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  • jaekelopterus

    This video autoplays.

    • jaekelopterus, thanks.

  • Idaho

    I remember this, it made me chuckle a little inside.

  • He had a hard time standing!

  • f-stop

    Ah, but who among us would pass up the chance to try it?

  • Mike

    Here are some youtube kabooms with M249, I thought they were both unlocked cooks but one might be manual ignition by forward push.

    ignore the text commentary as it seems completely wrong

  • I can’t keep from thinking about how much of my tax $$ goes toward this goofing off.

  • Alan

    AND a strapped M4!

  • Rob

    Rob, I wouldn’t worry in a few years social security will trump everyone budget wise and would be the biggest needer of ttaxes
    this is an old one but a funny one

  • Brian

    These guys work hard and earn their opportunities to goof off.

  • openminded

    Yeah….waste…with no point.

  • Rob

    Video is four-five years old, and still nothing new. We were doing the same thing when the SAWs first came to the unit in the 80s. Couple of the meatheads even tried it with the M60.

  • Avery

    It’s too bad there’s not any video games where you can dual-wield M249s.

  • Red

    Let’s not take the big man stance on this, We all would try it to 🙂

  • Will

    Despite the fact that in the entire history of video games, you have never been able to dual-wield any kind of Light-Machine-Gun, I get your point.

    This video is pretty funny — Kinda shows the kickback, as he has to walk backwards to absorb the recoil.

    “See kids, this is why you don’t dual wield guns that are as big as you.”