Browning A-Bolt Shotgun Hunter / Stalker

Next year Browning is bringing back the A-Bolt bolt-action rifle chambered in 12 gauge. They are (or will be) advertising that the A-Bolt Shotgun Hunter is capable of 1.5″ groups at 100 yards with sabot slugs.

The Shotgun Hunter features the much-liked A-Bolt 60-degree bolt lift, a 2+1 magazine capacity (detachable/hinged box magazines), 3″ chamber and fibre optic open sights. The barrel is 22″ in length with a 1:28″ twist. The weight of the gun is 7 lbs (and 2 oz for the wood stocked model).

Three models will be on offer. The difference between the models are the stocks: a walnut, a dura-touch coated synthetic stock and a camo stock.The black dura-coat stocked model is called the “Shotgun Stalker”, while the other two are called “Shotgun Hunter”.

MSRP will be between $1099 and $1299.

[ Many thanks to the reader who emailed me this information ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Dom

    I live in WV’s eastern panhandle. I find it is easier to find places to hunt with shotgun slugs than it is rifle. Rifle is perceived to be more dangerous, more liability. I’m not sure I agree, but it is nice to see options that cater to hunters like me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mossberg 500 and the cantilever scope slugger barrel. A real game-getter. But I would consider selling off a dust-collecting rifle or two and putting the cash into one of these babies for sure. Slugs are fun to shoot, easy to handload, etc. Plus, a lot of times they’re not jacketed (at least not with metal), so I think despite the large amount of lead, these can actually be cheap for handloaders to shoot.

  • Nathaniel

    Did you take these pics off a website or magazine?

    • Nathaniel, no. They come from the Browning catalog, not yet released to the general public.

  • Nathaniel

    Ah. I was wondering why you didn’t screencapture them or something, hahah.

  • Steve,

    This is excellent news. WOuld you know what size chamber these guns would have? I hope they offer 3 1/2″ chambers for maximum performance. Like Dom, I have long experience with slugs (albeit from another country and in another period) and I think this would be superb for stand hunting or even where a hunter stalks close enough to hunt deer or pigs. My guess is that Miroku would be making these for Browning (and my friend Ernie Stalman of Badger Barrels would be supplying the barrels as he does for most Browning hunting guns) and the result should shoot!

    Will wait and definitely buy one of these. Thank you, my friend!

  • Whoops! Old age catching up here – just read that it will have 3″ chambers. Nice! Would have preferred 3 1/2″ but this will still work beautifully!

    Now, I must badger the Browning Custom shop to offer upgraded wood. 🙂

  • Clint Hoppe

    I finally got my new A-Bolt shotgun a couple of weeks ago!! I cleaned her up real good, mounted a 3×9 Leuopold sg/ml scope and went to sight her in. After years of wanting this gun……a real disappointment!! Using the manufacturers recommended Win Partitions the best I got at 50, yes 50 yards was a 3-4 inch group…and misfires and extraction issues.
    The Browning rep took the gun to their service center in S.C. to investigate the firearm. I was just contacted by the repair center that they removed and re-installed the scope, shot 3 different types of slugs (Federal, Remington, Hornady) through the gun. The best group they got at 50, yes I said 50 yards was also 3.5 to 4 inches. They then told me that they called the Browning Rep and told him of their findings, he told them “that is in Browning specs”. WOW! They are sending the gun back to me. I suspect the firearm will be for sale once I get it back, unless of course I decide to keep it as a boat paddle!!! I own a Mossberg 935 that will shoot 2inch groups at 100 yards all day long!!

    • Lie Detector

      Clint Hoppe you’re full of it. First, Browning does not recommend any specific slug. Second if the accuracy was that bad at 50 yards with a scope Browning would be more than happy to take it back. If the gun shoots that bad you either damaged it somehow, like shooting rifled slugs, or you and whoever sighted it in can’t shoot a slug gun. Slugs stay in the barrel way longer than a rifle bullet does. Anyway, If you still want to sell it, I give you 100 bucks and a used boat oar.

  • Randy Ramey

    I bought a Browning A-bolt 12ga-camo finish-mounted a Leupold 3.5×10 VX III using special Browning one piece ring/mount on July 30,2011. Used Remington AccuTip ammo and am gettin 1 1/2″ groups at 100 meters. Does pack a pretty good wallop. Adjusted the trigger down as light as possible and it is very nice and crisp, no creep. Great hunting gun.

  • Frank

    Just got my Browning A Bolt Hunter after five years of dreaming about it. I immediatelly drove to the hunt camp to fire this baby – I could not wait to mount the scope. I fired 4 shots at a target at 65 yards using the open sights , and leaning on the hood of my truck. This gun is a tack driver. All shots fired were within an inch. Im far from the best shot in camp, but this gun just feels good. I have no doubt it will maintain 1.5 ” at 100 yards. The Winchester Supreme slugs appear to work well.

  • Frank

    Can anyone give me some advice on a scope for my Browning A Bolt shotgun ?

  • clinthoppe

    In reply to the “lie detector”, the gun mysteriously shoots fine after getting it back from the Browning authorized service center. Supposedly nothing was done to the gun, just a little odd that the weapon seems fine now( even shooting the Browning Reps recommended Winchesters). As far as the rest of the comments made….. Have hunted exclusively with slug guns for the past 35 years, shot high expert in the United States Marine Corps for 22 years, etc. The comments as far as the “lie detector” are completely inaccurate. I love the A-Bolt as much as anyone but yes, even they have the occasional issue.

    • liedetector

      You were going to use it as a boat paddle, but now you love it? The original comments you made were about how browning claimed 3-4 inch groups at 50 yards were within specs and that is hogwash. I tend to think you’re a high expert in B.S.

  • clinthoppe

    Lie Detector must receive some sort of comp from Browning as he obviously believes they never have a quality escape issue. My guess is that he must have been hidden somewhere when i was dealing with my area Browning Rep since he knows what was and wasn’t said….sounds like a woman to me, or Army. Not going to get into a debate over what you have absolutely zero knowledge about, especially with someone whom doesn’t have enough intestinal fortitude to use their own name…..could it be Tiffany?

  • John

    I am not an expert, but I have killed many deer with my Remington 1187 with a screw in rifled barrel choke and many with my Mossberg 695. Both shotguns are extremely accurate. I just bought a new Browning A-Bolt 12 gauge slug gun. They all shoot well with a variety of ammo. Especially with sabot ammo. If you guys are not getting tight groups I suggest you not holding your shotgun firm enough and that the recoil is too much for you. You need to sight your gun in from a rest first, after that the misses or bad groups are all you. I know, you’ve all been shooting for years, but there are only a few reasons for bad groups…. Bad ammo, bad sights, bad barrels and bad shooters.

  • Randy

    I have heard that accuracy and recoil can be improved on a Browning A-Bolt shotgun by reworking the thrust chamber. Does anyone know somebody that does this work?