SIG SAUER 522 Commando

JayG was the first person to publish a photo of the SIG SAUER 522 Commando, a soon-to-be-launch .22 LR rifle from SIG.

Photo by JayG. Full resolution photo at MArooned blog.

The rifle features a carbine length barrel, faux suppressor, quad rails, “classic” stock and forend grip.

UPDATE: I have just been informed that the final product (the above is a prototype) will not be sold with a foregrip or scope.

JayG photographed the rifle during a tour of the Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, New Hampshire. Jay writes

George gave us a brief history of the Academy, from the origins in the early 1990s to their guiding philosophy of SIG: Simple Is Good. He told us that one of the questions he heard the most was “What do you teach at the Academy?”, to which he invariably responds “Anything you can legally do.”

Steve Johnson

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  • Wolfwood

    I understand that this gun can break down into four separate Marlin 60s and a Glock 17. Is this true? If not, it sure looks like it!

  • John Holland

    I was planning to buy the 522 SWAT, but this is even better! Well done Sig!

  • I thought Sig was classier than going the GSG route and attaching a fake suppressor. Is the demand from mall ninjas really that high for .22lr knockoffs of good guns?

  • Ladyfox

    My question really is how much they’re going to be charging for one. It’s really hard to swallow buying one if they run in the $500 range when for the same price you could get a tricked out 10/22.

    Don’t get me wrong I love my M&P 15-22 MOE but, darn it, why does the mere addition of “tactical” always have to mean expensive especially for a .22. -_-


    Yeah, I dont really understand those fake suppresors or these 22LR tactical rifles in general… For a kid, sure seems like a great gun to learn with while keeping costs low with minimal recoil, but for a teen or adult, its just lame.

  • Bill

    Fake suppressors hide the really thin barrel and bring it to OAL ~16″.

  • The “fake suppressor” is to make it a “legal 16 inch” and to train with.. And of course for people who will buy it because it looks cool.

    It’s a Commando length replica that you can (hopefully) buy for $500. The Classic 522 is fantastic. This is an option for people who want the above mentioned or a SBR in .22 caliber.

  • Running Wind

    When I was at a local Wal-Mart and saw one of these in the rifle case, I did a head spin, right next to it was an M4, and 2 different AR-15’s. I asked about this 522 and saw the price tag at $480.oo and said ring it up. I bought it… Im retired now and on a medical, and in the service we trained with these very same rifles in the CQB runs… I loved them then and now I have one of my own, Kudos to Sig for letting us have them here on the outside… I installed a red-dot scope and a forward rail grip, looks just like the one I had in the service, but that silencer was real.. I have to add a kudos to Wal-Mart as well for selling good rifles without bowing down to the socialist bias freedom takers we have now… R.W.