Young Manufacturing Bullpup .22 LR Marlin Model 795

Young Manufacturing’s bullpup conversion of the .22 LR Marlin Model 795 was on display at SHOT Show. It is a neat looking gun. It does not try to emulate a fancy bullpup like the FN2000 or Tavor, but instead is minimalist and slick.

Young also manufacture a forward recoil-spring AR-15 (photo below):

Young’s website ( ) is currently offline.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mad Saint Jack
  • Zach

    That top photo look to be a Marlin 795, while the middle one is a 60.

  • gunslinger

    I’m sorry, but that (bullpup) does not look good at all. i mean it looks like it was slapped together 5 min before the show started. now, yes form follows function, but still. round some edges, fill in the space, make it look like one full rifle, not a creation from Dr. Frankenstein.

    the second pic looks a tad better, but i think they could do some more polishing on the design.

    but that’s just my opinion. and we all know the saying…

  • Other Steve

    It does not try to emulate a respectable bullpup like the FN2000 or Tavor, but instead is cheap, and very 80s looking.

    Fixed it for you.

    Wow this thing is bad. The only thing it has going for it is the grip which looks 1911. That u shaped sheetmetal piece holding the rail is possibly the palest looking firearm part I have seen in years. Truely uninpisred.

  • that first picture isn’t a marlin model 60. its magazine fed. the second picture of the bullpup is a model 60.

  • Dave

    If it has a tube magazine it’s a model 60, with that mag its a marlin 795.

  • Robert

    Top bullpup picture has a magazine — that means it may be a 795 and not a Model 60 (which has a tube magazine parallel with the barrel).

  • Vitor

    Could someone educate me on the pros and cons of foward recoil-spring rifle?

  • spudfiles

    The minimalist design is appealing, but that sight mount looks a little flimsy. Then again, it’s not exactly a target rifle, so that’s probably not much of an issue.

  • Vitor- the forward recoil spring allows you to have a folding stock on an AR platform.

    As for the bullpup, yeah, it’s ugly. There’s a strong “crap, we forgot a buttstock! Uh… screw this on the back, nobody will notice” vibe going on there. I applaud the minimalist approach, but I expect a little more thought in a production item.

  • Tim

    I sort of like the ugliness of it. Kind of Sten gun-esque :-p As long as the price is in line with the aesthetics anyway!

  • Leonardo

    It kinda looks like an HS-10

  • Likvid

    So, that AR15 is something similar to LR 300?
    I can’t found much more info besides, that unlike LR 300/TTR, it should be piston rifle. Judging by charging handle in front, it seems like long-stroke system with single spring.

  • Clodboy

    LOL, glad to see I wasn’t the only one instantly reminded of the High Standard.
    Well, atleast this thing doesn’t have a gigantic integral flashlight.

  • charles222

    Damn, I see two people beat me to it already. I thought the High Standard Model 10 was beyond awesome as a teenager-it even had an integrated tac light, and this was in the 1950s/1960s, when NOBODY was mounting lights to any sort of weapon.

    Apparently Argentina and Mexico still issue it to cops:

  • Clodboy

    The HS10 also proves how “modular” and “adaptable” is usually better than “integral”. The size of the average shotgun hasn’t changed in decades, but the flashlight is almost comically huge.
    And even without it, the High Standard is probably the only gun that gives the Hi-Points a run for their money in the ugliness department.

    But to be fair, for a gun produced in the 60s, the thing was pretty darn futuristic. When I first saw it, the design kind of screamed “80s” in my mind.

  • Zep

    Here is a better one for the 10-22 receiver / barrel / etc system.

    It uses an electronic trigger for “fire by wire” similar to Olympic pistols like the Pardini SP1-E.

    Rare to find a bullpup with a better trigger than 99.9% of guns.

  • prettypete

    So does this Young Manufacturing Bullpup for a Marlin 795 available commercially? Where? How much? Do they have a website or email or phone number or address to contact. I like the simplicity of it. I tried drawing a bullpup for my 795 and one of my drawings ended up looking like this (on the top photo, sans the butt; my drawing’s butt looked like that on the old Brit EM2), while the others were based on a cut down stock design. I just don’t know how to go about the mechanics of the forward trigger to the rear trigger thing.