Kel-Tec KSG bullpup Shotgun

In a matter of months Kel-Tec has unveiled the PMR-30 pistol, the RMR-30 carbine and now the exciting KSG Shotgun. This bullpup pump-action shotgun has dual tube magazines that can hold a total of 14+1 rounds of ammunition.

The shotgun has a total length of 26″ and a barrel length of 18.5″, thus ensuring it does not run afowl of any NFA regulations and is civilian legal.

Caliber 12 gauge 2.75″
Capacity 14+1
Magazine(s) Two 7 round tube magazines
Finish Black
Barrel 18.5″
Overall Length 26.1″
Weight 6.9 lbs (unloaded), 8.5 lbs (loaded)
Width 3″
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.
Availability 2011
Photo (C) Oleg Volk

This shotgun has been compared to the South African NEOSTEAD 2000 Bullpup Shotgun. A big difference is that the NEOSTEAD could be set to feed alternating between both the magazines. The KSG can only set to feed from the right or the left. Once the magazine is empty, the operator must use a manual switch to select the other magazine. This may appear at first glance to be disadvantage but for many people who live in areas where shotgun magazine capacity is limited by law, this feature, or lack of feature as the case may be, could allow them to legally possess the KSG.

Photo (C) Oleg Volk

As you can see in the photos, the shotgun features a forward picatinny rail as well as a rail under the pump handle. In all the photos published so far the KSG is shown with flip up back up iron sights.

I think Kel-Tec have another winner on their hands.

[ Many thanks to all the readers who emailed me about this shotgun when I was on holiday. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Griffinhawk

    woooooooo I want!

  • jdun1911

    The trigger will be the main concern. Trust me DAO trigger on shotguns are terrible.

    Still I am very tempted to by one because of the 15 rounds capacity. However I will not be a beta tester. I’ll wait.

  • If the dimensions are are accurate I believe that’ll be a non-restricted firearm in Canada. If Kel-Tec would get an official Canadian distributor they could probably sell a lot of them.

  • Woodroez

    It should be noted, I suppose, that if you check the news article Kel-Tec posted regarding this shotgun, it does that they are looking at a price of about 800usd.

  • ctc833

    there is only one disadvantage i can see with the single tube magazine feeding system (as in feeding one magazine tube at a time) is that wouldn’t the gun be a bit unbalanced in terms of weight? but then again when you are going through the shells it shouldn’t matter much.

    one question thought, will you be able to switch magazine tubes so you are switching ammo from one tube to another before one tube has ran dry? if you could then you can have different ammo load out so you can be using the bird-shots and then switch to slugs when you needed.

    as for the magazine feeding system, would the system have a higher ammo capacity if it adopts the FN-P90 magazine feeding system? you hold the shells horizontally in the magazine tube and the shells get rotated and fed into the chamber? (but then there would probably be more moving parts and hence more chances of malfunctions)

  • 777conservativesquid

    wow these keltec folks just keep throwing curve balls , this looks like a real game changer , i am very pleased and surprised keltec is really leading the way in innovation . can’t wait to nab one of these , although i hope the whole manual magazine switch isn’t to clunky or slow

  • That is one bad looking 12 gauge I must have.

  • Whoaaa-whoaaa-whoaaaa!!!

    This years’ star of the Shot Show.

    7×12 ga slug + 7×12 ga buckshot : ideal for patrol shotgun.

  • Dakota

    Very cool, typical futuristic designs of Kel-Tec. (Can’t wait to see more information in the coming months)

  • Joust

    I don’t care what the details are.

    Kel-Tec gets credit.

    They are truly the only ones trying.

  • subase

    Wouldn’t worry about the trigger, Kel tec solved the dodgy bullpup trigger problem with the RFB so you can be sure this shotgun will have almost a match trigger.

  • SpudGun

    Sweet! I’m sure it won’t be long before an after market selector switch is created that will allow you to switch tubes between shots.

    Regardless, that is one badass looking boom stick – in fact, I’m positive that video game code is being re-written as we speak to include this shotgun in everyone’s virtual arsenal.


  • Glen

    I wonder if you have to work the pump forward to ready a round like you do with the Neostead.

  • Jeremy

    Fabricated from 98.7% unobtainium…much like the mythical RFB.

  • Andy from West Haven


    Google image search “Monolith Arms P-12 Shotgun”

  • Andy from West Haven

    Kinda bummed you can’t switch to the other tube unless the first is empty. Won’t keep me from buying one tho!

