Taurus 28 Gauge Raging Judge Revolver

Just as S&W jumps into the .410 shotshell revolver market, Taurus counters with a 28 Gauge monster. The question remains: how big will they do?

Compared to the new .22 LR chambered Taurus Tracker

Steve Johnson

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  • loki

    that little lass couldn’t even properly hold that thing to shoot it! smoothbore shot shooting pistols are pretty cool though. you couldn’t get a much more solid and reliable zombie apocalypse defense weapon than a revolver that shoots 12 or 20 gauge now could you…

  • Woodroez

    This thing obviously has to have rifling in the barrel. Is there a way for them to kind of game the system so that it has rifling while not comprising shot patterns at ranges past 15 feet? Seems like it would be fun to hunt something like quail with this if I could be convinced it would do an efficient job of taking the bird cleanly out to a reasonable range.

  • John Doe

    Nice and cheap way for plicking!
    Ping! Ping! Ping!
    Wallet empty!
    I am broke!

  • KBCraig

    Up next: a Serbu Super-Shorty based on Remington’s 8 gauge kiln gun.

  • daniel6990

    Since I am guessing it doesn’t fire alternate pistol rounds like the .410 Judge does, would one encounter any restrictions trying to buy this? Is this not just a short barreled shotgun?

  • Bill Lester

    Okay, the .410 Judge is fine. I actually like them after trying the guns at the range. But this monstrosity is just silly.

  • TZH

    wow! they ripped off HELLBOY! love it

  • Tim

    Yeah, I’ve been wondering the past couple days how they get around the SBS or AOW classification too. If it was just a matter of a rifled barrel, then why couldn’t you do a gun like the Ithaca Auto Burglar again in 20 gauge with a rifled barrel? I’m guessing there’s more to it than simply the rifled barrel.

  • SpudGun

    Taurus are no fools by having an attractive girl holding this pistol, the phallic imagery only should appeal directly to their demographic.

    All you need are the words ‘Are you embarrassed by your tiny pistol? Are you concerned by it’s lack of fire power? Now you can impress all the girls at the range with your meaty Raging Judge and it’s 8″ barrel.’

    What a stupid, useless waste of man hours and materials.

  • Avery

    There’s a 12-gauge, 4 or 5-shot revolver made by some Russian sporting guns manufacturer. I’ve joked that Taurus needs to get the rights to it and call it the Supreme Court Justice.

  • Tux

    I don’t understand how this thing isn’t an aow or other NFA regulated gun.
    Whereas the Judge is, for NFA purposes, a .45 lc pistol, a 28 gauge bbl should measure about .55 caliber… which puts it into destructive device territory. I’d be interested to know what type of legal gymnastics Taurus had to perform to get that thing approved for import.

  • Don

    I have a reputation for dissing on shotgun pistols, but this is just too cool…


  • El Duderino

    I’m with Tux on this one. IANAL but this looks like an AOW to me…

  • 4Cammer

    Pass, but the Tracker in .22 sounds interesting.

  • pete

    Is it possible the barrel ID tapers to 0.500 at the end? Would that make it for legal purposed 50-cal?

  • Ben

    Like everyone else here, I would like to know how this isn’t a NFA weapon, or is it? Or did the ATF finally realize they are a waste of tax payers money and their laws are useless; so they just said, fuck it, do what ever you want Taurus.

  • you make it ! ill buy it ! keep the price in reason !!people love hand cannons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chas

    The Raging Judge looks neat. I like the idea of launching big, slow slugs downrange without having to use a spotting scope to see where they hit the target.

  • I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of wrists suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly snapped.

  • Les


    Why isn’t the Ithaca Deerslayer regulated as a destructive device? It has a rifled barrel and thus is by-definition a .72 caliber(12-gauge) rifle, yet nobody seems to care about that. Could be Taurus is trying to pull a fast one and sneak it by because it doesn’t give-off scary-scary ‘sawed-off shotgun’ vibes.

  • tommy2rs

    Finally something to shoot up the boxes of 28 gauge slugs I’ve had stored for a while. Paper hulled rounds stored in a military surplus ammo can for a few decades would be just the ticket….lol.

  • Tux

    @ Les

    Despite their rifled barrels, slug guns are still considered shotguns under the NFA , which are mentioned as being exempt from the barrel diameter restrictions because they have a legitimate sporting purpose. If the ATF has decided the judge 28 has such a purpose, AFAIK it will be the first time they’ve granted it to a “smoothbore pistol”. Other smoothbore pistols like the serbu super-shorty have previously fallen into the “any other weapon” category.

  • Don

    If you have to have rifling for legal reasons couldn’t you just cut it straight, wide, and shallow?


  • Tim

    Just read elsewhere that BATFE put the kibosh on the Raging Judge due to bore size as well as the Rossi Trail Judge lever action .410 for a less known reason. I was really wondering how the 28 Gauge was going to fly. Any updates on this Steve?

  • Yosemite Sambo

    Latest news on this is Taurus pulled it after one day at the shot show and is no longer considering manufacturing it. Reasons unknown.

  • centurion923

    I just read on thetruthaboutguns.com that they cancelled production on these! NOOOOO!!!!!!! http://thetruthaboutguns.com/2011/01/robert-farago/taurus-cancels-raging-judge/

  • Tim

    Thanks Steve! heading there to read it now!

  • Dean

    Now that’s the gun I’v been waiting for to add to my collection. Bravo Taurus! My hat’s off to you.

  • Richard Wagner

    Many years ago I wrote BATF and asked for an opinion on the subject of how deep, how wide, and how fast constituted ‘riflings’. They wrote that there were no such standards and the determing factor was whether they ‘stabilized’ the projectile.

    It seems to me that round balls are always ‘stabilized’ in that they do not tumble. Also hollow based projectiles such as foster slugs, finned projectiles, and the original style saboted slugs (I forget the name) are also self stabilizing.

  • Rick

    The page in the What’s New for 2011 catalog now appears to be “locked” – it’s grayed out and the photos and content won’t click and enlarge…


    …not sure what this means, but it doesn’t look too promising.

  • D.Williams

    Too bad they canceled this. I would have loved to have this in a cross draw holster. Purely for some legitimate reason other than fun, I assure you. I can’t think of one, but it will be legitimate.

    • phillip

      if taurus made this it would be the ultimate personal defense revolver, any1 stupid enough to not run away wen u pull that beast out would be a dead man

  • Carey

    Why can’t someone chamber a revolver in 7.62×39?

    • watt

      It’s because the cartridge is bottle-necked. Revolvers historically have had issues with powerful bottleneck cartridges. Something about the recoil shaking them out of the cylinder.

  • what is the price of revolver
    5 shots

    • Rick

      According to the one dealer I do business with, who was at the Shot Show, the gun won’t be released because of its bore size. He says he stood right there and heard BATF tell the Taurus reps — “No way.”

      I realize opinions vary on this; I’m not trying to start something – just repeating what was said to me.

      Bottom line – Taurus removed it from their catalog earlier this past year (2011) and apparently told at least one caller that they were not going to produce the piece.

  • ali awan

    awesome stuff.

  • Sam Suggs

    aint never gonna happen

  • Drew

    The Raging Judge appears in Black Ops 2 as “The Executioner”, and also fires shotgun shells, so, If you wanna shoot this gun, go waste your money on the game 😛

  • jharrison

    If I want to put a large hole in a target I’ll just throw a large rock at it!