Marlin XT-22 and XT-17

While tactical guns, and guns that look like tactical guns, are the sexist segment of the firearm market right now, the 10s of 1000s of new shooters each year don’t start out with a top-self, pimped-out and very expensive AR-15 rifles. They start out with the humble .22. I am pleased to see that Marlin, with their new XT-22 and XT-17 line of rimfire rifles, have not lost sight of this.

The XT-22 is chambered in .22 LR and .22 Magnum (WMR) and the XT-17 is chambered in, you guessed it, 17 HMR. They feature a newly designed stock, new Savage-style adjustable trigger and improved bolt. For younger shooters, the XT-Youth models have been modified to suit them.

Just about every color and stock finish is available. Far to many to list.

From the press release …

The new XT Pro-Fire® trigger system is user adjustable from 3 pounds to 6 pounds providing the shooter a clean, crisp trigger pull with virtually zero creep. Matched with Marlin’s patented Micro-Groove® rifling, the XT rifle offers the shooter the ultimate in tack-driving accuracy. In addition, the XT Series rifles offer the newly designed trigger safety, preventing the trigger from being pulled until the trigger safety is fully depressed for an added level of safety and confidence. Our new XT trigger system was developed to provide the ultimate in adjustability, crispness, accuracy and safety.

The newly designed XT synthetic stock is based on years of consumer research and features a newly designed ergonomic stock and fore-end. The XT pistol grip has slight palm swell for a rich feel and solid grip. The improved butt stock shoulders quickly and comfortably helping to create textbook shooting form. The wood stocked versions include Monte Carlo walnut-finished hardwood, hardwood laminates, and American Black Walnut, Marlin’s Mar-Shield® clear-coat is added for that extra level of durability.

Marlin is also excited to announce two new XT-Youth models – the first Marlin rifles designed specifically for younger shooters. Marlin spent extensive time researching young shooters form and how compact stocks impacted their sight picture and overall shooting from. Marlin knows that consistant shooting accuracy comes from proper shooting form. The XT Youth rifles are designed with that in mind, featuring a shorter length of pull, shorter trigger reach, smaller pistol grip and a raised comb, making it easier for young shooters to acquire and hold the proper sight picture – ensuring that proper shooting form that will last a lifetime. In addition, the XT Youth has reduced bolt force making for easier ejection and faster chambering.

Pricing has not been announced.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • CharlesinAtl

    Probably you meant “the sexiest segment” rather than “the sexist segment.”
    There is no good writing, only good editing.

  • Glen

    “What’s wrong with being sexy?”
    “Ist! SexIST!”

    Sorry, just picking. You might want to check that first sentence.

  • 17soon

    If you guys were going to buy one 17 HMR (for plinking and whacking squirrels and woodchucks) which would it be? This Marlin? Savage?

  • Cymond

    Ok, what about the 925 series? I’m assuming the XT-22 is superior (why make an inferior rifle?). But isn’t Marlin worried about one product line killing the other? Why not just create an upgraded 925?

  • theninja

    This is the 900 series redone. I can’t wait to get the XT-22vr and XT-22TR

  • That trigger safety looks pretty funky, and I’m not too familiar with many other rifles (if any) incorporating such a design. What is the point exactly? Does it help novice shooters who don’t have good trigger discipline or something? It seems like it would, in effect, kind of feel like a two-stage trigger.

  • Y

    I want to see the XT-22RZ with the threaded barrel. I’m thinking about the Marlin, Savage, and the CZ I can put a silencer on someday. That Silencerco Sparrow looks good!

    Huge plus if this rifles made in America!

  • Bill Lester

    My first firearm was a Marlin 780 back in 1981. I’ve been very fond of these .22 boltguns ever since.

  • Erik

    If they made this in a tube fed, I’d be down for one.

    • sean

      They do! It’s the XT 22TR awesome!

  • Peter

    The Savage AccuTrigger is probably the best-known version of this type of trigger safety. The point is to allow a manufacturer to offer a light factory trigger pull while minimizing the risk of an accidental discharge.

  • Bones

    5 tube fed versions are availble.

  • Red rider

    I ordered a Xt-17 a month ago and i haven’t got it yet, but i have an XL-7 30-06 has the same adjustable trigger as the Xt-17 and i love it. Shoots nice and smooth. I can’t wait to get the Xt-17.When i get it i’ll let you know how it shoots.

