Unboxing the M27 IAR

Nexus-7 at ARFCOM said

This M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, along with 83 others, was delivered last Friday to Marine Corps Base Hawaii, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment armorers. Since then, M27 IAR gunners and armorers have received training on operating and maintaining the weapon system from Marine Corps Systems Command and gun makers Heckler and Koch.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment armorers perform a function check on new M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles under the supervision of a Marine Corps Systems Command New Equipment Trainer last Friday. The 1/3 Marines will train and deploy with the weapons to provide feedback that will help decide the weapon systems future in the Marine Corps.

Excuse me while I pay a visit to the nearest Marine Corps recruiter.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SoulTown

    That HK stock and pistol grip is got to be the ugliest piece of modern firearm furniture I’ve ever seen. Ugh.

  • Sean Casey

    It’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it performs. Form follows function and in this case; that adjustable stock doesn’t look much different than other successful models fielded by various manufacturers and that pistol grip looks damn comfy! When I was a young Marine 0331, the Designated Marksman wasn’t even part of the squad roster. The best shot in the platoon was likely equipped with what every other guy had, the M16A2. Snipers, few and far between and rarely, if ever, seen, had the M40 but like I said, they were scant.

    Here’s hoping these weapons are what The Corps needs and they save lives by performing their intended tasks well and efficiently; decease the enemy!

  • Burst

    For the record, some of us readers think it looks pretty good, too.

  • snmp

    Germain-Americain version of the RPK,

    That’s funny that UK have move from L86 LSW (Light Support Weapon version of SA80) to SAW (FN minimi)

  • Luther

    who know’s…

  • ari

    looks like christmas came early!

  • Lance

    @ soultown

    Dont worry you can add a normal M-4 pistol and butstock to one. they have all same parts in the lower receiver

    Looks awesome make me want a 416.

    its the way of the future!

  • Good for the corps.
    The only way to know if it is any good is to see if the guys in the field actually use them.
    This is lighter than the saw and more accurate. It is for high mobility, lower profile and accuracy.
    Saw gunners stick out and make prime targets…
    If it works out it would be interesting to see if they start to replace M16s with them… maybe that is the idea…how about a giving the whole squad one?

  • SoulTown

    If there is a concern of functionality, it’s even worse. They could have done the sensible thing and put vastly-superior aftermarket furniture from companies like Vltor, Tangodown, Magpul, etc. But no, they had to bundle overpriced HK junk with the gun. Typical HK, I say.

  • Dakota

    I love MCBH! I lived there for 9 years of my life, my Pop was a Corpsman with the 3rd Marines during our first 3 years in Hawaii.

  • Royce C.

    Hk may be overpriced, but it is certainly not junk.

    You seem to be somewhat biased against the
    brand. I wonder if your opinion is based on any real-life experience with Hk……

  • 7.62 mm Soldier

    If it’s anything like the regular 416, then there can be no doubt that this’ll be a superb weapon. Only thing wrong with it is the calibre. I’d to see a version of this in 6.8 mm SPC or Cris Murray’s new 7mm x 46.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    I agree, lots of friends say it’s overpriced and over engineered. I’d rather get overpriced and over-engineered over standard low budget minimal thought and what have you.

  • William C.

    Needs a high capacity mag. And I still think they should have had it fire from an open bolt on full-auto like some of the other IAR offerings. Right now this just seems to be a M4 or M16 replacement rather than a replacement for the M249.

    • c

      It does fire from a open bolt.

  • SoulTown

    @Royce C.