The latest in Tactical Sweater Vests (and M249s)

AAC’s Mike Mers took a break from his busy schedule to show off the latest in Tactical Sweater Vests. According to Mike, a man with impeccable taste, this season the ultimate accessory for any green sweater vest wearer is an M249 chambered in .300 AAC BLK and suppressed. I agree.

Steve Johnson

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  • AnointedSword

    lol haha…I think the color of that vest would scare Bin Laden into giving up! Send him over there! Oo

  • Alaskan

    wait wait..according to ALL the video games I’ve played (specifically the First Person Shooters) CAN’T put a suppressor on a LMG.

    However in the real word,AAC made a suppressor designed JUST FOR the M249 and the Surefire cans can be used on a LMG..up to .308 (7.62 FULL METAL JACKET!)

    I can’t wait until video games have suppressed LMGS in them.

  • Hellhound

    Tactical Sweater Vests \,,/

  • I want a tactical sweater vest in that color with CCW pockets for a firearm, magazines and a flashlight on the inside. My wife might overrule the color.


  • – I’m not even allowed to have a folding knife at the office ….

  • dt

    I’m more frightened of him than Rachel.

  • DJ

    What, no tactical argyle this time? Boo!

  • DJ

    Haha, I guess Mers was having a good day at the office. This is a bad day:

  • Komrad

    I wonder, how long the cans on weapons designed for high-volumes of sustained fire last? They must either be designed to handle it, otherwise they would wear out quicker than you could buy them.

  • snmp


    Minimi 5.56 SAW with silencer :

  • Falcon500

    Modern Warfare 2 had suppressed LMG’s. Although it sucked.

  • Clemente

    Anymore info on the M249 and it’s .300 AAC BLK chambering?

  • Stefan F

    Tactical Sweater vests? Sorry! Nothing says “Computer wannabe commando” than that gawd awful rag! Just because it is khaki tan or sand doesn’t make it tactical.

  • 6677

    WHat about call of duty

    I want that gun

  • CMathews

    There is a picture of a crop circle behind him. I’d like to see how that saw performs. Did they mention if it used standard links or did they have to modify them in any way to accept .300 blk. The necking is different in that round than 5.56 right?

  • John H

    Standard 5.56mm links

    The barrel wasndeveloped and made by John Noveske, aka Noveske Rifle Works