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  • AnointedSword

    I am in love!:) 26 and 27 here I come!:)

  • cayton

    Is there no rail on the Gen 4 Glocks, or am I crazy?

  • kcoz

    The baby glocks (ie. 26,27) have never had rails on them.

  • Jesse

    Crayton there was never a rail on the subcompacts.

  • chazz

    Only half crazy. There’s no rail on the subcompact Gen4s. But there are rails on the full and compact models.

  • david

    I own the 17 and 19 both 4th gen’s and as a lefty, i love the ambidextrous option for mag release. The backstrap options are also something that no one should be without, completely changes the feel of that traditional glock.

    As far as rails go, both the 17 and the 19 have rails and a notch for lights like the Streamlight TLR3. Subs must have just been too small!

  • Kyle

    cayton, only on the 26/27. The dustcover is too short.

  • DaveTheGreat

    What the hell? No rail? That’s a step backward! I know the 27 is a subcompact and thus the rail was mostly useless, but there were SOME things that would fit on it, and it they left the rail alone sooner or later more stuff would have been created for it. Lights are getting smaller every day, lasers (which are almost always a bad idea, except in subcompacts) are getting cheaper and smaller every day . . .

    Why on earth would they remove it?

    I do like the more drastically angled trigger guard though.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    cayton, there have never been rails on Glock sub-compact handguns to my knowledge. However the larger frame Gen4 Glocks do have rails.

  • Aaron Geisler

    If it had a rail, I would get one. Since it doesn’t, I’ll keep my Gen 3 Glock 26.

  • MrSatyre

    I believe that omission is only on the subcompacts. My Gen 3 27 doesn’t have a rail either.

  • TJ

    Sweet! Going to have to add it to my collection. The 26 is a great ccw gun.

  • ap

    Yeah, I can’t mount my AFG and X400 so it sucks. So, exactly what light do all you face-shooters want to run on the little 26? Do you plan on training hard with a one-finger grip so you and run a DG switch? It’s such a short recoil system so there’s likely a good reason Glock doesn’t put one on there. If you need to run a WML, you should be looking at something bigger.

  • TJ

    Have I been seeing this right. I checked on a price on a website and found the 26 gen 4 going for $803.00!!!! No night sights even. Is somebody going crazy or is this a misprint?????

  • Jason

    Had a baby G27 to go with my G22. Shot it at one pistol match and never again. Sold it for $400 and got a Benelli Super Nova. Still love my G22, but hated that shorty grip.

  • AnointedSword

    Just purchased a Glock 26 Gen4 the other night. 600 with tax and tags…runs like a Glock! Oo

  • Spiff

    Why would anyone want a sub-compact pocket pistol with an accessory rail on it? Where is the logic of wanting a very small pistol with a lot of useless junk hanging off it? I guess some of the previous commenters need the accessory rail to add the bayonet!

  • Rich

    I want a mounting rail for a weapon-mounted light. It isn’t a useless accessory, if you are trained to use a weaponlight it is second nature. Big mistake Glock, I won’t be ‘upgrading’ until they include a rail, like on my very similarly-sized HK P2000sk.

  • Rich

    Forgot to mention that if you all don’t like the rail, nobody is forcing you to mount anything on it. Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

  • J

    i want a subcompact with accessory rail. competitor manufacturers have them. why not Glock? going to purchase Springfield subcompact over Glock…such a close decision with the rail being the final determining factor. there are attachments that fit subcompacts.

  • My glock 26 is workable like my S & W snub. It doesn’t jam, just fires without problems. I have a leather inside the pants holster with two loops that fasten to my belt. Rides very close to my side, draws good and quite concealable with a tee shirt pulled over it. (Galco), My mags hold 10 rounds each, thats 30 rounds total on me. If I can’t take him (them) down in 30, I don’t want him. Started carrying glocks as a back-up with my police duty S & W in the 70s. Was the first plolice officer here to carry a glock and now years later the police issue weapon are glocks. The police issue glocks are 40s. I shoot better with 115 grain 9 mm.

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