Browning Maxus Rifled Deer Shotgun

Also new from Browning in 2011 is the Maxus Rifled Deer. As the name suggests, this is a Maxus semi-automatic shotgun configured to shoot slugs.

It features a 3″ chamber, fully rifled barrel, Mossy Oak camo, Dura-Coat finish and Cantilever scope mount. The MSRP is about $1600.

[ Many thanks to the reader who emailed me this information ]

Steve Johnson

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  • 1600$ for what? Are they aware of the state of the economy? This product IMHO represents a huge disconnect with the general hunting community.

  • brian

    while it is a very expensive gun it’s not to far off other slug guns when you compare it to the price of the standard configurations

    browning maxus $1339-$1599 19% increase over standard model
    browning silver $1069-$1259 18%
    browning bps $599-$739 23%
    winchester sx3 $1139-$1199 5%
    remington 11-87 $772-$892 15%
    remington 870 $383-$500 31%
    benelli m2 $1319-$1439 9%
    benelli sbe2 $1759-$1879 7%
    benelli supernova $529-$719 36%

  • charles222

    Kinda hilarious when freakin BENELLI offers the cheapest of the bunch.

  • Buster Charlie

    Exactly what will this do that say a saiga-12 for a 3rd of the cost wouldn’t do? You can get down-loaded magazines for hunting regulations, you can mount optics on it, and it’s a reliable semi-auto that can shoot slugs.
    From everything I’ve read (although I haven’t tested it for accuracy) the saiga-12 is a rather accurate shotgun.

  • jasonr

    I have spoken to two different retailers in the Des Moines, Iowa area they have both told me that they expected to have this gun in their stores by April at the latest. I was out on the market this last week to buy an SX3 and both stores indicated that I should wait. They both thought that they would be selling the Maxus Deer Rifle for around $1200.00 and recomended that I wait as it would be a much better gun. How often do salemen tell you to be patient and come back when you were willing to drop a grand today. Cudos to both people.

  • this gun is awesome. used it this winter.

  • Jim

    A little late but, a Benelli PUMP is cheaper! The Browning is semi-auto and the Benelli semi-auto shotguns are $400-$500 more and the Browning feels very nice more of a quality feel than the Remington 11-87. If you don’t want to pay Benelli prices and want something better the a remington autoloader the Browning is very nice. And yes I do have one (paid $1250), so I could be a little bias.

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