The ADCOR Defense BEAR (Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle) is a very nifty new piston-operated AR-15 carbine. The piston is permanently attached to the bolt carrier (think AK-47) and it travels through a machined boss in the upper receiver, which prevents the problem of carrier tilt. The BEAR includes both the standard AR-15 rear charging handle and a forward, folding and non-reciprocating charging handle.

The 14.5″ barreled model weighs 6.85 lbs and the 20″ model weighs 7.80 lbs. Barrel lengths available will be 10.5, 14.5, 16.1, 18 and 20″

The BEAR will go on sale later this year.

Steve Johnson

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  • John C

    The dual charging handle thing is a great idea. If you want a charging handle that you can reach without changing your firing grip you have it, but if you go to the wrong spot from training, it will still work. Brilliant

  • Jim

    That is one nice look gun… I’d love to get my hands on that one.

  • Tony C.

    What calibres?

  • I like what they did for a stand there.

  • Shooter

    There are many better choices out there than the AR. Sig 556, Robinson XCR, Scar. All of these out perform the AR platform in stoppages during fighting rifle classes. I suggest you skip the AR platform and choose a current weapon instead.

  • Jesse

    I’m finding it really difficult to get it up for yet another AR clone.

  • Other Steve

    Wow another piston AR. It’s like 2009 all over again.

    At least this one light enough unlike the HK. And at least I bet they start shipping within year, unlike HK.


  • SpudGun

    Three charging handles? Wow, talk about redunancy but if they can fit it all in plus a piston for less then 7lbs, then I am mightily impressed.

    Just out of curiousity, what does the Brown stand for in Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle? I’m no gun marketeer (though I should be dammit), but Brown doesn’t sound that tacticool or super sexy.

    Maybe if they swapped out Brown for Battle and renamed it the BEAR-15, it would have more of a fighting chance in the oversaturated market. Just a thought.

  • charles222

    Huh, pretty slick rifle, even if it’s a solution in search of an actual problem.

  • drewogatory

    Ambi as well, huh? This would actually work for me because I don’t hang anything from a top or side rail. I might drill a hole for attaching a lanyard when I needed to get a little more yank on the handle tho. I’d like to see it being worked filthy as well.

  • Lance

    Another M-4 carbine upgrade competitor.

  • counsel

    I was looking at the sig 556 in 7.62, but this looks good. What calibers are being considered?

  • BG

    Do yourself a favor and get a more modern weapons platform. The Sig 556, FN SCAR, RA/XCR, DSA/FAL are far superior to the AR. No matter how many changes you make the AR is always the first rifle to fail during fighting rifle classes.

    • Max

      Yeah, we know the FAL is a modern weapons platform. It’s only sixty years old…wait, that’s older than the AR-15.

  • senzor

    What I’d like to see is a direct-impingement AR-15 with similar non-reciprocating, forward charging handles. Say what you want; direct impingement is fine.

  • Michael Frangoudakis

    Sounds like the piston system is similar to Primary Weapons System piston system. I like the idea of the forward cocking handle. Might just be the best one out there if the quality is there.

  • Vitor

    Good to see a long stroke piston AR. From what I remember, only PWS did one.

    But I hope it’s accuracy is more Sig than AK.

  • Dakota

    Think they’ll make a civilian version of this fine firearm?

  • El Duderino

    Read the write-up in SGN and already love this thing. Looks reasonably priced too.

  • It seems like it would be hard to access the forward charging handle if you had accessories on the side rail right below it.

  • What calibers are being sold? When are the guns going to be available?

  • Soless

    I’m in for an upper. As long as it doesn’t come with a Rugger upper price tag.

  • Rob

    Am I the only one who just isn’t excited when a new ar-15 comes out on the market?

  • wizemanful

    So, it has the same operating system as a TTR?

  • Matt

    Very awesome. About time we had something a little original.

  • Bob

    “There are many better choices out there than the AR. Sig 556, Robinson XCR, Scar. All of these out perform the AR platform in stoppages during fighting rifle classes. I suggest you skip the AR platform and choose a current weapon instead.”

    This is what I was thinking. When are they gonna stop trying to fix a platform that was made by consensus? Any rifle that still needs this much work to its fundamental action and parts is a lemon in my book. I love the look of a classic M4, but let’s face it- half the appeal is from pieces put in to compensate for its inherent issues.

    Why the perpetual hard on for this thing? I wonder how awesome a state we’d be in if the US had adopted the FAL along with the rest of NATO back in the 50s…

  • Okay, spent a lot of time talking to the inventor.

    First FREE FLOAT piston system on the market. Piston is small, non-lubricated type that is attached to the rail system.

    Upper receiver has a bushing that the piston/op rod rides in.

    Nothing but a firing pin type tool is required to remove the bottom rail, piston, adjustable gas regulator or forward charging handle.

    Forward CH folds flat and does not get in the way even if you use the “Magpul” method.

    Forward CH allows you to keep firing hand on grip and lock the bolt open with non-firing hand due to the charging handle coming back far enough to hit the bolt stop. Nice feature as I do not like the idea of a bolt assist device. Anything that makes me put my finger in the trigger guard when I’m not pressing it is a NO-NO!

    The inventor made the display stand but after talking with him yesterday, my company will be hopefully taking over production of this item for him and possibly several other companies as we make these for almost every magazine-fed weapon on the market and are adding more every day.

    Cool product and it works! He’s the only one to make it through the .mil testing of 6000 rounds without a single stoppage or parts failure. Not even the SCAR or the fabled 416 did that.

    BTW, I have no financial stake in the BEAR 15 and don’t have one or any parts. I just liked the inventor as he’s a great guy with some wonderful ideas for the AR15 and semi-auto shotguns. I wish him well!

