Noreen Bad News: .338 Lapua Semi-auto AR-style rifle

The Noreen Bad News is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. It is patterned after the AR-15 rifle and uses some AR parts such as the pistol grip, stock and trigger.

Noreen is marketing the rifle as the ultimate patrol rifle: semi-automatic (faster than old action), long range (much more power than the .308 Win) and comfortable recoil (on account of the semi-auto action and muzzlebrake).

Caliber .338 Lapua Magnum (.300 Win. Mag coming soon)
Capacity 5 or 10 rounds
Finish black
Barrel 26″ 1:10″ twist
Stock Magpul PRS
Weight 13 lbs
Other Features full length, quad rail
MSRP (Price) $4995

Brandon Webb, a new contributor to the Kit Up blog and former Navy SEAL, was criticizing the Army for adopting a new bolt action instead of a semi-auto rifle. Maybe they should have been looking at something like the Bad News.

Video of the Bad News being fired

Steve Johnson

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  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    When I think ‘patrol rifle’ I think something like an AR, Mini-14 or even an MP5. Something a little less…….overwhelming. This thing is a patrol rifle like the Bismarck was a patrol boat. Unless by patrol they meant something a bit more ..hardcore?…like Afghanistan.

  • Buster Charlie

    Raoul: I could see this as part of a patrol *IF* You had soldiers with carbines to back you up. I’m thinking sort of like how the Russians fielded the SVD in a group of guys with AKs to provide some long range fire support.

    But Other than that scenario, I agree it looks a bit on the bulky side to be described as anything other than what it is.

  • LOL – maybe by ‘Patrol Rifle’ they meant it could take out an enemy patrol …

  • charles222

    Patrol rifle lol. Yeah, lotsa +1-mile shots to be made in speeding ticket disputes.

    Nice-looking rifle, though.

  • seeker_two

    Great idea for a rifle….but I think I’d choose a different name for marketing purposes…it’s kinda like having a rifle named the Bushmaster KABOOM….

  • Mu

    That will get the attention of the usual AR crowd at the range for sure. You can just tell them you soaked yours in miracle grow for a week.

  • John C

    wow – looks very controllable compared to a bolt action .338

  • james

    I’m less concerned with semantics than I am the fact that I want one now!

  • jaekelopterus

    For “patrolling” Jurassic Park?

  • Beaumont

    “Noreen Bad News” — named for the designer’s wife, maybe?

  • Komrad

    If that’s a 10 round mag in there, I hope they make a 5 round one too. It looks like it might be difficult to take prone shots with that thing. I always wondered why no-one had made a semi-auto .338 yet.

  • Vitor

    Given the very long barrel and the high pressure of the Lapua, couldn’t the gas port be much further in the barrel to ensure a super smooth action?

  • CMathews

    This needs a monolithic rail system to attach a night or thermal optic. Very nice rifle. Now, who is going to shell out the big bucks to do a 5000 round torture test?

  • Tahoe

    Raoul, you took the words right out of my mouth. Unless they have a different concept of “patrol rifle” than the rest of the world, or you’re a Park Ranger worried about running into Sasquatch, how is this a patrol rifle?

  • Hrm, given the length of that magazine it looks like up angle prone shots would be hard, and I don’t much like the idea of a 5 round magazine. Though for civilian use that’s all we get in Canada. Perhaps they should license some quad stack technology for that thing.

  • Mr Evilwrench

    .338 Lap mag would be pretty pricy to cut loose with, even semi-auto. Now, I have been looking for an intersection between long range accuracy and price point in this caliber. That’s a pretty fancy looking scope, there. How does the accuracy of this rifle look >1km?

  • El Duderino

    Patrol rifle?

    I mean, I heard the Montana State Patrol carried M14s as patrol rifles at one time (maybe still do?). But this is in another class.

    Coming up on the 25th anniversary of the event, it makes me wonder how the “Miami Massacre” in 1986 would look now. Probably more like the gunfight in “Heat.” This rifle here would punch through cars, buildings, dams, mountains…

  • very cool! Do they make any other firearms or is this their first?

    • Heath, they also make a light weight single shot .50 BMG designed for hunting.

