Hellenic Army’s HK G3A4

The latest video by TFB reader Aegeanhawk shows Hellenic Army National Guardsmen firing a pretty cool H&K G3A4 packed with a EOTech sight, forend rails (Brügger & Thomet rails?), bipod and foregrip. The setup looks really good.

Steve Johnson

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  • I’m not seeing an embedded video, just the space for it.

  • MacK

    It was the site…

    Interesting to see a GG&G Package on that eotech (the flip down protectors and the accucam.

    Great products made in my neighborhood. From Arizona to Greece.. THUMBS UP

  • scurvy

    I have a PTR-91 in almost the same setup except mine has the full stock, not a collapsible one. I bet his weighs one million pounds just like mine. Its weight is the G3’s biggest weakness.

  • Lance

    Awesome. Like how we evolved the M-14 to the M-14EBR, the Greeks are doing the same to the G-3. If it wasn’t for anti gunners in the 1990s who scrapped thousands of rifles. the Brits and Aussies would have done the same for the L1A1 FAL.

  • Laftrick

    Seems like his bolt hold open on the last shot was not working…

  • Andy from CT

    The G3/HK91 is still a superb battle rifle. I hope to add a copy to my battery someday.

    Nice to see it’s still being issued.

  • jdun1911

    Unless something change G3 does not hold the bolt on the last round. It’s the same criticisms on early MP5 subgun.

  • scurvy

    Open bolt on last round is just something else to break. Goes against the G3 design philosophy. If you think an AK is simple, you’re in for a shock. G3 makes an AK look like a M4/16.

  • Ola Høieggen

    This is almost the same setup as the Norwegian Army har been running the last couple of years – we call it the AG3F2.

    B&T rail and sightmount, collapsible stock, insight m3x, and aimpoint comp4:)

  • jdun1911


    Give me a break.

    The are many reasons why bolt open on the last round is prefer then not. With a bolt open the operator can tell if the gun is empty or there is a malfunction that needs to be clear. With a bolt open you can reload faster without fully racking the charging handle back. For safety reason a bolt open will immediately make it clear to the range officer that the gun is empty. etc.

    The G3 was a market failure because it never saw wide use like the FAL. Even to this day HK is trying to find a carbine/rifle for mass appeal. That’s why they went with the AR platform. If you can’t beat them join them right? And don’t forget to overcharge your customers. God forbid that the marketing department goes against HK traditions.

    While the AK does not have last round bolt open it was a small sacrifice when the Soviet gave them away in the millions. The G3 however can’t give it for free, HK must overcharge.

  • Lance

    @ Jdun1911

    The biggist problem for the G-3 is that the charging handle is very stiff and is long to pull compaired to a M-14 or FAL. The fact you have to operste this all the time on a G-3 is the biggist drawback of the design.

  • Kostas HK

    Indeed for someone used to having a bolt open device (like the Americans over the last 40 years ) it is a big deal. Not for everybody else. You press trigger, hear click, change mag. Like the debate over the recoil of 7,62 vs 5,56. For some of us here in Greece soynds funny, because we are only allowed smoothbores, so try 12ga 2,75 or 3in. slug vs 7,62 !!! About G3, it was used in many wars ( South America, Africa ) but because it wasn’t used by any major Western Force like the FAL it didn’t get much publicity. (FAL being west’s AK, despite being less reliable than AK or G3). It is however a great gun (G3) for an army of conscripts like ours in Greece because there are no gas ports or adjustable sights to mess with because they are zeroed by the armorer using HK’s special tool,( what a surprise !!) much like the AK. Being an armorer (conscript) i saw many front sight blades broken and triggerguards bent, even recievers bent, but nothing my issued armorers repair and maintenance kit could not handle. I agree with scurvy, even breaking it down is easier than AK ( i know being a Saiga 410 owner). Also i’ll take 7,62 over 5,56 anyday, considering the opponent. Much more usefull against helos and enerything else a conventional army uses. My 2 cents.

  • Riech_N_Famous


    The G3 was one of HKs most successful selling guns. Even though then FN FAL was adopted or used by 80+ countries (wiki is my source here) the G3 was still adopted or used by 50+ countries. The FN FAL has been retired by most nations who used the FN FAL. Meanwhile the G3 is still used by many nations such as Iran, Greece, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Chile and will continued to be used along with newer weapons in countries like Portugal, Sweden, and Denmark. The only major countries that still use the FN FAL is Argentina and Brazil. HK did quite well the G3.

    Please if there is anything wrong with my facts, go ahead and correct me.

  • Frost

    I love the G3, its an underdog compared to FAL and AK.

    The G3 is a VERY good weapon, its reliable under extreme conditions.

    Here in use during trainingin Norway

    We also made a prototype of the AG3F2 with AR stock

  • charles222

    Cool pic with the M4 stock, although I’d hope Norway has better taste and budget than frickin CAA…

  • AK®

    “this is my rifle,this is my gun….this is for fighting,this is for fun.”
    Love the G3.

    Should the US Military adopted the M14? I like it,my father likes it (he used to be a BAR man back in his ROTC days) and it’s served the USA. I’m glad they adopted it. Was it perfect? Nope. No weapon is. The G3 (like the modern M14-EBR) is a good contender though.