Taurus Carbine

The Taurus Carbine CT G2 is a very nifty carbine that will be introduced into the US market this year. It is built from polymer lower (with build in magwell handguard) and aluminum lower. It has a 16″ barrel and is chambered in 9mm (34+1 capacity), .40 S&W (15+1 capacity) and .45 ACP (10+1). I really liked the feel of it. I can’t remember the pricing, it was somewhere around $700.

Steve Johnson

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    First thing that came to mind was, H&K UMP or G36. Only 10+1 rounds for the 45 seems pretty low. I’ve been thinking of how this would be useful for the home, but these pistol caliber carbines are still pretty long. How come more companies dont make them the size of the Beretta CX4 Storm with the mag in the handle like a pistol?

  • jdun1911

    DOA if you asked me.

  • KBCraig

    Meh. I love pistol caliber carbines, but that one loses just by being excessively large and fugly.

    I assume it takes Glock mags in 9mm and 1911 in .45; if not, why not?

  • Medic3056

    Nice look, however, I could get a more compact carbine from Hi Point, for almost 1/3 of the price.

  • What the heck is going on with the stock? That little bridge between the grip and the “stock” proper seems like an impediment to handling. Sure does look cool though…

  • Victor

    Do not, absolutely under any circumstances, buy this weapon. Rio de Janeiro’s police purchased a batch of 1500 of these, and every single one came out malfunctional.

  • Dakota

    Definitely reminds me of the UMP.

  • Ray

    This would like nice with a folding stock ala UMP style. If a shorter handguard/rail system was available this would make a nice rifle to SBR too.

  • Josh

    There was a gun in those pictures?

  • SpudGun

    According to the stats on another website, this thing weighs between 11-12lbs. If I want to handle something ugly, heavy and useless – I’ll take my wife to the range! Thank you, I’m here all week, try the fish.

  • gunslinger


    i’ll agree with you there. i was at the gun shop last night, and most of the guys there said, for what you’re gonna pay for a pistol carbine, why not just get a shotgun instead. i think they were thinking in terms of self/home defense, and who could argue? and i really don’t see the need to pay 700+ either.

    i’d be intersting in shooting, but not much else. test drives are fun

  • Avery

    It reminds me a lot of the CZW automatic carbine. Serviceable, but completely unelegant. Maybe a little of the Magpul Masada’s handguard thrown in there, making it even more heavy-looking.


  • John C

    The only way I would consider this is if it takes some common mags – the pics look like an uzi mag, but I cant tell for sure.

  • Glen

    Is there some rule that modern carbines have to look like they could shoot the tits off a Martian? Man, that’s ugly. The CX4 is ugly. The UMP is ugly. The Sub 2000. The The KRISS is better, but costs way too much. What’s the deal, folks?

  • BTR

    Thumbhole stock?!?

    No threaded barrel?!?!

    The ban is gone Taurus!

  • Spectre

    No thanks. I’ve had my fair shair of pistol calibre carbines, and sold them all too. The only use I see for them are 1. Plinking and 2. For those who want a long gun but can’t afford a rifle (which given the price tag on that carbine it’s a moot point). If I want a home defense weapon I’ll stick with a nice 12 gauge shotgun, or 10.5 inch SBR AR-15.

  • Clodboy

    IMO this thing is essentially supposed to be the poor man’s H&K USC.
    I say why the hell not?

  • Maxpwr

    I wonder which parts or if the entire thing is made in the USA. Taurus has US manufacturing capabilities, right?

  • Here is a little more info on the carbine:


    *What I dont get is why it does not have an adjustable stock – or folding- and why the mag capacity is so low for .40 and .45???

    Other question is what type of mags does it use?

  • Jim2

    Not feeling this at all for $700. I hate to continue to bash Taurus, but what are they thinking??? Why would you of all companies put out a “pistol caliber” carbine… and then have the nerve to charge more than or at least as much as more reliable/better built PCC’s currently on the market. I mean I wouldn’t but if I was I would consider Ruger, Kel-Tec or hell even Hi-Point (which is where this one should have been competing).

  • El Duderino

    Dumb. I can buy a nice MAC-10 or UZI clone for that kind of dough, totally simple and proven designs, mags are everywhere for not a lot of money. Other than my dream of stumbling across a slightly used SUB-2k that takes 9mm Glock mags for $200, those two are the only pistol carbines I’m interested in. I like the Marlin Camp Carbines in .45 but they are spendy.

  • David

    Can we have a post just on Kristin Hunt from Taurus, please?

  • 4Cammer

    My Ruger PC9 (bought new years ago at 350.00ish…) just looks better all the time. Short, takes Ruger pistol magazines, reliable and accurate as heck.

