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  • SpudGun

    Just thought I’d be yet another poster who chimes in with – it’s got a Glock trigger safety and a HK P30 grip!!!11!!1 – Yawn.

    I’ve played with a P99 in the past and found it to be a well made, accurate and reliable pistol, I even kinda like the grooviness of the two stage trigger and the decocking lever, but not for me in the end. (I’m one of those boring old farts that likes to have a hammer and a single action trigger on his pistols)

    They’ve stuck with the ‘European’ mag release (which is a strange turn of phrase as it used to mean a mag release in the heel of the grip) and I know some people will complain.

    Why they complain, I don’t know, as it’s a very simple system to get used to – I mean, my car doesn’t have 1911 controls and I can still drive it.

  • John C

    “der protection” ha – I wonder what the new trigger system will be? I never can remember the difference between the current AS and QA systems.

  • Alex

    Looks like a p30 to me!

  • Jesse

    It looks very similar to the Polish Radom P99 that came out not to long ago. The grip texture also seems similar to the HK P30. In my opinion these are both good things.

  • Steve Holt

    Take a P99, add a new grip texture, a new trigger, and there you are. Is the slide stop ambidexterous?

  • Jesse

    Spudgun in this instance the mag release is located on the trigger guard which is an awesome place to put it if you ask me.

  • Other Steve

    This is not the AS SA/DA trigger. It’s an ‘improved’ glock style. It’s different than the QA I think, but same idea.

    They got rid of the decocker, which was only useful on the AS model anyhow.

    I don’t know. I hav a 99 Compact AS and love it. But, if I wanted a new DA/DAO 9mm I think I would be looking at the Styer M1A series. Maybe the P30S, but I just hate to pay the premium for HK, and they can’t even bring the guns into the country to save their lives! At least Walther is doing something.

    If they offer this new texture and rail in an improved P99AS, I’ll be ALL over it.

  • A P99 with a Glock Trigger and an H&K grip? *yawn* Even though it’s probably going to be 007’s next sidearm, color me very unimpressed.

  • SpudGun

    @Jessie – Yep, same as the HKs. They are now called ‘European’ mag releases but before this current generation invented them, ‘European’ used to refer to a magazine release in the heel of the grip – such as a pre-War Walther PP.

    Apologies for the confusion. I was just pointing out that any magazine release that differs from the JMB button is instantly labelled ‘European’.

  • W

    to me it looks like a full sized PPS (which i have a lot of experience with) and its magazine release on the trigger guard is actually pretty cool. it is quicker (in my opinion) than the standard release. these also seem to have the same trigger type. other than minor cosmetic features the only things i can see that are different is the single stack 7 rnd mag on the pps is now a full sized mag (i dont know how many are in the PPQ) and the ambidextrous slide catch.

  • Doug

    I am amazed that anyone would want to copy the hideousness of the H&K P30.

  • Big Jay

    I need to store My P99 on a different shelf than my P30L cuz it looks like they mated.

  • Jesse

    Your wording confused me a bit but now that I reread it I see what you were saying; that European used to mean heel but now it means paddle. I had thought you meant the gun had a heel release so I was trying to clarify.

    The heel release was interesting. It was because the Europeans were concerned with the JMB style release being depressed while in the holster or accidentally depressed by the thumb while shooting the gun and dropping a mag. I have small hands so that was never an issue for me so either way I needed to readjust my grip to release the mag so the heel release never bothered me in concept but the button release was slightly quicker. As someone with small hands this paddle lever release is the bees knees. I hit with my index finger on my P22 and it’s amazing.

  • My first thought after seeing the pictures, was that a Walther P99 and a cheapie Hi Point pistol had a bastard love child.

  • O. W.

    Well, it generally looks/sounds to be an improvement over the P99. The longer mag release and ambidextrous controls are nice touches, and the P99 could definitely stand a better trigger. Still, it looks like they went with the P99’s style of adjustable rear sight, which I believe is entirely too frail for any serious knocking about.

  • j

    Never been a fan of the slide releases on their pistols so this is a step in the right direction. Still not a fan of the mag release though (this coming from someone who’s first gun was a p22)

  • John Andrews

    If you press-check it, it decocks. Euro-Surprise!

  • Brian in CA

    Man, I love the P99 and now this PPQ, except the hump at the bottom of the grip keeps me from getting a good grip; I need a straight grip like 1911/BHP/some SiGs/M&P. Had a great chance on an unfired LEO turn-in P99 in .45 but that darn grip was awkward for me even on the smallest back strap. Come on Walther, I want to buy your products, but make them comfortable for me! For now, my M&P45 will continue to work.

