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  • adavis

    Not to be a creep, but she is cute.

  • se



  • se
  • Other Steve

    Dude, WTF? I know AAC/Rem is a sponsor of this blog but seriously, how the hell is the Ranger2 news?

    It’s a thread on 556 can that has been unchanged since 07 or 08. It’s news because they wish to sell more?

    You should consider a new article about the exciting M-16 style platform being now available to civilians, it’s calle the AR-15. There, I wrote half the story for you.

    Did AAC let you in to their party on the condition you do a couple fluff pieces?


    • Other Steve:

      Neither AAC nor Remington sponsor the blog. Remington did last year. I did not go to the AAC party, if I did, I would have blogged about it. I did not walk away from the AAC booth with any free stuff.

      So believe it or not, I made this post simply because I thought, the photos of a Remington ACR (full auto) with a short suppressor were cool.

  • John McCrae

    Good Gravy, is that weapn that big or is Rachel really that tiny?

    I just found your blog today. This is good stuff. Keep up the great work.


  • Montag

    I thought for a second that the ACR was $550 – ‘Well, that settles it, getting one tomorrow then.’ ‘Oh wait… Dammit!’

  • Zach

    Yeah she is…the silenced ACR doesn’t hurt the look either.

  • Meltron

    Very much agreed adavis, she has a Baroness look, especially with the piece

  • dt

    Are her legs frozen like that?

  • charles222

    lol @ dt.

    The “MSRP of 550 dollars” really needs to be about the gun, not the suppressor.. :p

  • RL

    7.62x39mm AR behind her?