Leupold VX R Scopes

Leupold has introduced a new inexpensive illuminated scope line. The scopes are pretty basic, unlike the higher end VX3 and Mark 4 illuminated scopes, but they feature good quality glass unlike the cheaper illuminated scopes currently on the market.

I asked one of the company representatives at the Leupold SHOT Show booth what quality glass was used in the VX R scopes. I was told the quality is between the current VX2 and VX3 scopes. They are using multi-coated lead free glass similar in quality to the old VXIII scopes.

Unlike the dials on the illuminated VX3 scope, the VXR has just one button that turns it on and changes the intensity of the illuminated dot.

The scopes feature the European-style adjustable focus unlike most Leupold scopes that use the eyering/lockring adjustment system. Some people prefer the European style, others prefer Leupold lockring style. I personally prefer the former.

The VX R scopes will be priced from $499 – $708 (The prices are not yet published so may change). At this price I am probably going to have to buy one for myself.

This is the best photo I could manage to take of the illuminated dot. The illuminated dot appears in the center of the reticle.

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  • ZomBkiller

    Its good that they are putting this out but my money would still go for an Accupoint based on glass clarity and the ability to go from short ranges to longer ranges very quickly. These are batter powered I presume? What was the eye relief like? Scout capable? No worries if my questions can’t be answered, just food for thought…Great reporting from SHOT, thank you for all the blogs during your time there.