    • Pochos

      The PPQ should have a better safety when loaded..Even though I think the Croatia made XD is not a the same level as PPQ or HK they have very good safety protection..PPQ when chamber loaded it can fire with the touch of the trigger.

  • Jesse

    I can’t believe you’re complaining about the ergonomics of the P99. It is one of the single most comfortable grips ever designed. Only the P30 is better.

  • Tornacı

    Though launched new, there is nothing new with PPQ. It is simply a bare
    P99 without frills… No decocker, no second shot ability, no DA trigger,
    no striker cocked indicator, no sear descent with take down lever…
    Simply SA trigger with built in drop safety with ambidex, magazine and
    slide stop latches.

    This pistol is one by one copy of the gun made by Polish Radom Factories for
    their armed forces under lisence of Walther, and most likely is made at
    Poland and required to market all over the world with more profit by rather
    cheap human work in manufacturing country. True name of pistol is 99 RAD.

    On the other hand, it should be most straight forward design in P99 variants
    since even a foolest security person can use it.

  • Bill

    I’ve always been a fan of the P99 pistols. For some reason, I never bought one. But I’ve always been a fan.

    This particular pistol … presuming the supposed 0.10 reset is all it’s cracked up to be … got my attention … to the point, I found myself contemplating buying one.

    I don’t believe I will … for the following reasons:

    1. that goofy mag-release … a button’d be nice … I’d even rather have it on the butt

    2. ambi-slide-stop … “slingshot” was the correct answer … “slingshot”!

    3. front slide serrations

    4. 5.5 lbs? … “3.5 lbs” was the correct answer … “3.5 lbs”! (presuming this is the “AS” style with an otherwise initial 8 lbs ‘er so, pull

    Too bad.

    They’re definitely on the right track, with the trigger … far moreso than most any other company.

    They made a good pistol. They passed on an opportunity to make an outstanding pistol.

    • Mike

      5.5LBS is right for a serious use pistol. 3.5? That’s for target/sport guns.

      Heel release instead of the trigger guard release? What!? The trigger guard latch on this is actually easy to use.

      I’m a fan of slingshot, too, but the slide stop is useful for locking a weapon open when you clear it. The ambi slide stop makes clearing your pistol easier for lefties, too. So what’s wrong with the ambidextrous slide stop?

  • Fishbed77

    “They made a good pistol. They passed on an opportunity to make an outstanding pistol.”

    Bill, they already make an outstanding pistol. It’s called the P99 AS.

  • For you Glock lovers get over it. There the Toyota of the gun world, hiding all of their warranty issues and telling everyone they are the best. I bought a Glock 23 last year and have been nothing but disappointed. Why you say? Because it jammed feeding, stove pipes the empty shells on every other mag I put through it. Sent mags to Glock and they replaced them, same story. Sent the gun back replaced barrel and firing pin, even worse! Put 6 mags through it and 2 out of 6 had failures. So much for reputation. Have a friend who bought the Glock 17 Gen 4, guess what he had to send his back too. Ok off topic, the gun looks great and maybe the P99 only needed some slight adjustments to make it even better. Nothing wrong with the H&K styling with a better grip and better trigger. I own the P99C AS and the trigger is the best non custom trigger I’ve ever shot. It so impressed the local gun dealer when he shot it that he bought one for himself. Way to go Walther.

    • Pochos

      Glock is an old design they need to change or continue to lose market sahre to HK and Walther

    • Steve

      “Toyota of the gun world…..” ??? I’ve owned several Toyota’s in my life, most recently a ’99 Land Cruiser, and they are consistently the best manufactured and most reliable cars in the world, with the possible exception of German autos. I just sold my LC with about 315,000 miles on it and it was rust free (despite over a hundred trips through Vermont and NH) and still looks very close to brand new. It is easily the finest automobile I’ve ever owned. You can’t logically denigrate Toyota’s. They are rock solid, reliable and are the only vehicles chosen for arctic and antarctic expeditions.

    • Happqy

      Your sample size of one is unconvincing

  • jon flores

    The Walther P99 AS is the best handgun there is. the reset of the trigger is lest than 1 milimeter, i love the location of the decocker on the P99 AS. i have a 1st Gen 9mm P99 AS, a Second Gen 9mm P99 AS , a 40 s&w second Gen P99 AS. a Second Gen 9mm P99 QA. two PPS’s one of them is first Edition. Two PK380’s One of them is First Edition. i will be special ordering from Earls Gun Repair the PPQ. i will not have the Smith and Wesson Markings filth up my gun

    • will

      how do you think the ppq compares to the p99 no that you have had a chance to spend some time with it?
      which one do you personally prefer and why?