  • John

    I like it, I might buy one.
    And for those who asked why?
    It’s because most ppl who are into pistols, wants to have
    a carbine that uses the same ammo as their pistols.
    I prefer my pistols in .45cal, so I would prob
    get a carbine version in .45…see how easy that was. LOL
    BTW, I have an HK USC with the GG conversion and I love it.

  • milven

    i will buy one of this carbine as soon as it will be aivailable in my country

  • CJS3

    I’ve always thought that Taurus should produce civil versions of their police/military carbines. Glad to see them at least putting their foot in the door. The ability to use common mags for pistol and carbine would be a definite plus.

  • Unless that is a very, very small woman, that is one absolutely enormous gun to fire pistol ammo.

  • Allen

    No .45 colt/.410ga combo? I’m dismayed.

  • rick

    Fixed front sight? I would prefer that the gun have removable sights. Then I get to choose.

  • JoMama

    The Thureon Defense Carbine is way cooler than this. And Masterpiece Arms has Mac 10 pistols that are better. I’d take a Hi-Point over this $300 out the door and $400 is Federal HST.

  • Uncle Buzz

    The weight is about 8 1/2 lbs, nor 12. I can’t be exact because I’m rusty with my meatric conversions. The stock looks very much like the wooden one on the Dragonov Sniper Rifle. It too has the “bridge” in the middle. I’d guess it has to do with structural integrity? Anyway, I like this new Taurus Carbine quite a bit and will absolutely be adding the 9mm version to my arsenal.

  • j

    OK so they want to sell it to people who want to buy a USC but can’t justify plunking down $1500 – that’s reasonable, I guess. I give it a month before they start offering collapsable stocks and what not.

    To this day though I haven’t seen a better design for a civilian pistol-caliber rifle than the CX4, though. Why bother if you can’t make the thing shorter?

  • KY1911

    It’s like an HK SLR-8, a Bushmaster ACR and an MP5 had a love child…an ugly love child. Drop in a collapsible/folding stock, lose the beefiness of the foregrip area and you might have something.

  • John

    Exactly! (see above)

  • Justin Grigg

    H&K UMP styled. I like it.

  • JPN

    If it is manufactured in the US, then there is no ban and they could put any stock on it.

    If it is manufactured in Brasil, and imported to the US, then it has to be “ban compliant”, since there is still a US law restricting importation of rifles that have “assault features”. Taurus isn’t the only manufacturer that has to deal with this problem – take a look at the stock on the HK USC.

    And if a private individual buys one that was imported to the US, then puts a collapsing or folding stock on it, without installing enough US made parts to make it 922(r) compliant, then the BATF could make some reservations for that individual at their nearest federal prison.

    If the carbine is marked “Made in Brasil”, do some research on 922(r) compliance before changing the stock.

  • Took a look at these at SHOT. The MSRP was set at $820 and a dealer would be doing you a BIG favor selling these for $700 as it would leave a VERY thin profit. Looking at my pictures, the rifles I handled are marked made in Brazil hence the “sporting uses” compliant features. It may be subjective but I also felt the CT G2 was quite heavy for a pistol caliber semi.

  • Markost

    That´s a MT-40 (a chilean FAMAE SAF licensed and produced in Brazil) with polymers. Basically, a downsized and rechambered Sig-540.

  • Pete Sheppard

    For a pistol-caliber carbine, I’d go with a Kel-Tec SUB-2000. It’s lighter, far more compact, less expensive and beats the Taurus silly in the “ugly” department!

  • Lloyd

    I love Taurus’s pistols, but the carbine is STUPID, especially at those prices. I got a Kel-Tec Sub2000 in 9mm from a local dealer, a Glock 17 round mag and a 33 round 3rd party mag and paid less than 350 (not including tax). It may not look as “fancy” as the Taurus, but it is very practical. Folds in half for easy transport and storage.
    The MSRP of the Kel-Tec is $409 – but that is still half the MSRP of the Taurus. And while it is’nt available in 45, a Sub2000 with a 31 round 40 mag would still give more firepower than a 10 round 45.
    Hi-Point’s carbine is available in 45 now, with their non-standard 9 round magazine, for an MSRP starting at $330.

  • Bariviera

    Hey guys,
    Check the new Taurus carbine release in Brazil!!!
    For those who liked the new Taurus carbine, google it on ” Taurus CT40 G2L “.
    That`s a new release in Brazil during a LAAD 2011 (april 2011).

  • john

    maybe you could put wheels and a bell on that ungodly looking thing and just ride it to the range. this aint 2055 and not every body wants to be robocop. what ever happened to agood clean frame and action that didnt need a giant shroud to hide some kind of crappy workmanship? K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid.

  • DAN

    Way to go Taurus!!!The taurus carbine CT G2 really looks like a keeper,What a modern age we live in.

