ATI StG 44 rifle (.22 LR)

Next year (2012) American Tactical Imports will be selling a .22 rifle patterned after the Sturmgewehr 44. The gun on display was just a prototype but it felt and looked great. The gun will be manufactured by GSG (who make the MP5 .22 clones) and imported into the USA by ATI.

Steve Johnson

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  • Bill Lester

    Any idea of price? This could be loads of fun.

  • Rabbity

    Looks pretty cool

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    We won’t see it here in the “People’s Republik of Kalifornia”…that is certain…and sad.

  • Internet Monger

    When you shove a cheaply manufactured 22lr action in an cheap airsoft shell you can really do anything.

  • Dakota

    I want one!

  • Graham

    Sweet, i wonder what the magazine capacity is

  • James

    That looks like fantastic fun, like all ww2 guns do.

  • Matt

    Very cool

  • Squidpuppy

    Awesome, but I still wish we could get the Sport-Systeme Dittrich repros in this country; those are as close to the real thing as most are likely to ever get. Sigh.

  • greasyjohn

    Now make one in 7.62×39.

  • scurvy

    Any idea on weight?

  • Alaskan

    Just wait..they’ll be on the shelves for a couple of months and then H und K will decide to remake the StG..and another lawsuit.

  • ermac

    I wanted one of the ones in 7.92×33, but they are scarce and cost big $$$. This will do I guess.

  • ermac

    Squidpuppy, PTR91 did import that model 1 or 2 years back, but they only imported them in limited numbers and they were VERY expensive.


    Grahamon 20 Jan 2011 at 3:08 pm link comment
    Sweet, i wonder what the magazine capacity is


  • D Day Dog

    The SSD guns are here imported by PTR Inc. but are sold out now.

  • BUG

    Every WW2 German Army re-enactor’s dream……………

  • Lance

    Looks like WW2 reinactors will love this. if not too expensive be a fun plinker.

  • Sturm44

    Uh oh… I think they’ve found my weakness!

  • Konrado

    This looks identical to AGM Stg-44 airsoft gun! You can see it has an identical pistol grip (different angle than in real steel) and the same wood!

  • Meh, why bother when I could get a reproduction that fires any cartridge I want?

  • Rob

    Ugh. I’m getting mighty tired of these “Toy” Guns.

  • Komrad

    I agree with greasyjohn, a 7.62×39 would be pretty close to the original caliber and be really cheap
    cheap ammo + fun gun + range = lots of fun
    exspensive ammo + fun gun + range = some fun – empty wallet

  • Justin Grigg

    This is AWESOME! Always loved the STG-44

  • me

    Agreed. It’s cool and all, but I’d like one in 7.62x39mm, preferably using AK mags. That’d be a shooter you could afford to shoot, using a serious cartridge suited to antipersonnel applications.

  • Hi,

    Let me field some of these:

    “Any idea of price? This could be loads of fun.”

    Suggested Retail is $599

    “We won’t see it here in the “People’s Republik of Kalifornia”…that is certain…and sad.”

    How come? We will have a 10 round version, just like the GSG-522 carbines, those are legal in CA.

    “Now make one in 7.62×39”

    GSG only manufacturers in .22LR. Also too, to make it as a centerfire rifle would neuter the hell out of it to make it importable. It would have to be specially designed to accept only a proprietary 10 round magazine to be importable. That said, if you wanted to make it hi-cap, you’d have to go through your 922r compliance and no one makes .22 cal STG-44 parts in the US that I’m aware of. Also to meet centerfire rifle compliance, the stock and triggerhousing would have to be one complete piece, not welded, and not detachable from each other, so that would eliminate the wood. I am very familiar with these regs because of the 9mm MP-5 clones I was importing from Turkey. They looked good, but they were so limited by the govt regs that people weren’t buying them because they didn’t want to mess with 922r or possibly not modifying it correctly and having an illegal firearm.

    “Any idea on weight?”

    11 lbs. .5 lbs lighter than an original.

    “Just wait..they’ll be on the shelves for a couple of months and then H und K will decide to remake the StG..and another lawsuit.”

