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  • AnointedSword

    I was going to pick up a pocket Taurus, but think I will wait for this.

  • ScottInNH

    Especially since the bore axis is so high that you can only get two fingers on the grip and everyone is complaining of difficulties with recoil and muzzle flip. The Kahr CW9 has the same dimensions, but with such a low bore axis, you can easily get three fingers on the grip, and no on complains about recoil and muzzle flip… Similar pricing too! Just my 2 cents…

  • Stu C.

    To me it looks like they did the same thing to the PF9 that they did to the P3AT

  • Sean

    It’s a modern Ruger. It will only take one or two recalls for it to work.

  • Dragonbait1

    If it has a magazine disconnect, it’s the only 9mm of it’s size class that stands a chance of getting approved in CA.


  • Alaskan

    Looks like a Kel-tec..

  • loki

    it looks to me like a decent CCW, they have clearly smoothed out all the sharp edges just subtly. you wouldn’t call it sexy though. it’s certainly no S&W bodygard semiauto

  • Justin

    I’m actually sort of psyched on this. I used to own a Keltec PF9. It was super light, very thin, and damn near impossible to hit anything with. A more ergonomic version with a less absurdly long trigger pull would be pretty cool.

  • JAFO

    No thanks, I’ll just get a KelTec. Probably half the price, too..

  • Jason

    The LCP didn’t offer anything not yet on the market either yet we have sold the bejesus out of them…(i work in gun sales) When people are looking for a single stack 9mm we often show them the pf9 among others(pps etc), now the lc9 will be in the mix. My guess is if the pricing is right they will sell a ton of them.

  • Tim

    I dunno, I’m interested. I trust Ruger’s QC and followup more than I do some other companies making stuff in this price range. Its a lot less than the SIG is gonna be and MSRP is still $100 less than the CW9.

    I don’t need exciting I guess, but I’ll take lightweight, reliable, and affordable. 😉 Have to really wait and see how it wrings out but I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

  • Julio

    Oh man! They stuck a safety on it. That killed it for me. I’m a left handed shooter. The safety on it and only on the left side just took this one off my list. dog gone it… why didn’t they just leave it like the LCP… That would have been perfect.

  • ap

    I agree that the bore axis looks really high. Also, the ginormous trigger guard areas indicates a long pull. Not excited about the safety, either. As an LCP and LCR owner and Ruger fan, it’s not doing a whole lot for me.

  • Don

    The taurus 709 slim is actually a nice little 9mm. If you are interested in this ruger I would comparison shop the two of them. What’s nice is that they have slightly different grips so one may fit your hand better than the other. I think the taurus grip is a bit longer because it holds one more round.


  • Just FYI

    For those of you interested in a small CCW piece Smith and Wesson is going to begin selling the Bodyguard .380 to law enforcement for $299. I cannot tell you anything about the quality of this weapon only that that will be the price beginning sometime next month.

  • Bill Lester

    I think Jason is onto something. The Ruger name alone will sell a lot of these pistols even if it offers nothing not already on the market and of proven merit.

  • Scrounger

    If a manual safety scares the heck out of you, then you should never shoot a 1911. They’ve only been around for 100 years and seem to get better as they age with no sign of retiring anytime soon.

    My Ruber LC9 is just fine. I like it.

  • Scrounger

    Sturm Ruger LC9

  • Barry

    I have a Bodygoard .380. Have put about 250 rounds through it with out a glitch. I like the have had a couple of misfires, it but it will fire on the second squeeze, I “think” it was the cheap ammo. I like this feature, however. I also am not overly enthused about the winky-dinky take down pin, it could be a little more substantial. I think the trigger pull is a little long and stiff. Other than these small points, I like it. I’m looking at the Ruger LC9 due to compact 9mm. Just a little more power for concealed carry. My only concern is how it will fit in pocket. Got to see it first. Now that’s the problem!

  • Julio

    Is not that a manual safety “scares” anyone. That’s absurd. My 1911s have Ambidextrous safeties. Kind of one of those things that are important for those of us that aren’t right handed. Having a “safety only on the left is somewhat inconvenient for us, and more decidedly so for a pistol that is sometimes pocket bound. The addition of a ton of useless, politician appealing features is also annoying as they probably added around $75 or morevto the retail price of what could have been a really ideal defensive purpose firearm if only it would have been left like the lcp… Magazine disconnect could also be disastrous in a self defense situation where you may not have realized that the mag release had been depressed by your car seatbelt while driving…something I have to remind myself to check when carrying my lcp. More than once I’ve pushed the magazine while the LCP was in my pocket and the magazine clicked back into place. I’ll take my defensive guns in the politically incorrect and unsafe model thank you.

    I don’t know yet if this one will find it’s way into my defensive use staple. I’m supposed to go and test drive one in the next few days. From what I see so far, however, I have to lean in the negative category.

    The Taurus is a no go as well for me. The internals seem “fragile” to me.

    I want a 9mm in this size class, but my search, I believe, is not yet over.

  • Hey,

    Got a Ruger LC9 a couple weeks back. Shoots well and easy to carry. Holsters haven’t come out yet by Galco and Desantis. Meanwhile you can use the Galco that fits the Kahr 9. Also the pocket holster from DeSantis also works well. Found a Blackhawk leather holster that also fits it pretty well. (belt loops)

    Carried the 1911 for 30 plus years and safety or mag disconnect doesn’t bother me on the LC9. If you don’t want to use the left side safety just don’t. It has all the other bells and whistles that make it safe with a round in the chamber.

    When I want no frills, I simply carry my S & W snubbie in my pocket and with it you don’t have to worry about mishaps, etc. Just belly aim and pull the trigger and it goes bang, every time.

  • Chris G.

    I recently purchased the Ruger LC9 to carry.. I personally do like this particular weapon. However, with it only being on the market for a short time now there is a factory defect that some are yet to even see. I’ve put over 500 rounds out and she’s just a week old. The front sight easily just slides right off.. the spacing is too much to keep a tight enough hold to even keep the sight in.. it just falls right out after about 4 rounds now.. at this point I’m ready to just throw the gun at my target because I’m pissed and rightfully so. And the problem didn’t start until after I hit about 300 rounds or so. Ruger wants me to overnight the gun to them to fix the problem. However.. they’ll have it for up to 14 days!! At the moment this is my only piece and I am very uncomfortable going anywhere without my weapon. I can’t even attempt to fix the problem myself with putting on night sights since they aren’t even available yet.. then again.. there’s basically no accessories available yet other then the laser

  • Ron

    This is a hard gun to get accuracy from. Double action only stinks in a auto. They offer a laser for it but you still have to pull the trigger slowly to maintain a group. I recommend a better weapon for carrying. Spend the money “remember your defending yourself with it”