  • Matt G

    I am interested in the forward sling loops but wonder if they might be too far forward since they seem mighty close to the end of the barrel, would I end up melting a favorite sling after a few too many practice rounds?

  • drewogatory

    Where’s the ejection port? As a lefty if it’s underneath like the Ithaca I’m all over this. If that’s it forward of the trigger group up under the rail on the right, not so much, although I’ll probably still buy one once I get the hell out of California..

  • Joe

    Where did you guys get the idea that you can’t switch between the pumps? There’s a switch behind and above the trigger for that exact purpose.

  • Other Steve

    “Kinda bummed you can’t switch to the other tube unless the first is empty.”

    I’m pretty sure that is not the case. Did you make that up yourself? As I’ve read it, the switch works all the time including a center position to not feed any rounds.

  • Travis

    Finally a compact, high capacity, zombie killing weapon. Perfect in so many ways. All current TEOTWAWKI weapons are now officially obsolete.

    Cheap 870s and 500/590s will flood the market in no time.

  • GlennFrank

    My interest is definitely piqued.
    I have a few Kel-Tecs and like them all – MSRP of $800 seems a bit high, but let’s see what the market value is.
    I paid $600 for my Mossberg – another hundred or so for a bullpup shotgun is acceptable to me.

  • aeronathan

    I know I already want one. Just go ahead and get it and a PMR-30 at the same time…

  • ScottyD

    Can I have a pmr-30 mounted under the barrel as a forward grip? 😀

  • K-dAUG

    I’m a lefty that has been looking for a shotgun for awhile now. I almost settled on a Ithaca 37 due to the bottom eject, but wasn’t really excited over it. This design by Kel-Tec has finally got me excited about a shotgun! GREAT JOB. Hopefully NY will actually let me own one…

  • Thousand_Master

    I hope these are nonrestricted in Canada. Our laws aren’t as bad as California, but they can be really annoying sometimes.

  • Beaumont

    Hmmm…I think I’ll wait until the Ruger version comes out.

  • TheGunGuy

    Kudos to Kel-Tec for coming out with all of these innovative designs. Unfortunately, I think we’re going to see this product plagued with the usual Kel-Tec problems of low manufacturing numbers and poor end quality.

    At least they’re not just rehashing the same old designs!

  • Greg

    Curse you Kel-Tec!! You’re bound and determined to relieve me of all my money!!

  • WOOT! I for one hope this isnt another in a line of KelTec imaginary weapons. At $800 I might buy two of these, one for each car trunk. I will refrain from making the obvious zombie gun reference. 🙂

  • kurgen99

    Yesterday, I would have said that I didn’t need or want another shotgun.
    The dual magazine is too cool. I’d put slugs on one side and 00 on the other.
    My modified 870 would be put in reserve.

    Someone has to find a discreet case that this would fit in.

  • DBaker

    Andy, you can switch between tubes at any time, as long as the pump is in the forward postion:

    (second post of this page, ktwm is Toby from KelTec)

  • Andy from West Haven

    “A big difference is that the NEOSTEAD could be set to feed alternating between both the magazines. The KSG can only set to feed from the right or the left. Once the magazine is empty,”

    I misunderstood.

    Sorry fellas. This was my blonde moment.

  • Andy from West Haven

    @drewogatory Yes, it’s bottom ejecting.

  • Sian

    @Andy From West Haven and others.

    Directly from Kel-Tec:

    The mags can be switched at any time, as long as the pump is forward.

  • Kostas HK

    Regarding K-dAUG : being a leftie who has changed over the years many types of 12GA, including Beretta 1201 FP ( copy of Benelli M -1 ), Fabarm FP 6 (similar ergonomics with the 870 ) Saiga 12 and Benelli Nova & Supernova 9 ( sexxiest pump action and very accurate slug thrower ) i can tell you that the Mossbergs in general ( i have a 590) are the most leftie-friendly among all the others. It has a top tang safety and bolt release behind the trigger easily accesible by the middle finger and compared to the Ithaca you have dual action bars, dual extractors and having an ejection port on the right side instead of bottom is easier to check or clear the chamber . Give it a try. Now regarding Kel- Tec’s shotgun: YES I WANT BADLY !!!! ( probably it will never be sold in Greece anyway but you can’t stop dreaming, can you? )

  • Kyle Huff

    Come get some.

