LAR Grizzly OPS-4 Upper Receiver Review

Vegas gun blogger “702″ has posted a review of the LAR Grizzly OPS-4 Upper Receiver with ambidextrous reciprocating side charging handles.

Note: you can mount the charging handles on one side or on both sides. Most people, I think, would mount it on just one side.

I really like the look and can appreciate the utility of a left-side charging handle (I am right handed).

Steve Johnson

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  • I’m a right eye dominant shooter, hence seeing a bolt handle snapping to and fro in front of my nose wouldnt make me too happy if I was off a bit and moved enough to get popped by the reciprocating bolt handle on the left side of the upper receiver, or needed to shoot tactical in a unusual position.
    ALSO two, TWO (?!) long slot’s in already “floppy/flexy” alloy receiver?
    most comp guns upsize the upper for some sectional density to make sure it DOESNT move much when being shot for extreme range with vld bullets.

    yeah, it kinda is..
    but addressing an issue, or truly revolutionising, a design which is pretty good to start with? or can be “fixed” with a fold away side cocker?
    not with two more holes to let the receiver move around with and flex too much, IMHO. your now just making things a bit too much and your fix didnt fix it.

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  • Matt

    I like it. If there is one thing I could change about the AR it the charging handle. But these systems won’t be priced to my liking for a long time.

  • Blake

    I can see having both on at the same time as I am a left handed rifle shooter and I often let other people shoot with my guns. Having the charging handle ambidextrous would allow others to comfortably shoot my gun also. But if I were a right handed rifle shooter, I would agree, as most are right handed shooters. (Which I am with handguns…)

  • Dan

    I think it’s a well planned out design both for the bench shooter and hunter also. I would be interested but like someone else said Pricy.

  • That is pure sweetness! I want one!

  • D

    i remember reading a magazine article about a similar design back in 2001. I believe such a charging handle would make the weapon highly reliable and easy to clear malfunctions.

  • Alconik

    I actually purchased one of the forged ($100 less than billet) ambi versions and have set the rifle up with an ambi safety and ambi mag release and A.A. piston kit and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s great being able to shoot strong or weak handed and have all the controls in the same spot. The adjustable tension plug where the charging handle normally is is great for setting the rifle up to have no wobble. Turned my run of the mill A2 DPMS into an absolutely perfect tactical tack driver. Getting .5″ or less groups at 100yrds with it so the slots in the upper must not be letting it flex too much ;). If you are looking at one to upgrade your AR the forged piece is actually stronger(and cheaper) than the billet version.

  • charles222

    Bad idea, IMO. Having two bigass ports on the receiver isn’t necessarily a “receiver weakening” problem (seriously, 5.56mm NATO isn’t a hellacious-recoil round, obviously); it’s a dirt-entry abyss. This is why we have dust covers on weapons, folks. :p

  • Andy from West Haven

    I wish they would go back to making pistols. I know I can get a used .45 Winmag but the magazines are so rare and when you find one it doesn’t even come with Vaseline.

    Alas, I’m left with the hope that someday there will be a magnum pistol in current production that isn’t a Desert Eagle. Coonan doesn’t count as it’s only in .357 and the Kodiak .44 AMP is over $3,000.

  • Dan

    Lookig forward to seeing this aon the market. I have seen this done before but pricey. if was a production item the price couls work. Sign me up.