  • Lance

    Sorry giys a HK 416 has beaten that FN junk in many tests and yes its a AR design.

  • Bob

    “He’s the only one to make it through the .mil testing of 6000 rounds without a single stoppage or parts failure. Not even the SCAR or the fabled 416 did that.”

    I smell the stench of “statistics” wafting through the air :). Care to provide the link to an actual unbiased test of this conducted by a qualified third party, like a lab or ordnance dept.? Or did he just download the test conditions and give er a rip in his backyard?

  • counsel

    This gun is featured in Shotgun News (1/31 issue). Nice post here, and the system seems to offer some nice features.

  • Bob, he had the paperwork from the .mil right there at the booth. I too, was skeptical until reading that.

    I’ve asked him to send me info regarding the test and he will do so in th next couple weeks after the industry calms down and settles in after SHOT.

    Feel free to contact the company for more info, too. They are really nice people and are genuinely excited to talk to folks, which is becoming more and more rare as time goes by.

  • Stefan F


  • ImanA$$clown

    :YAWN: Oh look at me I’m so pretentious!:YAWN:

  • Bobby

    People who say ARs aren’t a current weapon don’t know what they’re talking about.

    ARs fail for two reasons – operator error, built poorly to begin with.

    When was the last time you saw a KAC, or LMT gun go down?

  • I like the direction they’re going with the piston. From the location of the M203 cut in the barrel, the handguard appears to be about the same length as an ACR Basic handguard, with the rails coming up a few inches short of the end. Would like to see a longer handguard with longer rails, more like a 12″ rifle handguard.

  • counsel

    Any word on a price of the upper?!

  • Frank

    The 6000 round test test was performed at HP White Laboratory in Street, Maryland. HP White Laboratory is an independant test lab used by the US Army at times since it is so close to Aberdeen Proving Ground. It is owned and operated by Intertek.

  • TJ

    People who say the AR is not a viable combat rifle anymore have never fired one or are too hopped up on fanboyism of the ACR/SCAR/whatever to get their heads out of their asses. SOCOM even threw away the SCAR and most operators went back to their AR’s or use the HK416 now, an AR design. People are so concerned with the “inherent flaws” of the design when most of these can be attributed to operator error. The AR is still one of the most ergonomic and combat friendly rifles available.

    “I wonder how awesome a state we’d be in if the US had adopted the FAL along with the rest of NATO back in the 50s…”

    Did you even think about this statement before you wrote it? The FAL was not a successful weapon as a combat rifle. Its inherently innacurate and heavy. Thats why most countries who used the FAL now have thrown it out for better weapons LONG AGO. The M16 is still in use today. The FAl also is nowhere near the AR in terms of firepower and ability to throw lead down range. The U.S. army’s doctrine is now to achieve suppression and fix the enemy while heavier assets destroy them. Firepower 80% of the time beats accuracy. The FAL and was horrible at this because you could simply not throw huge mounts of .308 down range, let alone accurately.

    • Jon

      Don’t even start with the 5.56 is better than 7.62 bullshit

      • Jon

        7.62 or 308 takes half as many rounds to take down the bad guys

    • Jon

      But yes the FN FAL and all of its configurations are bulky heavy cumbersome weapons.

  • Galen

    This gun will come out in two different calibers. 5.56 and 7.62. This gun has also been completely submerged in a pool of watery, soup mud and continued to fire while submerged without ANY jamming whatsoever. Even if you are not an AR fan, you have to like the abilities and reliability of this rifle.

  • MC

    To anyone wondering, the “Brown” in “Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle” is the name of the engineer at ADCOR who designed the rifle. I believe he was inspired to start working on it after Colt had ADCOR start making upper receivers for them.

  • Reggie

    How do they compare to LWRC?

  • M4Junkie

    Has a lot of potential. Nice design. Needs more testing. I will buy one if it comes out in .308

  • Shoji

    If you can get your AR to fail, during you little class, you are much more talented than I. A properly maintained AR doesn’t fail. At least it didn’t fail for me in 120 degree, sand ridden, haji land. But you are probably special, and pay for special classes to teach you how to be a fighting civi, so you probably know best.

  • oicu812

    Still confused as to why folks think it is necessary to chop up Stoner’s rifle and add parts and weight when it was not designed that way. Why not just build a new rifle? That is a novel thought. The SCAR apparently didn’t muster enough improvement to be adopted in any numbers, the 416 is nothing more than a chop job but comes complete with HK’s magic fairy dust and unicorn power, so it has to be good. If you really have to have one, just adopt the SIG 550 series, arguably the best of it’s ilk.

    The M16 has proven to be reliable and once it was figured out contrary to what has historically been the case, kept well lubed, no lo problemos. Plus with some recent tech improvements, it is a sound, reliable, and accurate rifle.


    when or if will they produce a 308 with same design ?

  • Kenny Ortega

    Adcor has trouble maintaining replacement parts for warranty repairs. My upper never worked due to a crack in the piston base, poor quality control to let that out the door. Now, it has been almost 90 days that I have been waiting for them to get and send out a replacement so I can have a working rifle. I bought the upper last year and built a rifle around it. It would be nice to have a working rifle after a year and over $3000 was invested. I cannot recommend Adcor, the customer service is lacking, they don’t return calls, and they don’t have spare parts.

  • AdcorSucks

    Their guns and Adcor suck, I purchased the Bear AR-15 and from day one it kept jamming, I called the company and talked to Lori Quaranta and another man and sent them videos of the gun jamming and they said that they would send me a box and they would take a look at it. I have been waiting 3 week, sent numerous emails and left telephone calls and they refuse to respond. I am filing a complaint with the attorney General and the BBB. Do NOT waste your time with this company.