Accuracy International AX338 and AX AICS

Accuracy International, whose rifles are widely regarded as the best money can buy, have launched a new long range .338 Lapua rifle. It builds on its predecessor, the .338 Lapua AX Magnum, adding a more modern looking stock as well as an improved bolt and action.

Accuracy International AX338

The action is longer and wider to accommodate a ten round double stack magazine. The bolt head is larger, and stronger, than the AX Magnum bolt head. The stock is more ergonomic and, in my opinion, nicer looking than the older stock.

I do not know what the pricing will be. Being AI, it is guaranteed to be expensive.

AX AICS Stock for Remington 700

AI will also be introducing an AX version of the AICS stock for the Remington 700 rifle. Again, I do not know the pricing of this product.

More photos below …

Steve Johnson

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  • Sam

    I WANT it! But then, I also want to stay married. Hmmm. What to do?

  • charles222

    Man. AI wowed me as a teenager with their first rifles back in the 1990s; just so damn cool-looking compared to the bolt guns I was familiar with. They still look freaking rad.

  • Theodoric

    I’m still not quite used to seeing AW rifles with rails. Still, the 10 round capacity capacity makes it much more versatile than the AW Super Magnum. I know the Dutch already use AWSMs in a DM capacity, but this might just open up a lot of new sales for them.

  • Burst

    Anyone can make an expensive gun.

    The trick is- making a gun that looks like it oughtta be.
    I’m pretty sure this qualifies.

  • Bandito762

    women come and go, but a rifle is forever

  • Joust


    I have to say, I never did like thumb hole stocks.
    Some irrational fear of having my thumb broken(off)


  • Clodboy

    Good to see Richard Pryor is alive and well promoting sweet rifles for his retirement fund. 😀

  • hacedeca

    Where is the thumbhole former versions had? And even the HK 417 has an orthopedic grip, even every Glock! The grip here looks pretty plain. Uncool for a sniper who has very often to watch his targets for a long time with a finger on the trigger.

    And what is the tin around the barrel for? Because the barrel gets so hot?

    This is a stupid design for Americans. The old versions are cool, though.

  • snmp

    In same way you could have :

    For Howa 1500/R700/Tikka T3 : RCS II & Raptor from Roedale Precision (Germany)

    For R700 from (SWISS) :

  • xstang

    Richard Roundtree approves!

  • SoulTown

    I like the look of the RACS grip better. Less odd, more comfortable-looking…

  • hacedeca: The barrel shroud allows for an extended upper rail to mount clip-on night vision devices (CVND) ahead of the day optic. Previously, a shooter needing image-intensification or thermal optics would need to replace the day optic, and the rifle would require rezeroing after each swap. With the CNVD, the day optic never needs to be removed. Image-intensification and thermal CNVD can be popped on and off as needed without a loss of zero in the day optic.

  • hacedeca

    @Daniel E. Watters: Yeah, of course. But I can’t see, why so much sheet metal is needed. It was already better done with the G22 for the German Bundeswehr.

    I wonder what this design is about. The AW was perfect. Some Glock-like improvements at the grip would have done it here.

  • hacedeca

    And BTW the new rifle does not look well balanced either.