute to a fraction of the price of a product, and the material costs (yes, even if the alloy contains a “rare earth element”) only makes up a fraction of that.

    Plus you only have a very short barrel with shallow rifling in a gun from which nobody in their right mind would expect any kind of match-grade accuracy, so it should be cheap to manufacture by anyone’s standards.

  • ChuckE

    I guess the price point is where S&W showed some imagination. The name is unfathomable. I like guns with names, instead of model numbers, but holy crap! How many ways does S&W need to signal it’s product is competing directly with the Judge: (1) price, (2) name, (3) caliber, (4) weight? Are the ads going to have exploding watermelons?

  • Kyle

    It saddens me to see S&W stooping to the level copy Taurus.

  • Proph

    I will buy this. I bought the Public Defender, and it sucks. I’ll never buy a Taurus again. The cylinder/trigger spring retention screw kept falling out, I sent it back, they put the screw back in and sent it back to me… then it KEPT happening again and again. I wish S&W made this a year ago when I wasted my money on the Judge. I should never have to keep checking to make sure a screw is tight on a defense pistol (or any weapon for that matter)

  • apares

    Where can I buy the Governor online?