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  • Ben

    That could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, and I bet I’ll be seeing it in movies soon…

  • Jim

    For when a pistol grip shotgun is just too accurate…

  • What’s that thing at the top of the rack? Looks like a tactical over/under shotgun or something.

  • John Doe

    For the love of God…Why?
    You just wanna look gangsta?

  • Hellhound

    The chainsaw looks stupid and I’m sure the price tag will be around $80.

    Steve, do you know what model is the first shotgun (on top) in the first picture??

  • Tim

    I can’t get into this one. I love Mossbergs, have a couple, and they’ve been my HD guns for a couple of decades but I just don’t see the point of this one for anything but shits and giggles.

  • snmp

    The Mossberg Chainsaw could be uselful for Door breaching

  • SpudGun

    I know I shouldn’t say this, but every time I look at that pump handle, it reminds me of something designed for the infirm / elderly / disabled – like those battery powered gizmos for opening jar lids.

  • Spade

    It looks idiotic. And then there’s that whole “zomg shooting from the hip” crap we get from antis.

  • gunslinger

    if i had to guess i’d say the top gun is a semi-auto. a take on the 935?

  • Sian

    @MikeS The top is a lightweight field shotgun called the Maverick. Caleb has a little more info on gunnuts.

  • Saw a video with a rep explaining it’s primarily for breaching ops. I can see it giving you a bit more standoff and better control in that use.

  • kurgen99

    I don’t need another shotgun.
    Except, of course, the new Kel Tec KSG.

  • john

    I smell burnt knuckles….

  • Boxotruth

    Mossberg is in trouble. The shotguns they produce are all gimmicks instead of innovation. Instead of focusing on multiple gimmicks they should focus on one innovation. Stupid add-ons are not going to keep the company profitable.

  • Andy

    Add a Judge to that lineup in the first picture and you have the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the American civilian firearms market.

  • Stefan F

    Survey says?………….ANNNNHHHHHHH! “Oh so close”, “Sorry but thanks for playing our game”….”Johnny tell them what they could’ve won”.

  • wynn

    mossberg crossed with weedeater??? kill snakes while you do yard work??

  • wynn

    wonder if it bump feeds to rackit?

  • Entropy

    I was expecting a shotgun with a chainsaw attached to it, a la Gears of War.

    I am disappoint.

    Seriously, what possible use or advantage does this contraption give?

  • Massoud

    I think it makes a great key gun, but worthless for anything else. Not sure how many people really need to open that many locked doors.

  • jahpatti

    useful in a zombie attack?

  • Deathbunny

    A little late to the game…

    The advantage of a “chainsaw” is the ability to use it, drop it onto a sling, and transition to a primary long arm for the entry. By keeping it out of the upper torso, it doesn’t interfere with the slings, ammo, body armor, or primary weapon. Additionally, since the “target” is at arm’s length (literally) from knee-high to just over your head with direct muzzle contact, aiming is a manual task instead of a visual one.

    Additionally, given the fact you are going to a carbine, rifle, or submachine gun for the entry, reloading the shotgun after you complete the entry is something you do while someone else is covering you and stacking for the next entry. By using a pump-action and leaving it uncycled, the weapon also prevents unintentional discharge in close quarters.

    So, the utility of the design isn’t so much what it directly does as much as what it doesn’t interfere with. Unlike the M26 under-barrels, it doesn’t weigh down the primary weapon. Unlike a SBS used for breaching, you aren’t stuck with a short range, somewhat innacurate shotgun with at least one round down in a short magazine to cover your buddies going in the door.

    For other uses, it might be of interest in combination with an active aiming device like a collimated light or a laser at short ranges. It also makes me think of a shooting technique I read about 15-20 years ago in one of those Green Beret Survival Books where the idea is to hold the weapon horizontally and aimed laterally…

  • Big John

    If any of you have worked with or even watched at close distance a S.W.A.T. team in action actually breaching a solid door in close quarter rapid swarm tactics, you may see the advantage of having that little “electric Jar Opener” on the top (I really enjoyed that comment) of a high powered explosive round penetrating and destroying ANY Door Lock imaginable. The recoil; is phenomenal from that type of round and it seems that this brace enables the “breacher to be at the ready much faster when he starts shooting regular HP rounds as needed in the raid. When using the standard fore grip in that situation, the control energy required to come back to assault mode is IMHO, greatly diminished when firing those extremely High Powered Rounds. Besides, it does give additional cover from flying debris (splinters, shrapnel etc.) from reaching your main battle weapon… your brain. Just my two cents.

  • kwi

    The top one is the Mossberg HS12 it’s actually a O/U. I’m more on the fence on that one than the “chainsaw”. a tactical O/U, really? what next a Benelli white lighting short barrel home defender?!?

  • Hryan

    So no single person here owns a gun that they only shoot for fun?

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  • Massoud

    Periods? I won’t even read that.

  • ron

    perfect hd design , good job mossberg