    Actually, no they won’t. Call it lessoned learned. Both the MP-40 and STG-44 rights are owned by Schmeisser. GSG and ATI already have permission and exclusitivity from Schmeisser for the .22LR version of these guns, that’s why they have the Schmeisser name on the side of them along with ours and GSG. It just so happens that the owner of Schmeisser and the owner of GSG grew up together.

    “Every WW2 German Army re-enactor’s dream……………”

    The discussion is already on the table for a version for blanks for reenactors depending on how well the gun its self sells.

    Any other questions?

    Christopher Marzahn
    Import Manager/ Federal Compliance officer

    • Seamus

      Let me just be the first to say this: I love you for making this. I have wanted to own this weapon since I was ten years old, and you my friend have finally made that a reality. And in .22 rimfire, my favorite caliber! You are a truly great citizen, and my hero. I will be purchasing the 10 round variant the day it is released. My only complaint is that is isn’t available already! This is literally the best news I’ve read all year. Cheers!

  • siegrunen

    when exactly can we expect to see it for sale in california? need to leave a deposit with my dealer!!

  • “when exactly can we expect to see it for sale in california? need to leave a deposit with my dealer!!”

    Not until sometime in 2012. We haven’t even released SKU information to distribution yet. First we have to get it approved by ATF, then we have to go into full production. Hang onto your cash for now, its too far down the line still.

  • Could be a big winner–WWII stuff is always in demand–I own a gsg 5 and I have a blast with it–looks cool,cheap ammo,has held up well,whats not to like–when the stg 44 hits the shelves I’ll be picking one up—hurry up gsg/ati the market is waiting.

  • “We won’t see it here in the “People’s Republik of Kalifornia”…that is certain…and sad.”

    Why not, it’s a .22 rimfire? The GSG-5/522 and GSG AK-47 with a 10 round magazine are completely legal and have been for sale in CA since day 1. Only the pictol versions of the GSG-5/522 aren’t CA legal.

    The GSGSTG-44 has a suggested retail price of $599.00 in the wooden box we will have available.

    It has also been fully approved by ATF for importation and we’re going through the final licensing phase now while GSG gears up full production. Looks like we’ll be missing the mark of January for first load for resale, we’re shooting for end of March, early April now. So a little behind schedule, but rolling for sure.

    • Duch

      Has anyone thought of a 22 cal FN/FAL clone–the price of 7.62 ammo is unreal–the FAL is iconic world wide–two major drawbacks cost of ammo and recoil would both be abated in a 22–food for thought.

    • dutch

      any up date on the Stg 44–are you still looking to march/april ?

  • Crowcawler

    I saw it at the Shot Show last week and almost had a stroke. I love my GSG MP-5 style .22 (really my sons) it shoots flawlessly. It is fun to shoot and ammunition is alot more affordable. GSG (customer service number in manual) has great customer service as well. I lost a part during disassembly and when calling to get replacement part I spoke to a real person on my first try. Rare in todays world. I also collect German WWII items and this is a “must buy” item! Thanks GSG

    • dutch

      Did you happen to hear a due date on the StG44 from any of the ATi reps? It seems to keep getting pushed back later in the year. Any updated info ?

  • Charles Perry

    How about a GSG STG-44 chambered in 22 Magnum??

    • Gary

      Definately would work for me

  • Charles Perry

    Too bad ATI can’t chamber the STG-44 in 5.7×28… now that would be a
    bad azz little rifle!

  • dan

    Any updates?

    I want to buy the STG but if there due date is going to keep getting pushed back I will just go for the 522.

    I hate debating whether or not to buy the 522 now or just wait for the StG!

  • Tom

    They could have easily made these in 223 5.56mm. It would have made all the difference in the world. They make a gun like this and it has no umph. I love the gun itself, but there’s too many plinkers on the market.

    • siegrunen

      It is what it is…I’m just highly appreciative that there’s finally an Stg-44 clone on the market, regardless of what caliber it is. Its being a .22 rimfire with a 10 round magazine just like the ones found on the GSG-5/522 and GSG AK-47 will also make it completely legal in CA! I’ve waited a long time for this to hit our shores, and news that they’re finally on their way has me very excited!

  • TONY

    If they were to make the rifle in a center fire, I would like 7.62×39, instead of.223. I personally like the round better and it would be truer to the original. Beautiful rifle non the less. There’s no such thing as too many plinkers.