  • Martin (M)

    Oddly enough, I feel like it’s too short. Seriously. First, the barrel needs to extend past the assembly, or at least add a flash hider sort of extension. Mainly because I see that sling getting blasted on a regular basis. Second, I don’t want any ‘long arm’ that’s shorter than my outstretched arm and hand, making this bullpup just a few inches shorter than I would be comfortable with. If they had a 30″ version it would be a lot more comfortable for 6 footers. Just look at the picture. There’s not enough length to put a gadget in front of the vertical foregrip. Another couple of inches would alleviate that cramped feeling.

    I’m mostly sold, now show me some video.

  • Mr Maigo

    I swear, they’re just having fun making zombie apocalypse guns

  • Matt

    I love the design of the PMR and RMR but can’t justify buying a .22mag for any reason really but THIS I can get behind. I hope that price comes down a bunch cause I’m a stingey guy.

    For those wondering about the ejection port… For those to be 7 round magazines they would have to be about the full length of the gun so the chamber and ejection port must be about right underneath the cheek rest so it must be a bottom eject system.

    Let’s just hope they have really reinforced the chamber walls. Don’t want that exploding at you face.

  • Bill Lester

    I’m trying to confirm if the user can switch between magazines mid-tube. If not, this otherwise very interesting design loses a lot of appeal for me. If it can, as it appears, this could be a serious game changing shotgun for police, private security and military. Imagine being able to switch from bean bag rounds to slugs or breaching shells to buckshot with the flick of your thumb. All in a 14+1 round, 26″ long package weighing less than 9 lbs. loaded. It has the potential to make all other fighting shotguns obsolete overnight.

  • Bill Lester

    I should’ve waited a minute longer before posting. According to “ktwm” at the Kel Tec Owners Group forum the mags can be switch at any time as long as the pump is in the forward position. I’m pretty sure this person is a Kel Tec insider that has been answering a lot of questions the past few days.

  • Cobetco

    hmmmm i have always been interested in buying a shotgun and i wonder if this maybe to awkward for a first shotgun?

  • I think it would be interesting and possibly very useful to have slugs in one magazine, and shot in another.

  • Mert

    Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for. Keep the price at $800 or lower and I will buy one!!! Awesome design, keep up the good work Kel Tec.

  • Rob

    This is madness

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I believe this may be California legal too!

    I really like the concept of having a tube of buckshot, and a tube for slugs. It may even be a good backpacking weapon, one tube of buck for defense. The other tube filled with bird shot for game. The compact size just seems to sweeten the deal.

    If this thing is below $1000 and not crap, I most certainly will purchase one.

  • snmp

    That’s look like an Ithaca Model 37 Action with the stock of Mossberg 500 Bullpup.

  • Bill Lester


    What do you want to do with your first shotgun? Shoot Skeet or Trap? Hunt upland birds? Deer or similar big game? Home defense? Or just a gun to blast water-filled pop bottles at the range?

    For most of the non-defensive uses I think you’re on the right track that this would be an awkward shotgun. It won’t point worth a darn for shooting fast moving airborne targets. Depending on where you live you may not even be able to legally use it for hunting. And trust me, you won’t be welcome at any skeet field with a KSG. Where it has the potential to excel is in the home defense, law enforcement and military regimes. In those areas it’s short overall length, large magazine capacity and the ability to change from one tube to another far outweigh the limitations in a sporting environment.

  • Andy from West Haven


    You see a resemblance to this?

    I mean, minus the fact that they are both bullpups.

  • mister kanister

    can someone tell me what kind of optic/laser that is on the 11 o’clock daniel defense mount?

  • chris

    you know, at this point, i really dont know what i think of it, for one i do like the idea of a bull pup shotgun, but im not really liking the dual tube magazine on it, plus id like to see it made in a reliable semi auto design.

  • Cymond

    I’m beginning to hate you, KelTec. Why do you continue to innovate and create new systems when you can’t even keep up with demand for your current products? Why do you mock us so?

    Seriously, how long ago did you announce the RFB? And how is production on that? Where’s our carbine, rifle, and target models? And is the PMR-30 in full production yet? You have demand in excess of your capacity. Please stop mocking us with products we can’t buy.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    This is looking like one serious combat shotgun. Wouldn’t mind having one myself.

  • snmp

    @ Andy from West Haven

    Yes if you install an Ithaca 37 or Steven 350 to a modding stock of the Mossberg 500 bullpud with Rail.

