Long Range (200+ yard) slug

The below video shows a Benelli Super 90 (modified with standard hunting stock) loaded with 1 oz. Winchester foster-style slugs hitting the target at 230 yards.

I am sure Y-Man is impressed! I was shooting slugs at 50 yards yesterday and feeling good about just hitting the target 😉

[ Many thanks to Player for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Erik

    Hickock45 is awesome. That being said, I’ve emulated this with my Mossberg 590. Ghost Ring sights realllllly help!

  • spudfiles

    Impressive shooting given it’s over open sights and standing. It would be interesting to see long distance attempted with magnified sights and shooting from rest, the box’o’truth testing with slugs from a smoothbore got some fairly impressive results: http://theboxotruth.com/docs/bot46.htm

  • dudester

    This is really stupid because it just perpetuates the regulation cycle. The reason anyone uses shotgun slugs for deer hunting at all is because rifle hunting is not allowed in many states. This is because of population density and the related overflight concerns. As soon as we get slugs and guns that can consistently go out to 250 yards, they will just mandate power levels and calibers or something that will take us back down to 100 yard guns. Then we will all bemoan the fact that we have to adapt to new regs. If you do something like this guy did, in the future, do us all a favor and keep it to yourself.

  • Hello!

    This fellow on the video runs a fantastic YouTube channel under the name Hickok45. He reviews guns and fires them in his Tennessee back yard range. He’s a great shot and is quite funny in my opinion. I’ve been watching his videos for a few months now.

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading!

    Indianapolis, IN

  • SoulTown

    For those who didn’t know yet, hickok45’s real name is Earl Lee Swagger.

  • SoulTown

    Aaand I fail at memory. I meant Bob, not Earl.

  • Axiome

    At 5:04, we can clearly see the 1 oz flying !
    Great shot !

  • snmp

    IDF with Mossberg 695 : http://i66.servimg.com/u/f66/14/96/29/61/sniper10.jpg

    For 100M (109.36yd) you could have around 1.5/2 MOA

  • Y-man

    Definitely IMPRESSED! 230yards! Wow! Even when I was in the Air Force, shooting the 7.62mm FN SLR to 100 yards was a big deal! Until one of our range instructors came up, took a rifle, and at 400 yards, WRECKED a target (NATO Charging Communist Soldier target) with well placed 3 round bursts.
    Good stuff!

  • ap

    Outstanding video!

  • jdun1911


    Buckshot have a much shorter effective range than slug and at close range far greater penetration than buckshot. This is well known.

    If hunting official wanted to protect citizens from hunters than buckshot should be use.


  • Jamie

    That was awesome! I’m gonna take out my Mav 88 and crank out some slugs in the near future. If it’s moderately accurate @ 100 yds I’m gonna kill a doe with it this fall.

  • DaveR

    “If it’s moderately accurate @ 100 yds I’m gonna kill a doe with it this fall.”

    “moderately”?–what makes you think you won’t just wound her?

  • Justin Grigg

    I love Hickok45’s videos. Good to see some slug love!

  • Don Carter

    Well I haven’t seen the above mentioned video, but I Have several friends that are really into long range shooting. Just for giggles one day I took my 212 Savage Slug Gun to our little shoot; the closest target was set at 680 yards, both of us came within 6 inches of the 12″x12″ steel plate. I then vowed to hit that target with my unconventional sniper weapon. I placed my Horus Vision scope off my long range rifle on the Savage, with a 300 yard zero and some help from JBM balistics. I hit twice at 630 yards, took approx 13 mils elevation with the above 300 yard sight in. I have several witnesses.

  • ShawnC

    His name is not Bob Lee Swagger. That was the character from shooter.

  • Joe

    While I am impressed I have to say that I would still rather have a rifle. I know for a fact at 200 yards I can hold better groups in the standing with a rifle. Prove it every year at the range in the Marines. At that range you are pushing a slug to its limits while any rifle is just getting warmed up. I am truly impressed by this video but it’s no where near enough to prove to me a shotgun is better than a rifle in combat.

  • Thanks again for the blog article. Great.

  • Ken Peterson

    GOOD STUFF!!! I have killed a doe at 232yds and a fawn at 217yds, using 1oz. cheap slugs. Both went less then twenty yds. and dropped. Several deer at 150 yrd. range. Practice, Practice, Practice. P.S I have missed alot at 50yrds over the years too. Like I said Practice… ….