The Ultimate 100th Anniversary Colt 1911 ($25,000+)

Colt has produced a one of a kind 1911 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1911. Only one gun has been made. It has the serial “1911COLT2011″.

The pistol is being auctioned off at GunBroker. Bidding has hit just over $25,000. The winner also gets a private tour of the Colt factory, lunch with Colt Management and their initials engraved on a spare mainspring housing.

Steve Johnson

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  • michael

    I’ll take two.

  • That is a thing of beauty!

  • AJ187

    I know Colts were overpriced, but didn’t know to what extent. Very nice though. Sad it will never be fired.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    It would be worth the money just to be able to meet the Colt people face-to-face and scream at them “WTF!?! You guys used to be a staple of the American gun industry! What the hell have you people been doing?!?!”

    But the gun is nice too.

  • Falcon

    DOES WANT. But this is actually a really cool pistol.

  • What’s the investment on these things anyway? How much do you think it’ll be worth a couple decades down the lane?

    This pistol will probably be put in a glass box filled with some transparent lubricant. Some rich guy’s mansion.

  • Rob

    Meh, I’d have rathered one commemorating the time it’s been in the service, like little etched scenes from WW1 like sgt york type pic, a ww2 one with some well known picture with a colt, that isn’t a soldier executing a prisoner, and scenes from when it’s been seen in use by soldiers, that’d be cool I think

  • Jkillroy

    Let me check my piggybank……. Damn.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    You know what I want?

    A M1911A1 that has been verified as having served in WWII. Maybe fix it up a little so you can still take it shooting.

    And then hand it down to my kid when I deem the time is right. See if they can keep the gun going until at least 2041.

  • Andy from CT

    If I were well to do I’d buy it without a second thought. But I would never fire it. Just take it out every now and then and bask in its beauty.

    Because that’s what it is. Beautiful.

    People can say what they want about Colt but that is a working piece of art. I tip my hat off to them.

  • Burst

    Puts the Wilson attempt to shame.

    Of course, at THAT price, it undoubtedly should.

  • SoulTown

    And I thought Wilson’s special edition was a bit much. Oh well, shows what I know.

  • greasyjohn

    Is this a proper 1911 and not an A1? It looks like it to me but I don’t feel like looking dumb today.

  • Marsh

    Am I the only one who thinks these super expensive and exclusive anniversary guns look a lot worse than the normal ones?

  • “gunner”

    it looks pretty much like an m1911, no relief cuts behind the trigger opening, wide spur 1911 style hammer, flat mainspring housing, 1911 style thumb safety, slide release and grip safety. i couldn’t quite be sure of the sights were m1911 pattern.

    my m1911a1 is ww2 era, 1945, ithaca, second production run. and its still going strong, no “fixing up” needed. (no, its not for sale.) as long as its properly taken care of an m1911/1911a1 should still be shooting when your grandchildren inherit it

  • Rob

    Marsh I totally agree

  • Andy from CT

    March, Rob, what’s “worse” about them? They’re supposed to be embellished. They’re supposed to stand out. And most would agree, not meant to be carried/used.

    Especially that Colt.

  • Eric

    damn that’s a nice 1911. but not $80,000 plus nice (updated price on gunbroker)

  • MB

    I think Colt should have had a lottery for this one of a kind pistol.It will end up with someone like Donald Trump.Hope it goes to a Colt user who at least appreciates it.

  • M1CK

    I’ll take 2 with a set of black compensators 🙂

  • BoB469

    Well I hope their atleast real ivory grips…

  • I’m sorry folks, I am a faithful colt man but its just not worth 80,000.00 unless its got tracks under it with a 60mm cannon on it. Made by colt of course.

  • “gunner”

    @ stephen,
    only a 60mm cannon? even the old m4 sherman packed a 76mm gun, but you’re entitled to your opinion. when i bought my m1911a1 it only cost me $125.00, but that was around 40 years ago, can you even buy a stripped frame for that price these days? (i’ve still got it, its still not for sale, at any price.)

  • Davo australia

    Sorry to go one up but the ozz army is austioning a couple of my old Nam 105’s for about 20 grand…
    I wonder if the bottom of the magazines (presuming theres 20 stayes on better than they did on my model 80… Both my new mags fell apart while shooting service pistol… Ammo all over the ground… On the up side, the rest of the guys had a good laugh… Must tell Colt that their mags are shit… Oh love the 100 aniversary gun wonder what the import would be to Ozz…

  • “gunner”

    @ davo,
    that’s why i stick with mil-spec/issue magazines. they’re plentiful and inexpensive. i’ve only had a problem with two out of a dozen + that i currently own, a crack up near where the back of the mag turns to form the feed lips, not worth trying to repair so i salvaged the springs and followers and scrapped the mag bodies.