S&W M&P22 .22 Pistol

S&W will be launching a version of the M&P pistol chambered in .22 LR. It is single action, has a 4.1″ barrel, comes with either a 10 round or 12 round magazine and has an adjustable rear sight.

The MSRP is $419 for both the version with a 10 round and 12 round model.

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Steve Johnson

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  • John C

    Thats the first .22 pistol I have ever seen with a mag that holds more than 10 rounds.

  • A Lee

    Single-action or striker-fire?

    • A, It is single action.

  • SoloTwo

    Lets just hope its not a shrunken version……..

  • Koup

    This has made my day. Today I started looking at 22LR handguns, but not feeling the Buck Mark, Neo, Ruger… etc. I have an M&P40 and if this is more reliable than the P22 or Mosquito, then I know what my next purchase is.

  • Great, now give me a 5″ threaded barrel and I’m a happy boy.

  • holy crap, this is awesome. I was just thinking about buying one of those GSG 1911 .22s. I think my plans have changed!

  • Vak

    What would have been awesome is a conversion kit that could fit on any M&P frame. Kind of like what sig or beretta does.

  • Frank

    @A Lee
    Most striker fired guns like the regular M&P are single action. The only Double action one I can think of is the Walther P99 or Taurus 24/7

  • Tyson Chandler

    This news just made my Christmas a little bit better. As a previous poster noted, I hope it is the made to the same scale as the 9mm / 40 cal / .357 sig guns. The value of training with ” sub caliber” guns can’t be overstated in this economy! A few years ago, I purchased an Advantage Arms .22 conversion for my 1911. I have it on a dedicated frame and it is one of my favorite guns for the range or for plinking around in the woods. I am salivating at the idea of the same concept for the M&P. From what I have read on an M&P forum, there are a lot of other folks who are also.

  • Alex

    ya a threaded barrel is a must. Judgin by smith offerin threaded barrels On there 9 mm and 45 i would assume it will be brought out eventually. Steve call em and find out! I am assuming since walter is handling it, a sleeved barrel like On The p22 is possible….

  • They reportedly will be made by Walther:


  • Alex

    Just got off the phone with walther usa and the guy had no more info. Said its coming from walther germany and they dont have em in their hands yet. So he had no details on the barrel

  • Alex

    Just got off the phone with walther usa and the guy had no more info. Said its coming from walther germany and they dont have em in their hands yet. So he had no details on the barrel…

  • Brian

    Awww gee… I was hoping for a 10mm M&P.

  • 4Cammer

    $419 MSRP so that means maybe 379.00-389.00 on the shelf? I know what I will be buying my son for his 14th B-day in a few months. Good job S&W.

    Love 22cal guns built on a centerfire platform. Have a few CZ75/85’s and my Kadet (bought as a unit not just the conversion) makes so much sense.

  • 4Cammer

    Well, scratch my previous comment if it is true these will be made by Walther unless the fit, materials, finish and function are what they should be.

    maybe I’ll be getting the Browning .22….

  • I sure hope it’s the same size as a regular M&P.

    Few things piss me off more than firearms manufacturers thinking .22 LR is for children and women. I have 11″ hands and primaraly shoot .22 LR because I’m so darn cheap.

  • Ladyfox

    It’s about frigging time S&W! Now if only I did not have to wonder if our WONDERFUL (insert sarcasm here) overlords here in Kali will add it to the roster. -_-

  • dt

    dry firing with the full caliber gun you already have is even cheaper than the .22lr but not as much fun.

  • alex

    how come all .22 pistols have no more then a 12 round mag? theres plenty of room for a high capacity mag?

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Be nice if the guys at Glock would do likewise.

  • Milo

    I sold off my AA Glock .22 conversion after a couple of weeks – I didn’t find that it was an adequate stand-in for the 9mm top-end. Way too light, recoil was obviously way different, shooting it bore little resemblance to shooting the regular Glock.

    I’ll stick to Ruger .22s from here on out when it comes to semi-auto rimfires and working on marksmanship.

  • Jeff

    Alex, it’s probably because double stack magazines with rimmed ammo isn’t a reliable combination.

  • Rob

    I sure hope this is an M&P handgun chambered in .22lr not a handgun chambered in .22lr that happens to look like an M&P pistol.

  • jim

    hopefully it’s not a Umarex produced pistol..

    i think the reason why capacities are around 10 rounds is because of the way that rimfire cartridges stack up.. it’s very easy for the rims to slip and bind in the magazine..

    it’s too bad that .25ACP is unpopular and expensive.. because it would be perfect for these applications.. 20 rounds of .25ACP could be fun in something like this..

  • Alan

    @Alex, check out the next article up! 30 round .22WMR!

  • yamalink

    4 cents per Federal 22LR round
    9 cents per 9mm reload in my M&P 9L
    My advanced math skills show a 5 cent savings each time trigger is pulled

    At $400 for the gun (take the middle of msrp and online), it’d only take 8000 22LR rounds to break even, give or take. My math is probably off though.

  • Quintin

    If kel-tec can make a double stack magazine work, why oh why the EFFF can’t any of these other manufacturers make one on their own EFFING pistols? It’s gotta be politics or laziness.

  • Issac

    If its produce by Walther,there is no point even to look at.
    After Walther P22,I’ll never buy any Walther product.

  • Rick

    What Walther did? Walther be a good gun for someone who ain’t firing much of nothing.

  • I have a mp9pro that I shoot uspsa gonna get the 22 for practice can’t wait till it gets here will gladly add this to my colection of smiths

  • PCME

    There is good posts on the MP-Pistol / General M&P Discussion section.