  • Madeleine Goddard

    I have little doubt that the terminal performance will be, shall we say, ‘adequate’, but 13 lbs is a lot to carry on patrol and not the sort of weight you want to heft if you encounter an unexpected or snap target, especially at shorter ranges. Surely modern 7.62 mm NATO dedicated marksman weapons should be adequate out to around 800 metres and above that a real sniper rifle might seem more appropriate? I can’t see police using this either – this is not a round to fire in an urban environment unless you hate the citizens about 12 blocks away. So what role is this weapon meant to serve? Culling herds of charging elephants? Or is it just a form of one-upmanship?

  • Why?

    Why a semiauto 338 lapua? I’m trying to work out the tactical utility… I like the 338Lapua, especially after shooting one at the SHOT Show, but I would like to think more on this one.

    Happy Holidays!
    Albert A Rasch So, you want to be a contractor.

  • clamp

    …because a rail gun is still 15 years away from ship borne deployment.

  • clamp

    And what’s the worry about not being able to go prone? Men that will deploy with this weapon are incapable of going prone due to the size of their brass genitalia.

  • zak baer

    I think by “patrol” they might mean patrolling the Texas boarder with Mexico; or more obviously, Afghanistan.

    Anyways, I’ve been waiting for someone to make a semi-auto .338. I’d love to get my hands on this.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy


    Last I heard, Montana HP carries Sig .357s, an M4-style in the roof rack, and a genuine M1A in the trunk for those tricky roadblocks and distance shots.

    Theyre hardcore.

  • jdun1911

    I think they meant DMR. Patrol Rifle is probably not the right term for it. It’s more controllable because of the muzzle bake and semi-auto. However I hate to be the one next to the person firing it.

  • Alan

    I thought the basic definition of “patrol rifle” was something that easily fit in the rack or trunk of a Patrol car. That thing is not fitting in the dash rack.

    Something like SWAT Interdiction & Negation Gun.

    I dunno, I don’t like the idea of cops having rapid fire Lapua rounds at their disposal. Those bullets take a licking, and keep on trucking through most other cover. It opens up a lot of scary over-pentration scenarios.

    And what is it going to accomplish in a Urban engagement that a well aimed 5.56 or .308 ain’t? Stop a car/truck? Stop sticks and netting and PIT do that much better. Punch through Body armor? Again, well aimed 5.56 and .308 do that just fine, and there’s always the CNS shots. Telling the other officers at the range that you in no way whatsoever, at all could possibly have a small penis who ever said anything about that just let me shoot my big frigging gun in peace ok, I’m told it quite adequate!

    • BobbyQ

      Okay firstly a Patrol Carry, is any weapon system that is carried on patrol i.e. M4A3, M249, MK48, any DMR that is carried in the slung position. Ready to shoot, rather than pack carried such as most sniper rifles that are carried in a drag bag or the Eberlestock G3 Phantom Pack.

      Now as to your question:
      “And what is it going to accomplish in a Urban engagement that a well aimed 5.56 or .308 ain’t? Stop a car/truck? Stop sticks and netting and PIT do that much better. Punch through Body armor? Again, well aimed 5.56 and .308 …”
      I’m going to tackle these in sections, Stop a car/truck 5.56 will never do this because of how the round was designed, even the steel cored rounds wont. This is due to the fact that when the round was designed, it was designed for anti-personell (The round begins tumbling upon impact, to induce the most damage on enemy personell) not vehicle stopping which is why the .50 Beowulf was designed for ARs to stop vehicles but this requires you to switch out the entire upper and guts of AR not really practicle. Next .308 my personal favorite round 168Gr that will take out an engine block unfortunatly the range at which you are going to be within so that there is still enough energy to penetrate the block puts the shooter in danger. Now Stop sticks (or spike strips) and pitting maneuver problems with these are stop sticks all too often criminals dont stop with the flat tires they continue to drive until they are just driving on rims and no longer in control of a half ton or more deadly object. Check out the statistics and costs associated with innocent people injured and private property damaged caused by these tactics. Finally I’ll tackle Body Armor a 5.56 round will penetrate soft body armor however nothing with plate incerstion pannels. Now a .308 will shatter Cermaic Plate Pannels however Level III and IV it sadlly wont the round will shatter on these harden steel and titanium pannels.

  • leopard

    If this was in Afghanistan, would it have the same problem as the M82 did with kicking up dust and gravel after every shot?

    • leopard, YES! Although not as bad as the M82.