    Thank you,

    Red Rider

  • Keng

    Guys, first sentence is right.. they said… that other manufactors are ‘sexist’ towards the market now.. meaning all they wanna do is present their ‘new tactical’ looking gun.. this is sexist toward the firearm market… meaning it looks bad towards the market… only showing that guns are used for ‘military’ thus tactical looking rifles.. Marlin is the only one not doing that.. presenting us with this new rifle for hunting.. well designed to look like a hunting gun instead of a tactical military gun.. Thus marlin now creating a ‘non sexist’ gun towards the firearm market.. ‘there is no good editing.. only good understanding of the writing’

    • i

      Appealing to fans of tactical guns is not sexist, you implying that only men can like a “tactical military gun” is. There ARE women in the armed forces that use a “tactical military gun” every day.

  • Red rider

    The xt will not be released on till may, june or july =(

  • dave

    the new xt is a pretty smooth looking gun/like the adjustable trigger

  • Remlin

    I understand these Marlin guns are still made in the USA and have already been released to retailers. They will probably start trickling into gun shops soon. Curious on how they shoot. If anyone knows, please post results.

  • red rider

    The 22 lr and I think have been released to some reailers . But as far as the 17 hmr they have not yet look for them may,june or july.

  • red rider

    Wtf now there saying. The xt 17 hmr is not being released in till the fall I don’t know what belive? 🙁

  • cody

    I have one of the older Marlin 917VS CF .17 HMR rifles. It doesnt have the newer trigger, but it is by far my favorite gun. Mine has the shallow fluted varmint stainless steel barrel, and is one sharp looking gun. It is also accurate. ive held 1 and 15/16th inch 5 shot groups at 200 yards, and i shot a 3/4 inch 10 shot group at 100. very nice gun if you ask me.

  • Javier

    hi cody! what brand of ammo were you shooting when you shot that 3/4 inch 10 shot group at 100 yards ? regards from argentina

  • Cody

    Hornady 17 Gr. V-Max

  • Scott

    I got my XT-17V a week ago today (08/13/11) after waiting about 1 week on it. First impression when I opened the box was $#!t this thing is ugly, unlike my 925M (22 magnum T900 version aka old trigger). The 925 is a beautiful little 22 mag and a squirrel killing machine. I love that rifle and so does my dad, especially with Remington ballistic tips. I bought this rifle based on how great the 925 is and wish I had paid a little more for a 917V (the T900 version). Back to being ugly, the stock is about the same color as dark cardboard, doesn’t even look like wood from 5 feet away, especially beside some of my pre 1930 rifles. The bluing is nothing short of wonderful. The trigger is decent but for me the lighter the gun the lighter the trigger needs to be to suit my shooting style. Out of the box mine would go down to 3 pounds 3 oz, not good enough. The work began. After replacing springs and polishing the internals it was down to 1 pound 14 oz, still not good enough for my liking on a rim fire. After reshaping the trigger and sear contact point and polishing I am limited to a minimum of 6oz because of the trigger shoe, I have it set at 9oz and have slammed the butt stock on the floor hard enough to all most break it with no accidental discharge (unloaded of coarse). Time to shoot, first round, great, adjust scope, open bolt and no spent casing flying out, drop the mag close the bolt and open it again, extractor broke and flew out. Ordered a new one out of pocket since I had not filled out warranty card yet. I’ve never used Marlins customer service before, never had to but it hear it’s pretty good. Accuracy with CCI 17 grain TNT (not green TNT) is one hole at 50 yards all day, no fliers unless it’s my fault. Would I recommend this rifle? If you can live with a 3+ pound trigger absolutely. If you like a lighter trigger and know a competent gun smith or can do it yourself, yes. If you don’t want to shell out extra cash or spend hours reshaping a trigger and sear contact point and polishing, NO! I have Savages as well and I believe the Marlin Profire can take more dropping and abuse (at the same pull weight) than the Savage with out accidental discharge. Dropping on the butt of the rifle actually forces the trigger into the sear instead of away from it. Had marlin went a little less lawyer compliant on the trigger they would have a definite threat to Savages accutrigger (Marlin seems to break more crisply to me) and that is saying something because the accutrigger is in my opinion the creme de le creme of out of the box, mass produced triggers and rivals some expensive custom jobs I’ve seen. disclaimer I do not condone fire arm modifications and these are my opinions and experiences, nothing more. I am responsible for me, not you, your dog, your uncle or who ever. One last note, I had to straighten the feed ramp on the magizine to get the CCI TNT to feed properly since the magazines are actually built for the rounder nose 22 Mag, all other rounds fed fine due to the very pointed ballistic tips.