  • Lee H

    Ok so lets be honest its massive and for my money if i just want an ugly hi cap carbine id go with the kel tek sub 2000 it uses standard glock mags so 30 rounders are availible

    • Kel Tec MIA

      Unfortunately Kel Tec production issues have turned the sub 2000 into unobtanium .. no longer availible .. no longer cheap on the aftermarket ..

  • CX4shooter

    The HK MP5 is a pistol carbine.
    I can hand my CX4, red dot to anyone. Size, age, lack of firearms experience doesn’t matter and in 10 minutes they are making killing shots at 25 yards.
    A 5.56 is a small, low recoil, round but muzzle blast is excessive. The .45 is not.
    The 12 ga is undisputed. The over all length is excessive for indoors, the recoil is also, the pistol carbines are not. The .45 is a man stopper and in a carbine, even more so.
    On an open battlefield, a 7.61 x 51 is what I would prefer, but indoors, short range, I believe, as do many, many, SF and SWAT teams agree, the short barrel carbines are a very acceptable weapon.


    It’s too big for a pistol carbine and too close to the CX4. Taurus should give this carbine its own image. Make it practical and at least 20 rounds per-magazine especially 45 ACP. For this rifle to be viable against CX4 High Point, make it less futuristic and more tactical like the mp5. The carbine market is itching for a tacticool piston carbine.

  • Steven Martin

    Don’t really like the way this one looks at all and I thought my hi point 9mm carbine was ugly wow. With that said form isn’t everything as long as it functions well I guess. However the price tag is a bit high, I mean damn for $600-$700 you can get S&W M&P 15 sporter with 30 round mags in .223 and have a nice base AR platform. Just couldn’t justify that kind of cash on it, when I paid $275 for my hi point 9mm carbine and it can shoot 4-6 inch groups as fast as I can reacquire sight window and squeezing it off again with all 10 rounds at 50 yards all day long. My wife was even able to shoot similar patterns at the same range with ease and she is a petite woman and we are just getting into shooting. The nice thing about 9mm vs the 40 or 45 is ammo is half the price and much easier to find. For the money I’ll stick with my hi point until we get our s&w mp15 for Christmas this year. its a shame I love my Taurus millennium pro 45 and had high hopes for this carbine but would rather see a price below $500 on it to see the value. Just my opinion and I’m definitely an amateur but not dumb when it comes to the math and this one doesn’t add up for me.

  • Craig

    very big, if you ask me.
    i’d expect a PCC to be a little shorter than this taurus.
    but what i’m really miffed at, is thier home market in brazil, it’s chambered for the very underappreciated
    .30 carbine, that’s not available here. i also agree it’s very expensive for what it is and does, money better spent on a kel-tec or hi-point.

  • Mat4

    How much would one of those czw 9k carbines run you?

  • Taurus makes great guns at affordable prices – period. I own over forty guns and have been shooting firearms and hunting for over a half century. The (Blue finish) Taurus 992 my wife gave to me for Christmas had a brown film on it and in it that had to be cleaned up with a gun scrubber spray and rem-oil; and now it shoots perfectly. It has been the only problem I’ve had with Taurus handguns & it was fixed quickly. I would buy this carbine in 45 acp if it is lighter than a semi-auto 1927 A1 Thompson which is too heavy, especially for someone in his mid-sixties. Gun ownership is critical to human survival. As an Air Force sergeant (1967 – 1971), I fired M16s and Colt 45’s & received an expert ribbon with the M16 (basically an AR-15). In adition, I came in close contact with UFOs (aliens? future people? demons? whatever?) and was informed by more than one officer that some of our GIs missing in action (MIAs) had been taken away by these UFOs. I thought they were crazy at the time, but I don’t now. Since top management of our Defense Department are afraid of the beings controling the UFOs, civilians can not depend on the government for help if we are invaded (God forbid!). Law abiding citizens need guns and ammo for self-presevation if the worst happens. If I had not been a MUFON investigator and NCO who worked on nuclear alert pads (ready to blow the USSR off the map) I might think differently.

  • Emil Bart

    Any idea when these will actually be available for purchase? They’ve been talking about them for what seems like 2 years now and still no dice. Personally, i think it looks great and some heft really isn’t such a bad thing when making rapid shots on a target. A more than 10+1 .45 acp capacity would be appreciated but i guess i can scale down to the 9mm if i wanted a basket of bullets underneath the gun.

  • tommakawao

    I own a tarus revolver, and they are very good guns. However, nothing can top the support team at Hi-Point. They’re great. Any firearm can/will have problems and it’s great when the manufacturer is right there for you. I love my Hi-Point .45 carbine.

  • Ouch

    Just seen one at Academy, uh $895? Uh not at that price!

  • Vaughan

    Without the hi cap magazines they have little value.