  • Karl

    hi folks,
    the ppq is a better p99 for the german ksk (swat). with a better grip, super fast mag release and a smooth trigger. with the navy modell of the ppq you can shoot under water. this is nothing for a shooting range. you can also use a p99qa.


    video me with my walther PPQ last saturday

  • @ John C- the AS trigger is basically a da/sa trigger setup. if you depress the decocker, the first pull is heavy (approx 12 lbs) and then each subsequent shot is around 6 lbs +/- with a short reset. the QA trigger is very different in that it is a straight double action pull each time with no reset. the weight on that pull is a constant 8 lbs +/- each time. both triggers, in my opinion offer advantages and disadvantages with the trigger of the PPQ seeming to be a happy median. hope i could help ya out buddy!

  • Leadsled

    Don’t bore us with how it functions……need more opinions on the looks…..

  • Mark Wayne

    Uh guys the P30 is a copy of the Walther P99. And the trigger is superior to anything out there except a tuned SA.

  • Was in Germany recently and it looks like their policia are now using the ppq.

  • Uzzi

    Gentlemen –

    I have owned this gone for over a month now and it is fantastic. Mag release is awesome, slide release is awesome and it’s a great shooter. Advantages over the Glock? Controls that are actually easy to use. I never understood a tiny slide release that you could not get your thumb on. Then something other then a tiny 1/4 inch button on one side of the gun for a mag release. THe mags are also metal instead of plastic – a huge issue with the glock in my opinion. A metal Walther mag doesn’t stick or swell.

    As fas as the aesthetics, I think the gun is gorgeous, easy to maintain and easy to carry. I wanted a P99 QA but could not get one. When I saw the PPQ, I got really exited and when it was available, I went for it. Only one thing lacking – a more competitive minded model like the Glock 34 or HK P30 L. I wish hey made one with a 5 inch barrel.

    • LittleRedDot

      You can talk about what it looks like or how if feels in your hand all you want. I’ve owned many weapons (Glocks, H&K, Walther, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Colt, Baretta, Sigs, FN), and this PPQ is in the same class as everyone I’ve owned. It shoots better than almost every pistol I’ve ever shot, is a dream to conceal, feels great in either hand, and the quality of materials and workmanship is directly on par with the best handguns in the world. We all know the reason there are so many differences if because shooters are all different. Pick the gun that’s best for you and resist bashing what the next guy chooses.

    • Pochos

      The market is flooded with so many look alike and me too guns !
      It is nice to be able to purchase a pistol that is high quality, excellent design and overall ergonomics. I have purchased three Glocks and have sold them all it never felt right specially the trigger plastic feeling was awful. Beretta’s 92 are very reliable but it is a very old design and the sights are difficult to upgrade at low cost. HK P30 is in my opinion the best pistol in the market. I purchased my PPQ 40 cal because my P30L is too large to carry CCW and the savings of $200+ over my top choice the HK45C.
      1. Now my CCW will be the PPQ 40
      2. Home defense Kimber Eclipse Custom II ( All Steel ) this gun is a tank and ultra accurate continues bull’s eye at 15 yards are common on good days.
      Excellent night sights
      3. HKP30 L all around use

      Purchase the best gun that fits your hand the best and try them first
      Otherwise you will end up selling them at a loss soon.

    • Mike

      I prefer a small slide lock so it doesn’t get in the way. I normally release the slide overhand anyway so I don’t even use it that much.

    • John_234

      Please note that Glock mags have a metal liner with a plastic shell. They don’t swell. The “non-drop free” original production mags do.

  • The mag release does take a little getting used to but you don’t have to turn your gun sideways or take your thumb off of your gun to release it, keeping your grip solid while reloading. The H&K P2000 is even better, but instead of moving down on a hinge it pulls straight back and is ambidextrous and smooth again giving a very solid release instead a half release and not getting the mag out.
    I simply don’t understand all the negativity out there about this gun without even shooting it. Seems like a lot of people like Glock and they haven’t really updated anything in like 20 years, yet some just like them the way the gun shoots. To me seems like holding a brick that goes bang and isn’t very comfortable to shoot, but at least I shot many of them before I gave my opinion. I don’t know if any gun is as good or bad as the reviews and comments until I shoot it for myself. I am not a fan of trigger safety’s on anything, but I did like the system that is on the M&P guns, it’s kind of ingenious.
    Vote freedom first!

