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  • jdun1911

    I like. Don’t mine getting the mod for it if the price point is reasonable.

  • bullzebub
  • Rob

    inb4 “gears of war”

  • Phil

    I love Mossberg shotguns, but goodness gracious, that thing is dumb. I can see VERY limited use for people who cannot stand hold a weapon well (wheelchair bound?) but other than that… Fudds.

  • SpudGun

    I’m confused – what’s it for? what do you do with it? how is it practical? why does looking at it hurt my brain?

    Someone please tell me!

  • Bugler


  • Jake


    Would this even have any real use? It looks like it would be way too clumsy for anything other than showing off…

  • Don

    I am very skeptical about the usefulness of this. If it was like a combination shotgun/battering ram/saws-all I could see it as a niche all purpose breaching tool maybe?


  • Rifleman336

    And something new for the WTF??? category. it’s Engineering trumping practicality.

  • Jack Webb


    It makes the weapon handling easier for non-shouldered firing, door breaching, etc. It also looks cool evidently. I assume most users will be military/le, though mall ninjas will buy their fair share too.

  • @Phil: “Fudds?” This is the generally accepted definition of a Fudd:

    On topic: seems like it’d be a pretty easy mod to make to any shotgun, particularly if it has a picatinny rail on the grip, like the new Kel-Tec shotgun.

  • Allen

    Load the chainsaw up with some 3″ 00 buck and prepare yourself for a “knuckle bashing good time”.

  • Lt_H

    Will prolly pass on this one….

  • 6677

    now if this was on a belt fed full auto shotgun…

  • Jeremiah

    Just curious if any of the people making comments on this gun have ever had to make entry into a building. Just from watching the video I can see how making this “chainsaw” handle mod to any shotgun would be beneficial in a mout environment.

  • Smith

    Well i have never breached a door to enter a building, but i have shot a door from a door frame with a stock 870 express with a 22″ barrel and it didnt feel awkward to me. I really dont see any practicality in this. Breach the door then run in there like rambo hip firing?

  • dosent that violate the NFA? a shotgun that dosnt have a sholder stock and a grip in front of the trigger? (unregersterd A.O.W.)

  • Jeremiah

    @ Smith,

    Based on your comment I’m going to guess that you don’t know what a fatal funnel is? And that you don’t have any formal training when it comes to MOUT (military operations urban terrain). In a scenario where you are the man holding the shotgun for the purpose of breaching a locked door, you would not be the first man in the room “like rambo hip firing”. Furthermore the shotgun would be your secondary weapon in any mout environment unless we were talking about the AA12.

  • David

    hey dipwad — i’m in a wheelchair and own lots of guns–so whats wrong with a gun that really fits us

  • Robert

    Ive breached many a building in this mod is both useless and dumb

  • Arrkhal

    I have a very hard time believing that would be useful for door breaching. You angle a breaching shotgun DOWN and to the side, so that bits of wood, metal, etc., go down and to the side. From the shoulder, that works fine. Breaching a door from the hip means much higher risk of collateral damage, especially since any ricocheting pieces of metal from the door will be flying around at crotch-level, instead of down into the floor.

    On the other hand, someone needs to see if this crazy thing WOULD be considered a foregrip “at an angle to the bore” by the ATF. It’s angled in one axis, but not the usual one. How much geometry do their tech department agents know? A pistol with something like that on the accessory rail would be a hilarious abomination.


    I swear, you morons dont know the first thing about breaching. I breached a shit-ton when I was in Iraq, and we used the Masterkey 870 setup. I really wish we would have had these when I was there. It is probably the best idea that has came in breaching since the shotgun. So, if you retards want to trash talk something, make sure you know what you are talking about before you do.