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  • SoulTown

    Good thing they went with the ironsights and not the terrible default optic.

  • Vitor

    Good choice by them.

  • mr_lorenco

    @SoulTown you know that the g36 optic is well known for loosing zero in extreme conditions ,and thats why we choose the iron sight with piccatiny rail
    the only thing i personally do`n`t like ,is the stock ,as you can see you cant shoot with it while its folded ,but our soldiers arent trained to use theyr weapons with the stock folded ,our previous service rifle the zastava m70 (yugo underfolder AK ) was never fired with the stock in closed position in combat training ,they are trained to use their Sidearms in CQB situations .

    @Victor ,some time ago whole Europe was adopting the mauser system ,now the H&K system is becoming the new standard ,the most countries here use alredy use them or plan to use them in the future .theyr just the best weapon makers of the free world thats why we choose them instead of any other country to produce our weapons .

  • Lance

    Kosovo goes NATO while Serbia stays with 7.62mm AKs.

  • mr_lorenco

    Lance ,thanks man thats a good one to tell them ! lol 😀

  • SoulTown

    @mr_lorenco As long as the stock is telescopic, it’s a good start IMO. By the way, I remember reading that G36 optic was very unpopular with German soldiers and wondering why.

    Then I saw this.

  • William C.

    Mr_Lorenco you serve with the Kosovo Security Force I take it?

    It seems several countries have adopted this new G36KV. What barrel length does it have? I notice it is a bit longer than the standard G36K barrel.

  • snmp

    * For unit price of 1500€ for the basic HK36E …. In plus the mag could crak & the stock is to long if you are not tall like standard german or when you wear your bodyarmor/frag.
    * AK is less 300€ in 223, M4 is around 1200 USD with Rail, and FASS90/SIG550 is cheaper than G36E

  • Very nice

    Do they have the new XM8 mag release and bolt catch?

  • jdun1911

    I’m surprised why Kosovo adopted the G36. HK isn’t promoting the G36 as their premier rifle. That title goes to the HK416. In fact to me it seems that HK in the past years has been phasing out the G36 lines.

  • mr_lorenco

    @Soul town yeah thats right in both cases
    @ William C. no i don`t but i have many friends there (my lifes way isnt in the military ) and the G36 KV has a barrel length of 12.5 inch and the barrel in the pic looks longer because of the modifyed handguard (its lighter than the original )
    @Snmp ” plus the mag could crak & the stock is to long if you are not tall like standard german or when you wear your bodyarmor/frag”
    do you have facts for that ? have you ever seen any of our soldiers in action with it ? 😀
    and why we havent bought some AK`s in 223 is ,because all balckanick countries have problems with the NATO round in the AK design
    @Brian Lau they have the standard G36 bolt catch ,and the standard G36 mag release .
    @ jdun 1911 we didnt adopt the HK416 because in the field tests we had the same problems with it just like the norvegian and turkish army had,extreme cold mountain enviroment is what makes an m16/416 buffer tube and selective gas system (in the case of the HK416 ) brake .

  • mr_lorenco

    @William C sorry this is the G36V with modifyed(it is a bit shorter than the 18.9 standard barrel ) barrel sorry .

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    I always wondered if the KV stocks impede the ejection port, I thought it was designed not to do that.

  • mr_lorenco

    @Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    yeah its sad ,as i metioned before ,there is a reason why this stock was adopted .