H&K MR556 (HK416) Shipping NOW!!!!!

The day many thought would never arrive has finally materialized out of thin air! This week H&K finally started shipping the civilian version of the HK416 rifle. I shot it today for the first time and was impressed. It works as advertised. Easy to control and jumps right back on target. The retail price is slightly under $3000.

Bryan Jones with MR556A1
Caliber 5.56mm NATO
Barrel 16.5″
Overall Length
Weight 8.6 lbs

Steve Johnson

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  • Brad W

    That is kinda heavy for an AR… I mean I know pistons are heavier systems but uhm… Yeah no thanks.

  • Well, being the one who actually shot it in that picture, I get it. The HK MR556 is unbelievably accurate and solid. Best AR I’ve ever shot.

  • Lance

    Can they take standard AR mags or are they still bent on HK mags only?

    The future of US military small arms may be here for civvies now.

  • SoulTown

    @ Brad

    In all fairness, the rifle has a heavier and longer (16.5!) barrel compared to the standard M4-type barrel.

    …then again, a comparable 16 inch SR-15E3 is about 6.75 lbs in comparison. And you save around $800 if you go with the KAC. And also, SR-15E3 is a very, very well equipped gun.

  • Slavomir M

    You mean shipping to USA? We have H&K MR556 here in Czech Republic for last year already. First appeared in CZ 19.1.2009 . I have to say it is nice rifle, but I like MR308 (HK 417) much much more.

  • Theodoric

    3.9 kg is a bit more than the 3.56 kg Wikipedia gives for the 16.5 inch barrel HK416. Does that include magazine and rounds, or is it a result of the retooling needed to make it a civilian-available weapon?

    But yeah, still a lot heavier than many AR-15s. I wonder what the weight distribution is like.

  • michael

    No better than the lwrc m6a3…..

  • Marc

    @Brad W

    it has a heavy barrel. the piston itself weighs next to nothing.

  • Bill

    Holy moley! Three grand! This is a good upper end reference bar to compare offerings from FN, Bushmaster, LWRC and others. Of course we knew the HK brand is always way up there in all their products.

  • Vitor

    Low recoil and smooth action? Only DI guns were supposed to be like that!! =P

    Although the extra weight surely helps.

  • Al T.

    Shot a 416 (local PD rifle). No. Trigger sucked. For the money I’d rather have a S&W, RDS, a carbine course and a metric buttload of ammo.

  • WeaponBuilder

    Considering the weight will increase above 10 pounds easily with optic and loaded magazine – I’d have to agree with Brad W.

    Too Heavy, Too Expensive, and Too Late to the pARty.

    Like everything else from H&K – high quality, but just not worth your time and money.

  • Matt

    Nice chicken wing…

  • Other Steve

    It’s no the piston. Thy have a very heavy barrel and VERY heavy rail.

    I’m a bi confused by the article that says it’s easy to control and etc. It’s a heavy AR, it had better work like one.

    For the price, yea, no thanks.

  • mike

    Full auto carrier? Low shelf for DIAS?

  • scurvy

    8.6 lbs? Is that with a loaded magazine or not? Had better be loaded. Otherwise that’s pretty heavy for something only shooting a .223.

    Oh and Mr. Jones get that right elbow down. You aint a bird trying to take flight are you?

  • Konrado

    For that money I could get an ACR Enchanced or even better: a SCAR 16S…

  • RichardW

    @BWJones Nice photo. It maybe the angle but it looks like your chicken winging it (sticking your left elbow out). Tucking your elbow in will not only make you a slimmer target but also means your lees likely to pull off to the side on your trigger pull.

  • Koji

    Piston guns are usually a pound heavier than non-piston. A 7.6lbs AR15 is about average.

  • Tuulos

    They have been available in Europe since sometime last year along with the MR308. It’s good to see that you guys will be getting them too.

  • Jason M

    For $3k, that better make breakfast, walk the dog and do my taxes.

  • drewogatory

    Is it really $500 better than the most expensive Noveske? Seems hard to believe.

  • Matt

    Meh. I’ll stick with mine that does the same shit for 800$

  • TalbotFarwell

    Wikipedia cites the weight of a SVT-40 (Самозарядная винтовка Токарева, образец 1940 года) as being 3.85 kg or 8.5 lb in an unloaded state. If I had to choose between an SVT-40 and a MR556 based on weight…

  • michael

    yes it is….I do not believe that a standard di will hold up to the tolerances that a piston will and hk’s, lwrc, and pof’s tests (with gov’t officials) support this.

  • ParatrooperJj

    Does this still have the non standard dimension pin holes or is it interchangeable with other uppers and lowers?

  • Mike

    Does anyone know if the upper of a US-market MR556 will fit on a standard AR-15 lower and vice-versa? Or is it the same as the Euro-market version, which apparently has the takedown pins relocated to comply with local laws?

  • CC19

    With the likes of the ACR, SCAR, and others such as the LWRC that have been out for a while now, I wonder if Hk missed out on the piston gun hype wagon by now. They do have plenty of brand name loyalists though. Only time will tell.

    Also, the MSRP looks scary, but I’ve seen them being listed (and have been offered an order locally) in the $2,400 range from various dealers. Still expensive for most people however.

  • Caseless

    Typical Teutonic over-engineering. It’s obvious this heavy platform makes more sense for the MR308. HK used the same concept for the USP 9. Build a .40 S&W pistol, chamber it with a less powerful round, using the same frame, to save on manufacturing cost.
    At least we don’t need to fork over huge amounts of $ for mags, since Magpul E-mags are on the market now.

  • Lance

    @Slavomir M

    Your alowed to have AR in the C.R.? Who knows mabie Chechs may adopt it as there issue rilfe.

    I agree you can buy a nice AR for far cheaper. Id still have a 416 far nore than FN crap.

    Im ore worried if it uses standerd AR mags or dose it need expensive HK mags only.

  • D

    lol and people said ACR was overpriced

  • Frost

    If the 416 is too heavy, then you should train more…

  • garry

    2400+tax out the door for mine. Definately like it more than my scar 16 & 17 I had.

  • steve

    I’m thinking on buying the hk416 but I can’t decide if I want to get the 416 or the Barrett rec7. I’ve shot the 416 and it is a heavy platform at 8.5 lbs unloaded but I’m overall impressed with the gun. My main concern is the magazine issue. I like drum magazines and not forsure if they will perform correctly in the 416

  • Kelly

    Just bought one at Tulsa gun show for $3000. I feel really stupid now. I think im gonna take it and try to flip it tomorrow. Seems like a nice solid rifle but i think i paid too much for it. They are kinda hard to find that is the only reason i jumped on it and bought it. Any comments???

    • thomas oconnell

      $3000 sounds about right I would take it right now if I had the cash flow, but congrats on getting a great piece of firepower>