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  • Wolfwood

    I don’t have any children yet, which means I can feasibly offer my first-born child for one of these.

  • vtb

    i wonder – will kel-tec make the long-barreled version?

    I know the idea was to make compact shotgun with 14 rounds, but why not to make casual-rem-870-size shotgun with 16-18 rounds?

    Just lenghteen the magazine tube to hold 2 more rounds each and lenght the barrel to allow to place muzzle break on it….

  • Dakota

    It looked great before, now in action it looks even better.

  • Hellhound


    I WANT ONE!!! I’m sure I will never see one because California will title it a machine gun or some crazy shit they always do, but I still want one.

  • Coming to a computer video game near you 🙂

  • Slim934

    … this thing bottom ejecting the spent shells?

  • f-stop

    Either the barrel needs to be a bit longer or the thing needs a permanent grip-stop on the fore end. In high stress, quick action situations you’ve got a good chance of shooting your pump-hand. Not good.

  • Weaponbuilder

    I’m pretty excited to own one of these… With a slight modification to the shell elevator arm most pump shotguns can reliably feed Aguila Mini Shotshells.

    A 7+1 Mossberg 500 can hold 13+1 Aguila Mini Shotshells. This baby likely has a capacity of 26+1 of the Mini Slugs!!! :-p I’m drooling!

  • ap

    And yet another Kel-Tec I’d like to own along with a SUB2K, PMR-30, PMR-30 Carbine, KSG, and RFB. It’s highly frustrating that Kel-Tec won’t find a way to increase production. I’d be a little more understanding of their reluctance if they were making hand-engraved side-by-sides with finely checked French walnut stocks but they put out nylon frame utilitarian stuff with fair fit and finish. Their curmudgeonly attitude is more befitting a stuffy custom 1911 shop than somebody that refuses to buff the plastic mold flashing off their frames. At some point, people will just stop paying attention. I mean, I’ve been looking at zeros on SUB2Ks for nearly 3 years from a MAJOR distributor. You’re telling me you can’t run a couple third shifts and stamp those things out? I know somebody there reads this blog… tell me why I should bother paying attention to anything you guys say regarding new products. Has anyone contemplated the lost opportunity in the marketplace? Kel-Tec is an innovative and exciting gun maker, no doubt. It’s too bad they’re not so innovative when it come to making the damn things!

  • Oleg Volk has some great photos of this. Looks awesome.

  • mike

    It’s nice that Kel-Tec makes innovative things, but it’s a shame they done spend the extra few hours making the moldings more refined. For example, the P3AT is hideous compared to the LCP. There’s no reason Kel-Tec couldn’t have tried – even just a little – to make it more ergonomic or give it a nicer feel. This gun has what – some checker box grip pattern? Seriously? If it was made in someone’s garage, that would be one thing, but how hard is it to fix the ergonomics and make the lines less boxy?

    Also, it looks like this gun has quite some recoil.

  • Emperor Fabulous

    One change I’d make to this is to add a lip or raised edge to the muzzle end of the pump part, something to let someone tactility know that their hand is too far forward so that no accidents happen.

  • AntiCitizenOne

    Not really sure about this. It looks nice and compact and is definitely affordable (perhaps). Only issue is having to stuff 14 rounds one by one when you’re out when with a Saiga you just get out another mag and recharge. But whatever works for you.

  • Other Steve

    Slim934, yes it’s bottom eject ala Ithica 37. In the video it looks like bottom and left. I wound if you switch may tubes if it goes bottom right… If the mag switch works like I think it does it could.

  • hacedeca

    Seems like everybody wants one. May I ask why? The magazine capacity? The small size of the shotgun?

    Anyway: I don’t like bullpup designs. They hurt your ears and you have to take the weapon from your shoulder to reload and this will cost you your situational awareness. Okay, given that this gun has a huge magazine, you won’t have to reload.