  • El Duderino

    Raoul —

    I guess I meant M1As instead of M14s. I worked with a former MSP officer and could have sworn he mentioned they had M14s converted to semi only.

  • Royce C.

    The problem with dust disturbance could be (partially) solved with a suppressor, though it would be heavy and expensive.

  • Jim

    Why does everyone presume that “patrol rifle” refers to police? Army units run patrols, too.

  • Emperor Fabulous

    I kinda wondered why the military didn’t show any interest in the AR-10 chambered in the 300 Remington Short Action Magnum as a long range sniper rifle. It basically duplicates the 300 Winchester Magnum cartridge but in a semi-auto and it’s an off-the-shelf item, no time or money needed for development.

  • drewogatory

    Emperor Fab, I’m pretty sure you would run into OAL problems loading the heavier,higher BC bullets into the shorts. I think factory loads are 180 grain.And .300 was already in inventory. But I’m not sure what .300 Win Mag brings that Lapua doesn’t except the Winchester name (and maybe 5 less lbs to hump) and .338L fills the .308 to .50 gap much more neatly, IMO.

  • Don

    Apparently someone doesn’t understand the difference between a “patrol rifle” and a sniper/counter sniper rifle (and an over-gunned/over priced one for police apps to boot) or DMR (although it’s a bit much for DMR).

    For Jim – Most everyone “presumes” patrol rifle refers to the police because the police use the terminology, not the military.

    It’s always interesting to see a manufacturer show videos of a weapon being fired but handily neglecting to show the effect on target. For all the vid shows, this rifle might not be able to group better than minute of barn door. Who cares what it looks like at the bench? What does it (the rifle, not the round) do on target in real world settings?

    As others have pointed out, the magazine is obviously too long for prone use.

  • sniper

    listen up crazy people! im an army sniper in afghanistan and i would kill for a 13lb rifle chambered in .338. do you people know how heavy are rifles are? a sdm carrying a m14 w/scope and accessories is well over 10lbs

  • charles222

    Yeah, the EBR is a heavy sucker in my experience; not sure about the M24, but it’s up there too, as is the M40. None of those are exactly “light” weapons unless you’re comparing them to a Barrett.

  • I had experience with this rifle. After 120 shots one of the front main locking lug was broken. I have no idea why its happen . I used Hornady ammo only.

  • FamilyMan

    I believe the site ( now says, “DO NOT use Hornady ammunition. Our rifles will not work with this ammo.”

    Which begs the question, why not? Is it the ammo from Hornady? the rifle? Something wrong with the .338 Lapua Magnum standard such that an “in spec” round does not work in an “in spec” rifle.

  • TacMan

    shooter- This weapon system is not made to shoot Hornady rounds. That could be the reason it broke.

  • Spencer

    This gun is Awesome! I can’t believe the US military still uses bolt action rifles and rejects this new one. It has the most stopping power and less recoil than bolt action rifles or the Barret rifles. Also what type of gas operating system does this gun use? Also is it more accurate and have faster followup shots than a bolt action rifle?

    • ellish

      this rifle has more failing parts then a bolt action and bolt actions are more accurate plus easy to clean and fix

  • beginer shooter

    hello everyone i am new on the shooting scene so forgive me if this is a stupid question but will this gun take .22 rim-fire calibre ?

  • corbin

    Umm…. No this rifle shoots a .338 Lapua which number one is a much larger round than a .22, second this gun (and most rifles) shoots center fire rounds.

  • Dacoda

    I’m sure they’ll come out with a .22lr conversion for it soon, they’ll need to, after taking out a second mortgage to buy the rifle, you may have enough left over to shoot a brick of .22’s 🙂

  • Tom

    I was involved with the Army/Marine testing of this rifle, the Noreen 338LM semi auto. It may be fine for the Navy on water where the environmental issues such as dirt isn’t much of a factor. For the field combat units this isn’t a good choice. A bolt action is more accurate and also far less susceptible to environmental issues. I’ve been in Afghanistan and it wouldn’t be my weapon of choice. The 338LM is my preferred distance round, just not this platform. Also in regards to putting multiple rounds out rapidly that is easily performed with a bolt action. Depending on the flight time of the round it is easy to chamber another round and watch for impact.

  • Michael4yah

    This rifle seems more accurate at 2750 yds.