    * Modding M500 Bullpud stock :
    * Savage Steven 350 :
    * Ithaca 37 :

    The pump system of KSG bullpup Shotgun is near the Mossberg 500 bullpud pump system of the stock

  • Jamie

    We have no mag capacity restrictions in ND for deer hunting. Looks like I’ll be in the market for a ground blind so I can do some slug hunting 🙂

  • DaveR

    where does it eject?

  • This is a nice shotgun for home defense from what I can see, but I think one minor change needs to be made – switching from a full cylinder to an improved cylinder barrel. Would be nice to check the gun out when it begins to become available.

  • john

    Can I get a magazine extention

  • gunslinger

    i’m sort of worried about the dual mag design. especially the comment made about going from beanbag to slug. it reminds me of the discussion a while ago where a company made “less lethal” shotguns that fired “tazer rounds” “bean bags” “pepper spray” etc…(i could be making this up, but i think it really was just a tazer branded shotgun, but still)

    now the previously mentioned shotgun stated that their ammo could not fit in a 12ga, nor could a normal 12ga fit in their weapon. but there still was concern.

    i can only see it now, where an officer intended to use the “less lethal” side and instead used “lethal” side.

    but going from buck to slug, that’s great. i’d really love to have one.

  • Casey

    Anybody else worried about shooting thier hand off with this thing… Friend of mine has a short pump shotgun and you have to be careful not to get carried away… especially with gloves on… course you could slap a broomstick on it like in the picture and take care of that problem, but still I dont like guns that I have to think about running…. I assume if I am using it in a “situation” I will have other things on my mind. I do like it though and will probably buy one regardless…

  • Roger

    I’ll buy one if they come out.


    This Kel-Tec KSG is just sick…I thought I was happy with my BROWNING SYNTHETIC A-5. BUT THIS DESIGN AND THE VIDEO IS AWESOME. PRE-ORDERING IS GOING TO BE A PAIN.BUT THEY GOT ME AND MY MONEY NOW. I can only hope it is reliable and well made.What kind of warranty do they normally provide. This reminds me of the street sweeper shotgun design but without the permits. What an awesome shotgun.

  • Cymond

    ShotShow video posted here:

    It was uploaded by the same person who provided the Mossberg Chainsaw video.

  • Holy goodness. My buddy just emailed me this link. I MUST have one of these. It looks devastating. My heart is racing just looking at the photos. Have there been any updates on when it will be available or MSRP?

  • Rob

    Will these be Jersey Legal?
    When is the date of sale?

  • Robert

    Does anyone know when the KSG will be commercially available for purchase?!?

  • Robert G

    I LIKE IT!! Just ran accross it today. Late to the game. It is the most awesome piece of shotgun I have ever seen. Kel-Tec folks are pure genius! There’s ONLY two things some might find negative about this gun. One is the kick due to light weight & short length. Not too good for a weak woman or man. If you notice the videos, the shooters are BIG BOYS and they’re taking a beating. But my experience has been that when you’re in a situation where you are fighting for your life & shooting to kill, you get awfully strong & a hard kick is the last thing on your mind. For target practice, that is another matter. The other thing is both good & could be bad. Two tubes for greater capacity AND two different loads are great, a major improvement, BUT, as someone pointed out, if you load slugs or 00 in one tube for killing & spitballs in the other one, you had better remember which is which & not choose the wrong one for non lethal use. I still think its the greatest thing since apple butter and I will buy one.

  • jamieb

    Any up dates? They need to make this or sub it out, and get it to market. This is the only keltec I have ever wanted. Make it and I will buy it.

  • SEM

    In a world of cookie cutter guns, you can always count on Kel Tec for some innovation.

  • Bob Z Moose

    It’s perfect for the zombies!

  • Nova Scotian


    Reclassify my bullpup Type 97 from non restricted to prohibited will you??

    Damn you all to hell! Ill just buy THIS bullpup instead!

    /end rant of angry Canadian

  • Angus

    Is this gun California legal? That is the important thing?

  • RXmonster


  • Jake N.

    so very cool! i would though, like to see the barrel a tad bit longer, just enough to put those big arrow head muzzle breaks that mossberg has on their 500 Roadblocker pumps. might help the kick. plus they just look cool

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  • I think this is one of the most innovative designs to come out recently. I was looking at getting a Remington 1100 or 1187 for personal protection but after seeing this on Vince Buckles blog ( I have changed my mind.

    Now that sad news, I can’t find one anywhere locally or online they are all sold out. This is the perfect home defense shotgun, come on Kel Tec lets get another batch of these out to us eager buyers!

  • Alinalittie

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