  • 1) this is cool.
    2) wish it was an auto loader

  • Rob

    My thoughts exactly ap

  • Tony

    Am I the only one to notice that the guys doing the testing don’t really seem to know how to run a pump shotgun in the first place? Am I the only one to be concerned over how this may affect how the weapon is designed?

  • drewogatory

    Oh, let’s be clear, this has no practical application whatsoever. It is, however, one of the coolest toys I have ever seen and and I plan on killing more enemy watermelons than R Lee Ermey and the goons from Mr. Majestyk combined.

  • ap

    Yeah, the old guy in the video is none other than George Kellgren, himself. The chubby guy is Kel Tec’s Toby Obermeit and can be seen in such classics as the full-auto PMR-30 video and Guns America SHOT vids. I think the reason they both look so herky jerky is because the action takes some serious effort to cycle over that butter-smooth Winchester or worn-in 870 your used to.

  • Mattias

    i need a new keyboard. this one is now soaked in drool.

  • gunslinger

    i said it before, and i’ll say it again. The VFG looks like you could smash your hand against the trigger guard/assembly. that’s something i’m not looking forward to.

    as for the “reloading” argument vs a saiga you still have to spend time loading the next mag. sure you aren’t loading a mag in the middle of a situation, but the time is still there. and one has to be sure that the extra mags are with you for the ‘SHTF’ moment. additinally one doesn’t need to load all 14 shells at once. it’s no difference than having a “standard” pump where you may reload 1-5 shells at a time from the sling/side saddle/ammo pouch/whatever.

    but really i think it will come down to personal taste. sure this is a “tacti-cool”/mall nina-esque device, it may be useful. i wouldn’t buy this before using it, and i hope everyone does so we don’t hear the i wasted $$$ on this coz it looked cool but isn’t functional/usable by me. if it works great, if not, don’t buy.

  • jdun1911


    Bullpup pumping is awkward compare to the conventional design. I changed my mind on it once I find out it was pump.

  • dg13


    These are test-firing video’s of a brand new design (maybe the first KSG ever made). You don’t test-fire a brand new design the same way you shoot a well worn and proven firearm.

    I’m sure the next video’s will be much better.

  • Travis

    I am sure these are rough pre-production samples they are working with, I am sure they will be smoother after a few hundred rounds. Also, this is Kel-Tec’s first pump gun, and we are seeing regular employees, on camera, shooting indoors… I doubt I would be super smooth in that case. Where is Costa?

    I think a Magpul AFG on pump rail would be a great addition. It gives you a little more to pump with and it has a handstop so you don’t blow it off.

    The shortness is *the* big advantage in my eyes. I was really wanting an AOW of some sort, like a Serbu super shorty. but thats only 3 rounds! sure the KSG is a little bigger, but far more capacity. A 14″ barrel SBS holding 5 rounds is still 34″ overall! the keltec is going to be 8″ shorter than that!! with 14 rounds.

    Yes you can get capacity with a Saiga. But you got to carry the big ass mags around. And you loose the length advantage. A nice one would cost $$$. I shot an SBS Saiga. I still like this KSG better.

  • Tom

    Must … have … one.
    Must … have … one.

  • snmp

    Barrel sound like to short. But, if Kel-Tec could make a “KSG bullpup Shotgun” stock For Itacha 37 or steven 350.

  • kel-tec fan

    I saw someone else point out that only the right side of this gun is shown in every picture on the internet, and now every video of the gun to.

    Are they hiding something ugly on the left side?

  • zip22
  • RVN11B

    I definitely will get one of these beauties, as soon as they show up here.

    I do not agree that they need to put in longer barrels.
    If you look closely you will note that the barrels are long enough. In fact the chamber area is in line with the shooter’s elbow.

    For what this weapon was designed for it is about the perfect length.

    For the record I have never been, nor have I ever wanted to be a ‘mall ninja’.

    Career Infantry NCO, sworn police officer, and life long hunter is my back ground.

    I would also throw in my vote for a simi-auto version.

    That would be ideal!

  • Jeff

    Make it semi auto and you may have something.