Bushmaster Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System

Bushmaster has developed a new bore cleaning system that does not require the use of patches.

Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System (Universal Kit)

From the press release …

The Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System offers the best and most effective system to clean the chamber/bore of any firearm. It enables the user to quickly clean a firearm faster than any other system. The system eliminates the use of ineffective patches and reduces the need for metal bore brushes.

The Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System features a pull through system and includes the revolutionary new Bore Squeeg-E. The Bore Squeeg-E is made from a proprietary polymer that is not affected by cleaning chemicals. It is designed to scrape the lands and grooves of the bore to a mirror clean condition and keep the abrasive carbon fouling from harming the bore. The Bore Squeeg-E is attached to a free rotating cleaning cable, preventing the tools from loosening while being pulled through the helical rifling. With proper use, the Bore Squeeg-E will last many years eliminating the expensive and wasteful practice of continually buying and throwing away cloth patches.

Like most shooters probably will be, I am skeptical. The system would need to work really well for me to stop using cloth patches. That said, I am a gun-cleaning junkie (seriously, I need help) and will almost certainty buy this kit when it goes on sale.

Pricing starts at $37.90 (probably for the most basic single caliber kit).

Steve Johnson

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  • Mount

    It’s about time that Bushmaster took a hint and caught up with the advanced squeegee technology that’s been used in the paintball industry for decades.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    That seriously looks like what I use to clean my paint-ball gun. However. I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

  • Flashman

    Looks like a classic designa eyewear flashing marketing whiz-kid product offering a “leading edge solution” to a simple problem that was solved more effectively, more conveniently and more cheaply a long time ago by more traditional products.

    Hoppes No. 9, Rem Oil, roll of two by four, brass jag, bristle brush, and cleaning rod – simple pimple.

  • Dangermouse

    Would that wire not “saw” away at the crown of your barrel after some use? I know some target and bench rest shooters who will not use a Bore Snake for the same reasons.

  • JAFO

    nothing new here – drop-through cleaning solutions have been around since at least the late 1800s- my Enfield had one in the buttplate, as issued new.

    I’ll probably stick with my boresnake- it does a stellar job cleaning my barrel.


    Yeah, I think I’d rather just buy a paintball cleaner.

  • andyinsdca

    If you decide to spring for one, let us know how it works in a followup posting. Thanks.

  • Riceball

    What’s wrong with a Boresnake? I’ve used those on both pistols and my rifles and have always been satisfied with the results and it looks far simpler than the Bushmaster kit. Regardless, something like this or a Boresnake should be issued to the military for cleaning their rifles because it always took forever and a ton of patches to clean my M16 after a day on the range when I was in the Corps.

  • Robert

    I would love to see a side-by-side review and comparison of all the pull-through cleaners (original and improved BoreSnake, Otis’s kit, and this, plus any others I am unaware of). It would allow us to see if there is any truth to the hype these get.

  • is this available already? if not, eta?

    • dblack, ETA is 2011 (I think)

  • Steven

    Hrm…am I the only one that uses a Bore Snake?

    • Steven, true, but a bore snake is simply one big reusable patch.

  • Bryan S

    Flashman….. More convenient is running 5-10 patches through a bore, each with more chemicals and more waste?

    Now what I would like to see is a squeegie for an AK gas tube.

  • Bill

    Less expensive than certain OTIS kits but bigger pouch to carry more stuff!

  • Justin

    The orange wipers are most certainly made of silicone. There is nothing else that is chemical resistant enough and flexible. I wonder if it does a good enough job “squeegee-ing” the cleaning chemicals out. The ironic part is you have to clean the cleaning it when you are done… hardly worth it.

  • D

    hmmmm. im not convinced. id like to see how much better it can do than my bore snake and small bottle of militech

  • Sam Johnson

    I’ve used a 22 cal Squeeg-e that screws into the cleaning rod (not a pull through system)…picked it up at an outdoor shop for a few bucks. I don’t use it as an alternative to patches, but follow brushing to clean the barrel, then patch it out last…was very satisfied with the results and wish I could
    find a squeege-e for 30 cal and 270/7mm that attach to the cleaning rod as well.