Kiwi with SCAR

I love this blog and its readers! Just yesterday I blogged that I had heard that the New Zealand Army was evaluating the FN SCAR rifle. Today a reader emailed in a photo, dated December 2009, of a Kiwi solider using a SCAR during a training exercise.

[ Many thanks to Lightening for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • jaekelopterus

    I had heard that weird two-color scheme was some kind of factory mistake from the first run. I guess they’re making them that way on purpose for some reason?

  • Spiff

    What’s with the kudzu catcher flash hider? Old times are not forgotten! Maybe FN, and most of the other manufacturers, need to get their products into the hands of combat veterans, not the brass retirees, but the USERS, before touting their goods…

  • Lance

    With the Aussies adopting the HK417 i think this puts pressure on the Kiwis to go HK too.

  • Ajay Fahlman

    Spiff: That’s a modern Surefire flash hider that’s threaded to accept a Surefire Suppressor.

  • Ajay: FN ships the Mk 16 and Mk 17 with an AAC flash suppressor.


    I have heard rumours from my army buddies that the HK 417 was also trialled.

  • Gun snob

    Yup. That fh is clearly a blackout. Does sf even produce fh’s?