  • Scott

    Just a follow up, I called Marlin about the extractor. Very nice, very helpful lady asked for my serial number and verified my information and my rifle information before telling me the part was unrestricted so she would mail one out. She also said she would note the problem so that if the new extractor broke as well it would not take as long to get it set up at a service center. I explained to her that I have a 925M and had taken the extractor out of it to use in the XT with no issue. I then told her about the included magazines which refused to feed 17HMR ammo but fed 22wmr flawlessly but I was able to slightly modify it to make it work. She told me that they would also send new magazines. I explained that would not be necessary since my 22 magnum magazines fed the 17hmr fine and I was able to modify the magazine and it worked now so there was no problem, just wanted to make them aware they may have a problem with QC. She said they would send new magazines anyway. The wait for some one to pick up the phone was a little long but once I was connected to a person things were handled very efficiently. I can honestly say I have never dealt with a customer service dept that was as friendly or helpful before. Thank you Marlin.

  • Pursuant to our efforts to improve deliveries of Marlin Lever Action rifles we will not be producing the following sku’s for the remainder of 2011.

    Marlin Lever Actions Which Production will be Suspended

    Model Number
    Order Number


    338 MXLR












  • Colopenn

    I have been waiting for the xt-22-tr for about four weeks. The primary role is prairie dog shooting. Well, last week my gun shop finally called and it was in. I picked it up and overall quality was pretty good, though the bolt was a little rough for the first several rounds. The rear sight required some drift adjustment. Sighted it in in only about 10 rounds and it is very accurate. I have a model 60 and also a 10-22 to compare accuracy to and it is a little better than the model 60 and worlds better than the 10-22. I was able to make a couple of circa 80 yard head shots on dogs using the iron sights.
    The new trigger is awwesome. Virtually no take up after you depress the lever in the middle of the trigger. Trigger pull is outstanding as received on the rifle. Can’t say enough good about that trigger.
    Biggest complaint was when putting the gun back together after cleaning you have to be careful not to overtorque the bolt in front of the trigger guard. If you do the bolt will not cycle.
    Other than that, this is a great american made rifle and continues the fine Marlin tradition.

  • red rider

    i got my xt 17 i love it shoots accuit i put a sightmark 6×42 triple duty riflescope on it. i love both of them and it look bad ass too i cant wate to but a bi pod on it ! i payed 230.00 for the rifle and 79.95 for the scope i think i got a good deal!

  • I bought an xt22 with a wooden stock.Installed a nikon 3×9 200 dollar scope and took it to the range.Tried all types of ammo and that piece of crap wouldn”t shoot as good as my mosberg plinkster. The best group at 50 yards was 3 inches. The mossberg does less than 2 inches and my 10 22 will do 1 and a half inches. I have never owned a 22 that was so inaccurate and Im no youngster.I thought for sure it would make a fine back up rifle to shoot gophers here in Mt. buy a savage or get someone to put a good trigger on a 100 dollar mossberg plinkster as it will shoot any brand of ammo.

    • Dan

      Ya might want to get your vision checked old-timer. I can put a round up a gnat’s butt at 70 yards with mine.

      • Ray

        Well Dan, it looks like you are really going to miss your excellent vision in later life!

    • lloyd

      hey john im in the same boat as you are with my marlin xt-22 magnum. im 58 yrs old and have been shooting 22s sense i was 9. im no amateur at bench shooting a 22. i have tried several brands of ammo through my gun and they all perform the same way. frequent flyers and 1.5 – 3 in. groups @ 50 yrds. i have tried 3 different scopes, ajusted the trigger, and floated the barrel, no change with any of these adjustments. i shoot off sand bags made from the legs of blue jeans and i can shoot .5 groups with any one of my other 10 rifles. most of my rifles will shoot groups @ 25 yrds useing cci ammo that you can cover with half of your pinky nail and three of these guns are marlins with micro-groove barrels. i have one old marlin that i bought at a pawn shop covered with 7 coats of camo paint, cleaned it up, installed a new barrel due to a blowed ring caused by abuse and i killed 87 squirrels with it last season and they were all head shots. you dont need your eyes checked and i dont believe the comment about the knats butt

