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  • Marsh

    It looks exactly like a Glock.

  • It is the new design, which is (should) not looks like a Glock:-)


    ISSC always makes Glock clones in 22LR I think.

  • MattCFII

    Interesting to see the little cosmetic changes they did to comply with the Glock copyright infringement suit. They rounded the trigger guard, changed the slide serrations, and changed the grip textures. Interestingly even airsoft gun are being changed enough now to get past Glock’s lawsuits:

    I love my earlier version of the M22. Once you find the ammo it likes, the only malfunctions come from those occasional bad rimfire primers. My first one had to go back to the factory due to a bad extractor but they replaced it with a whole new gun. My new one is around 1000 rounds and works great! IMO a more solid gun than the Walther P22 for about the same price and makes a great Glock .22 trainer.

  • Mountainbear

    I’d get a pink frame, because I want to be special. Yep! If I have to shoot someone he will not only suffer the GSW, but also the humiliation of being shot with a PINK gun.

    But I already have a Glock. Wait…

  • Bill

    Earlier 2009 reviews (I looked at YouTube) showed a finickiness for .22LR ammo (no surprise given the spread of quality). Hope these new shipments resolve all that. Price point is OK — beats buying an Advantage Arms conversion for about the same price.

  • MattCFII

    Sorry, that first link was suppose to be to Steve’s post on the lawsuit here:

    Yes, I would agree they are finicky, but once you find the right ammo (usually a RN), it will run at almost 100%

  • Burton

    That looks so much like a Glock it’s embarrassing. It sucks when a quality company like Glock who has taken decades to develop their product has to watch while companies like this completely copy their design and then add insult to injury and undercut them.

    It’s one thing if Glock was gouging people and exploiting their product, but their prices have always been very reasonable.

    Actions like this are unsustainable business practices and leave me scratchin’ my head. :/

  • MattCFII

    The M22 is only comsetically similar, it actually functions on a normal single action. Yes, I agree that Glock shouldn’t be unfairly taken advantage of. But even they admit in their lawsuit against ISSC that it is only a likeness copyright issue, no patent infringement. The problem is that Glock doesn’t innovate new products that much and at the same time sue anybody who tries to use their likeness. I understand they have legal recourse to do this but at the same time those of us who want training versions of the Glock in .22 or airsoft are left out in the cold because the refuse to do any kind of licensing deal or develop their own .22/airsoft. As a consumer, I would have bought Glock’s .22 first but they won’t meet that need in the market so I went else where.

    The other thing is at what point do firearm’s likeness become public domain to where firearms companies can no longer sue just because amprosuct looks like theirs. I understand true patent protection is necessary and should happen. But when you have a company thst won’t go into a market but then you get company like ISSC that will put up the risk to make some money, I think there is more innovation and capitalism that happens than a company like Glock resting on their laurels. We as consumers and even the industry itself have all benefited from patent expirations on 1911s, AR-15 or even AKs which maybe the ultimate “public domain” firearm.

  • zincorium

    I’d really reconsider shooting someone with this. I mean, it is a .22. I can’t think of anyone who would recommend carrying a full size pistol in .22 for personal defense.

    And whether it still falls under trade dress infringement or not, it’s clearly intended to look like a Glock still. Which makes no sense to me, since given the engineering flexibility of a .22 pistol they could have made it look like almost anything, and then they’d have an actual unique selling point rather than trying to appeal as a training gun for glock owners.

  • SoulTown


    I second that. Hehe, the thought of some wannabe thug going down by a freaking petite PINK pistol just made my evening.

  • Matt


    That’s the whole point, to look and feel like a glock. There are a million .22 handguns out there. And for cheaper than these and better. But you can’t get licensed glock .22. That’s the niche this fills.

    There really isn’t any room for another run of the mill .22 so they decided to make it look like the most recognized handgun in the world.

  • Alaskan

    I would use this gun as a self defense carry pistol. Pink even.

  • Matt

    I suppose you could carry it for self defense if your only threat is being set upon by a herd of squirrels.

    A flock of squirrels? A pack? A gaggle?

  • I saw two pink framed P22 the other day. One had a black slide, the other a stainless. Apparently women like the pink? I sent my wife a picture of the pink P22’s and she liked them.

  • Burton


    Those are actually some really good points. I failed to account for Glock’s lack of innovation in the .22LR market, and I think you’re correct that if they are not willing to produce one, someone else should.

  • MattCFII

    Thanks Burton!!! Very gracious of you to post that and glad I made some sense despite some nasty typos LOL.

  • Squidpuppy

    Meh. I have an Advantage Arms .22 conversion I use with my G17; it’s always worked flawlessly, and it’s plenty accurate. It’s great for introducing new shooters to firearms, especially if they’re interested in Glocks and want to move up to 9mm or beyond – can’t beat it for familiarizing someone with Glock operating procedures and the Glock trigger. I still use it myself for trigger discipline practice, because I mostly shoot Glocks (or 1911s). It can be a mite picky about ammo, but then most .22s are; so big whoop.

    Of course, if you’re only going to have one semi-auto .22, then by all means; this looks fine. That’s not a sentiment I particularly understand, but whatever ^_^

  • leopard

    Interesting trigger guard undercut. That means Glock affics wouldn’t need to sand it off.