    Can’t wait to get some feedback from some shooters who get it first and report back. It is the exact size and general weight of the 4.25″ full size version, so that is really nice.
    I plan on selling my XDM9 and get the M&P9L or M&P9 full size, so this would be nice to have also. I do love my new URX Buckmark with front fiber optic sight though. But if Walther did a good job then I’d love to pick one up eventually.

  • Deerslayer

    Let’s hope it uses similar materials as the real M&P pistols. A steel melonite slide would be perfect! I won’t buy another pot-metal .22 ever again.

  • Deerslayer

    Just found out the slide is Aluminum. If it is mil-spec hard-anodized, then that will be super! This is better than the zinc-alloy pot-metal that the Mosquito and P-22 use for their slides.

    • Sam

      Speaking of Sig Mosquito, I don’t understand why many gun stores still have this piece of *&%$^# in their inventory and display. They couldn’t get rid of it? It looks good in appearance, but it doesn’t shoot very well. The trigger pull is too stiff and it’s very picky with ammo. I wish to see more of M&P22 from Smith and Wesson on the shelf instead. It’s the best .22 polymer pistol I’ve ever shot–so far.

  • ALex again

    well thats good,seemstheylearned their lesson. I can only imagine how many slides they have replaced. When Is this thingcoming to our shores? And do we know anything as far as barrel threading/retaining goes?

  • The M&P22 will NOT be available in Canada. For some forseen reason it was developed with a 4.1 inch barrel instead of the regular 4.25 inch barrel that my M&P 9 has. In Canada any handgun with a barrel length of 4.15 inches or less is a prohibited firearm. Smith and Wesson seemed uninterested in remedying the situation with a longer barrel or an exemption with the Canadian firearms registry when I contacted them.

    I guess we will have to wait for a competitor to manufacture a conversion kit so the many law enforcement agencies, corrections facilities and armoured security services can aquire one for training.

  • dave

    just got one it is awesome feels great shoots great no problems feels like its big brother with out the amno cost i just ignore the safty

  • Tiberius

    I recently fired a Smith and Wesson MP22 equipped with a silencer. The firearm performed flawlessly. Unbelievably, 100 yards hits on a torso sized steel plate where completely possible and consistent.

    I hope I can post the video link without violating some rule:


    Sadly, I didn’t record the 100 yards shots because I didn’t think it would happen.

  • Eric B.

    Just got a batch of the mp22 pistols at my gun shop. Picked one up and took it out to the range that evening. Ran 200 rnds of mini mags, 50 rnds of velociter and 50 rnds of stingers, pistol functioned flawlessly. Unlike the walther p22 i own, the smith exceeded my expectations. Going back to the range in a few days to run 500 rnds of bulk wal-mart winchester through it to ensure it will also eat the cheap stuff reliably too. The pistol is very accurate, easy to shoot 2” steel spinners at 20 yards. Also, I shot the pistol at 80 yards and had some luck hitting 6” plates. Thumbs up for Smith and Wesson, I believe this to be the best current polymer pistol out there that will function out of the box with no mods done. By the way, barrel is threaded for everybody with a can.

    • Janops

      Any idea where I can pick one up. I’m in Illinois and cannot find this weapon anywhere. S&W site posted out of stock. I emailed them but haven’t received a response. Gallery Of Guns posted them as “Allocated”. Cabella had one, but it was gone that day and they are checking to see if they can order it.
      Any info would be appreciated.


    • Adam

      I shot Winchester ammo I got at Academy and 2-3 out of 12 failed to fire or load. I also had a small spring come out of the trigger opening of my new firearm. Any advice?

  • I just got my hands on one it is great it is everything it suppose to be it is the best pistol since the old 422-622 smith 22cal alot of fun to shot and does great it is the king of 22cal pistols at this time it is truley a great gun when you get one you will be very happy.

  • Sam

    I picked up my M&R22 yesterday. I had to order it because as soon as one came in, someone took it. I’ve just came back from a range. I LOVE this gun. I fed a brick of Federal ammo (525 rnds) and only had two infeed jams. Actually the slide didn’t return and push the ammo all the way into the chamber. I also had 3 misfire due to bad ammo.

    It is very accurate to my standard. Without any sight adjustment and bench rest, I made a group of 5″ from 50ft. After some adjustments, the group is a bit tighter–at 3 “.

    This gun meets my expectations as a practical shooting training gun. Compare to my other .22 pistols (ISSC M22, Walther P22, and GSG 1911), the M&P22 rank the highest with performance as well as the quality of material, finish, and function.

    Too bad Smith & Wesson decided to market like other German firearms, offering only 1 magazine.

  • P-22 are not made by walther, they are made by a company that makes air pistols under license by walther

    • Cymond

      Do you mean the airgun company Umarex? Because they own Walther. They’re basically the same company now.

  • biminibob

    are 10 round clips intergangable or gun specific?

  • biminibob

    can 10 round magazines be used in 12 round cuns?

  • PBR511

    I just finished my initial range visit with my new S&W M&P22. after performing a out-of-the box cleaning, followed by 100rd’s of CCI it disapointing! It seems ti be approc “4 oe “5 inches to the left of point-of aim. Windage is adjusted via the rear sight, my concern is the slide is made of alloy/luminum, I fear danaging the slide with me using a hammer or what even, wooden dowl ect…can a gun-smith make this adjustment for me? seems like you would have to be at the range? Anybody with an idea? or have you made this adjustment?

  • uronchu

    just got my S&W M&P 22. ran about 100 rds with no malf. Just love it.