  • michael b

    Contrary to “John Bodnar” above me…I just did the exact same set up today:
    -wood stock
    -3×9 Nikon rimfire scope with 150 BDC reticle / 1/4 moa @ 50 yard clicks
    -Millet adjustable dovetail rings

    Out of the box / bore-sighted / factory trigger setting (Feels like 4lbs) / indoors / 25 yards

    -Wolf Match and CCI ‘Green tag’ both are doing 1/4 inch groups 1 click ‘right’…No vertical clicks

    -Federal Auto-match isn’t so hot…1/2 – 3/4 inch groups with at least 1 flyer every 5…4 clicks ‘Up’…No wind clicks

    -Federal Bulk 550 Hollow Points…1/2 groups with random flyers…8 clicks ‘Up’…No wind clicks

    Not bragging (And I mean that, I know I’m an ‘Intermediate’ Shooter)…I’m strictly left-handed and the range only has right-hand benches, so i had to cram myself as far right as possible to mount the gun and i still can’t get my left elbow on the bench and have to balance my shooting forearm on the edge on the bench, from an open bench i’m sure i’ll do better…Either way, for a $200 off the rack gun, I’m V-E-R-Y happy with it’s performance.

    To John…I don’t know your situation and I mean no offense, but I would double check your set-up

  • Deja vu

    I have had a XT17 VSFL on order from Remington since May. What happened was Remington had a recall on their 597 (Semiautomatic 17HMRs) and one of the options was to swap it out for a marlin bolt action. So I agreed and sent in my 597. After calling a few weeks ago I find out that the XT17 SVFL will not be out till at least late spring.

    Long story short I asked for my 597 back and they refuse to send it to me. They offered to exchange it for a different model 17HMR but a model that was much less expensive (plain black synthetic stock). At this point I am very unhappy with Remington/Marlin

    • red rider

      Deja vu when u get your marlin XT 17 you will be happy when u shoot it… I can shoot a rabbit at 400 yrd no sh@t! I love mine!

  • OK,my xt22 will shoot great @ 25 yards. But! I want it to shoot good @ 100 yards.IT likes green tab ammo and when I compaired it with my other 22s it just wasn’t up to par. I’m in texas now for the winter and had the stock modified to free floating and hope to shoot it soon. Hard to find a place to shoot here where you don’t have to pay $10.00 to shoot. Love Mt. I can shoot in my front yard. Anyway, my anshultz 22 spoiled me with its accuracy but i hate to attach it to my 4 wheeler and abuse it. By the way, my savage 17 is one great gun. John

  • John Bodnar,again, Finally got rid of that disaster zt22. I really gave it a good try shooting from a bench rest with expensive ammo. Got a hundred bucks trade in on a cz 455. That gun will shoot.I will install the 17 barrel later as Im finally hitting the gophers. Once again,that xt22 was the worst 22 I have ever owned.

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  • At 100,yrds the Xt-22 Marlin had know problem hitting my target.This is my first small cal rifle Ive owned.Thank you Marlin keep up the good wyahooork.

  • At 100 yrds the xt22 had know problem hitting its target,This is my first small cal rifle.My money was well spent,Keep up the good work marlin.

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    • Phil White


      We appreciate that!

  • john bodnar

    junk the xt22 marlin and buy a cz model 455. That gun is almost as accurate as my anschultz and you get both the 22 and 17 cal. Ive killed gophers at a measured 175 measured yards with the 17 cal. and consistant kills at the 100 yard range with the 22 using cci green tag ammo

  • Jack D

    I was at a DU banquet last nite and I won a Marlin xt175R what is the retail price for this gun
    if you please? Tfhanks Jack

  • NH Newguy

    A question here for anyone. I recently purchased a Marlin XT22 LR and it is fresh out of the box, untested by myself as of yet. .22 LR Ammo is scarce here, and just about everywhere else from the intel I’ve been receiving from close and online friends. Will this gun safely shoot .22 cal. 50 grain Win. Mags? I saw it being shot through an XT22 on Youtube but failed to see if he had to alter the clip to receive the longer shell.