SHOT SHOW 2011 – Epic Fail. Dumbest. Driver. Ever

Today Media Day, media shooting day held a day before the actual show, car dove in front of the live firing line. WTF? I was shooting a 9mm carbine at the time. Other guns shooting at part of the range included .338 Lapua’s, and 7.62mm NATO machine guns!!!!!! EPIC FAIL. I could barley believe my eyes.

Steve Johnson

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  • You think their rental agreement covers that? It was a pretty amazing loss of situational awareness…

  • J

    PTSD flashback: oh sweet jesus it’s a car bomb rushing towards us! Fuck it up!

  • Overload in CO

    Bad range design? Where’s the backstop? Security? Notices?

    • Overload, it was a 1000 yard range and we were shooting from a raised platform. The backstop was a hill. The noise was **incredible**. The person must have been driving with earplugs in not to have realized they were driving into a live range.

  • Jason

    That’s some funny and unbelievable $#!+

  • Dakota

    Good idea, drive in the direct path of oncoming fire. We have a genius in our midst!

  • jim

    Is there actually a road there, or is someone just off-roading their CHRYSLER?!

  • Rusgunnut1

    I didn’t hear any “cease fire” call or any severe roastings.

  • Tanner

    Two words:
    Natural. Selection.

  • Sian

    Rental+extra insurance!

  • He must have seen the line of cars , tightly packed and figured “I just go around! It’s a shortcut to the open spaces!”

    Some people think they are too good to go the long way or wait in line.

    Please tell me he was kicked out. (btw, WHO was that?)

  • Beaumont

    Please tell me the driver was arrested for public stupidity.

  • gunslinger

    Well, It’s hard to tell, because it looks like it drives straight to the “parking lot” and the car isn’t out there to 4wheel in the desert. and without knowing the layout of the range, it’s hard to tell.

    but granted, yes, who goes behind a firing line?

    i worked a few summers at a boy scout camp, with their “sports” department. i taught classes in the am, and helped at the archery/rifle/shotgun ranges in the after noon/evening. We had a huge fence set up in the woods around the range, so people wouldn’t wander anywhere near the firing ranges. one day there was a kid who walked out into the middle of the shotgun range during live fire. he thought it was cool coz he heard the shot rattling off of the trees. he said he climbed over the fence coz he wanted to. talk about dumb.

  • Raymond

    “Sorry we’re late, mapquest took us on a really crazy route”

  • Mr Maigo

    My thoughts exactly. Why is parking down range in the first place?

  • William

    This reminds me of the time when I was at the range and a random “ex-LEO” tried to adjust my handgun stance while standing in front of my pistol muzzle as I point it down range. He had no idea how close he was from getting a hole in the neck, I had my finger on the trigger and it almost gave me a heart attack when he suddenly shifted his body in front of me.

  • Martin (M)

    Driver must have been distracted by texting.

  • Cam

    Please tell me someone ran down there and gave that guy/girl a verbal thrashing.

  • Matt Groom

    “It’s okay! It’s a rental!”

  • Bob

    I am glad that my old roof gunner was not there and had a flashback!

  • Jim

    Initial thought: What a moron!
    Thought halfway through: What moron decided to put the parking lot right next to the range, and largely unmarked to boot.

  • barry mackenzie

    At my archery range one beautiful Sunday morning we were having at it, when enter stage left some bozo walking his dog. He looked at us, continued walking across. The range officer shouted at us to stop, then shouted at the idiot.

    Someone raised their bow and pulled back the arrow – everyone laughed knowing he was just mucking around – the range officer said even if he was joking he would be banned for a year if he didn’t drop it immediately.

    The idiot continued his walk – how could he NOT KNOW it was an archery range he was walking across – he was behind the targets, but only by 30 or so metres.

    In the olden days natural selection weeded these idiots out. These days the rules protect them and lead to further idiots. Watch ‘Idiocracy’.

  • yamalink

    “TomTom says to turn left here so that’s what I’m gonna do. Hmmm, is it 4th of July already? See, that’s it. All those people waving is where we want to go. TomTom rules.”