  • dhsurg

    Great gun with 4 inch barrel and competes well against compact guns from Glock, Springfield. PLEASE PLEASE I beg Walther to make a full size model with @ 5 inch barrel. This gun would benefit from the longer barrel with longer site radius, less muzzle flip and recoil and would make a great Military/LE/Civilian service/Home defense/Range pistol. It would sell in huge numbers for Walther and would expand their market share.
    Thanks to anyone from Walther that sees this request.

  • Allen

    Looks like they are using the same stupid take down latch as the ppk. If you have never been exposed to it i doubt you will like it. First you habe to remember where you hide the tool you need 🙁

    • Chris

      “Looks like they are using the same stupid take down latch as the ppk. If you have never been exposed to it i doubt you will like it. First you habe to remember where you hide the tool you need”

      Obviously you have never seen a PPK, it doesn’t have a latch and needs no tool for a takedown (neither does the PPQ for that matter but why bother with facts). So seeing that you have no idea what you are talking about stop posting nonsense and making yourself look stupid.

  • Dan

    Just bought a PPQ after considerable research including hands-on evaluations. Originally I was looking at the Smith and Wesson M&P Pro.

    Trigger action is awesome. Mine was measured by the gunsmith and has a 4.5 lbs trigger pull out of the box with no modifications! The trigger is like a single action since the pre-tensioned trigger results in the first round trigger pull having the same trigger weight as subsequent pulls. The trigger action is smooth with a .1 inch reset (2.54mm). The magazine release lever(s) is awesome once you adapt to it. It can easily be activated without having to disturb your trigger finger or stance allowing you to hold the weapon in position on quick magazine reloads. There are no tools required for a take down, but unfortunately, you will need a punch and small hammer to punch out a pin if you need to change the back-strap. The medium is installed by default so I decided to try the other sizes out and ended up choosing the small backs-trap. I purchased the ppq for range and day time competition use, so I replaced the front sight with a green fiber optic site and for now I am keeping the factory rear site with a planned upgrade to an LPA fully adjustable rear site.

  • Ed

    Why doesnt Walther make the PPQ in a manly caliber , .45 ?

  • BigMac

    The Walther PPQ has been an absolute joy to buy, hold and most importantly, shoot. With large amounts of training I do in my private time, I try to stick with the 9mm for cost reasons and availability. After deciding I wanted to replace my Sig Sauer P229 9mm I debated, researched and fired the Walther PPQ 9mm, Walther P99 9mm, Beretta M9A1 9mm, Beretta PX4 9mm, Heckler and Koch P30L 9mm, Smith and Wesson M&P Pro 9mm, Springfield XM Tactical 9mm, Glock 17 9mm, Glock 34 9mm and Sig Sauer P226 9mm. All of these pistols were put on trial by me at a local gun range over the course of approximately a month and all pistols had the same manufactured 200 rounds of full metal jacket put through them. The Walther PPQ was the second to the last pistol I tried and it was fantastic. The ergonomics, the recoil, the handling, the superb trigger and the extremely good accuracy. Undoubtedly the Walther PPQ wasn’t at the top of my list for a possible replacement at first but after firing it this pistol is definitely what we call, “On time and on target”. To give a little more weight to my opinion I served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2001-2005, worked for private contractors through the D.o.D. in the Middle East from 2005-2008, and now I am a law enforcement officer in the State of Florida. In all that time I have shot and qualified and been an expert with numerous pistols and by far the Walther PPQ is the best weapon for me. Today, I put 1,000 rounds of Fiocchi 115 grain full metal jacket through my Walther PPQ without any cleaning during the course and it did spectacular. During the firing I didn’t experience one failure to feed, failure to fire, stovepipe, magazine problem or anything. My Walther PPQ now has 1,500 rounds fired through it without a single issue. This is something I cant even say about my duty issue Glock 22. 40S&W. With my brand new duty issued Glock 22 in September 2013 I fired 1,000 rounds through the same course with Federal 180 grain full metal jacket and experienced 1 stovepipe, 1 failure to feed and 1 failure to eject properly. This pistol
    is so good I have decided to assist my fiancé and family in getting their hands
    on one and I would never recommend something to them I didn’t absolutely trust
    with their lives and mine. If your considering getting a pistol, do yourself a favor and at least look and try one of these wonderful pistols.