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  • Madeleine Goddard

    What terribly poor taste. I loved it.

  • Jamie

    LOL. That’s some good stuff right there.

  • LJ

    Is this a reference to a movie? I remember seeing a movie where the premise was that all of these Mercenaries, gun fanatics, assassins, gang members, etc. were put in this desert town or something and they all fought to the death for the right to win some sort of prize. In the last scenes, there was a thing about two of the participants shooting eachother at the same time so that they wouldn’t be committing suicide separately I think. It really gets me that I saw the film on TV a bunch of years ago and I have no idea what the movie’s called. But this lego thing reminded me of it almost exactly.

  • Chortles

    More likely a reference to the Free-For-All match type (exactly what it sounds like, although under default rules it’s “player with most points left when time expires wins”).

  • Massoud

    Playing with Lego’s is a lot cooler than it used to be.