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  • Vak

    Don’t care much about .50 rifles, however the new 210 are good news (most likely imported from europe).

  • dt

    Gun manufacturers are closing and consoildating and yet they continue to make guns that cost $2,000 and up. Reminds me of the US auto industry just a few years ago. I doubt there will be a bailout of the gun makers without some serious strings attached. (ie. gunlocks, restricted mag capacity, etc.) $9,000 for a big .50? Really? No thanks.

  • When I first read this I thought it was Sig coming out with an 8-shot .50 BMG pistol. That would be… something…

  • West

    A $10,000 rifle. Awesome.

    Ill put that on my list right after the Hover-Car and Interactive Meagan Fox Robot.

  • Other Steve

    At 9k they have to be targeting military. There aren’t enough bmg target shooters to cover development costs and I doubt many LEOs are jumping to bmg.

    Thing is, what military is buying bmg right now? Well, way to go sig…. I guess. I wonder if it’ll look like an AR 🙂

  • I wonder if it’ll be a beefed up Blaser Tactical 2

  • jdun1911


    The thing about gun maker is that they sell to LEO, military, and collectors around the world. While some gun manufacturers have unions, the unions are not as bad as the automotive unions.

  • dt


    I do hope your right and I’ll trust your expertise in these matters. It just seems to me that the US gun industry is moving alot of their operations to the south which is not know for being union friendly. Also it seems that Euro gunmakers make it nearly impossible to get the parts/guns US civilians want. Is that US import laws or corporate policy? Probably a little of both. IMO its a type of gun control through price and limited availability and unfortunately if the US makers bottom line is dependent more and more on LEO/military then I’m afraid that equals less choice for civilians.