The No Country For Old Men shotgun and its maker

Larry Zanoff, of Independent Studio Services, has been the armorer for many movies. He built the iconic suppressed shotgun used in No Country For Old Men. This photo was taken by Gregory Markle at the NRA Booth at SHOT Show.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    How does one break into the industry of being an armorer for films and movies and such? I often think to myself if I could just be on set I could show the people how to actually hold a gun in a way that wouldn’t make other guns people cringe.

  • Glen

    Maybe he can explain how an 11-87 got in a movie set in 1980.

  • Lance

    Shotgun naw…. I want John McClain’s M-92FS from Die Hard next to the shotgun.

  • The explanation for the 11-87 is simple…that’s what he was asked to build it on. It certainly wasn’t his choice as it was VERY challenging to make the 11-87 run on blanks (he was very secretive about the design of the restrictor used) but that’s what they wanted it built on. One would assume they would leave the decision up to people who know what they’re doing but one would be wrong.

    Also, the suppressor is 100% non-working which was disappointing.

  • Tom

    Hello Friendo! 🙂 Love that weapon

  • Penile

    Lance, forget that. I wan’t Hans Gruber’s P7M13 with the supressor.

  • Klaus

    McClane’s Beretta?? Really??


  • My buddy got to handle Don Johnson’s Smith & Wesson 645 when we were talking with Larry later…he’s a huge Miami Vice fan and I thought he was going to wet himself!

  • Sam Suggs

    on the subject of the nra musems movie guns. why do they have a light saber and why do so many movies donate insted of acuation?