Madsen Machine Gun in Action

This video, probably filmed by a police officer, shows police officers in Rio clearing a favela (slum). There are many shots of a officer using a Madsen machine gun.

At 20 lbs (unloaded, I think) it is heavy gun for a magazine fed weapon. On the other hand the weight helps counter the recoil and, lets face it, it looks really badass!

On a related note, I highly recommend the movie Cidade de Deus (City of God) (2002). It is about the life of two boys who grow up in a favela. The DVD also features a documentary about the police who, in theory, police the favelas.

[ Many thanks to Tarkan for posting the link. ]

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  • subase

    Yikes, looks like probably the worst weapon one could take with one in such combat terrain. Also don’t like the fact the guy with the big gun has to risk his arse all the time.

  • Wellington

    By the same author, I would also reccommend Tropa de Elite, that especially deals with the BOPE and the brazilian police in general.

  • Jan

    You should also watch Tropa de Elite (2007), a film about the lives of BOPE operatives and their training. It is kind of the opposite of Cidade de Deus, as it almost glorifies the BOPE guys. But still, it is a awesome movie.

  • Claudio

    I also recomend too the movie “tropa de elite” 1 and 2. A nice movie about our police and urban war in our cities.

  • Jordan

    This reminded me of the film “Elite Squad” from 2007. The movie is about BOPE (Special Police Operation Battalion). I would say it’s a must see for anyone interested in LE and crime in Rio de Janeiro. <>

  • drewogatory

    Also check out “Tropa de Elite” (Elite Squad) a great action flick about BOPE filmed in the favelas.

  • david

    It’s like your BAR or 249 gunner, they may be slow, but when they lay down that wall of fire, you’re really glad they are there. the gunner at about 6 mins looks noticeably fatigued though.

  • Eric

    If you liked Cidade de Deus (City of God), make sure you check out Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad). It follows the journey two young cadets must take to becoming members of BOPE (Brazilian special forces).

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will checkout that movie.

  • axxxel

    What the Madsen gunner doing at ~6:20? Is he reloading or clearing a jam or what?

  • Lance

    Forget the Madisen I like the Colt Commando A2 the other cop has is alot cooler.

  • Nadnerbus

    If you liked that you should really check out Tropa…

    Just kidding.

    I need to read up on this stuff. I have no idea what the urban police warfare there is about. I figured it was made up in the last Modern Warfare as just a cool place to have a video game shootout, I didn’t know there was actually fighting going on there.

    But yeah, I feel bad for the heavy gunner. The Favela looks pretty steep, and that machine gun looks pretty heavy. Can someone get this guy an IAR with the new sixty round mag from Surefire?

  • Avery

    If I remember correctly, the BOPE aren’t exactly the police. Their more of a military unit that does police duties, like the Gendarmerie. They’re supposedly incorruptable and untouchable, unlike the regular Rio police, because they come from the military.

  • Chortles

    For any readers who follow the UFC:

    UFC welterweight Paulo Thiago is part of the Brasilia BOPE, not the Rio de Janeiro BOPE that Tropa da Elite follows.

  • jdun1911

    I like to shoot the Madsen as long as I don’t have to hump it.

    The questions I would ask is:
    1. What caliber are they using for Madsen.
    2. Is the homes built in Rio need that much penetration to be effective?

    • jdun1911,

      1) The Brazilians have it in 7.62mm NATO.
      2) ???

  • Chase

    Who the hell are the police shooting at in a slum? Is there a giant drug war going on there like in Mexico?

    • Chase, yes there is. My understanding is that the policy has been to contain the gangs to the slums, rather than eradicate them. Now with the world cup and olympics coming to Rio, they want to get rid of the gangs. The gangs do drugs, but they are local gangs, not the Mexican drug type.

      In a documentary I saw, a policeman (maybe in the military police) was saying most soldiers see very little fighting over the course of thier career, he on the other hand has been at war since his first day on the job.

  • Anecdotal

    Interesting mix of rifles. An M4, G3s, FALs and the Madsen. I guess they don’t issue just one rifle there.

  • jdun1911

    What I mean is the type of walls/bricks they used to built their homes. For example our bricks and walls can be penetrated by 30 cal or less. In the middle east the walls and brick are made differently and because of the design it will even stop 50cal BMG rounds.

    I figured that the Madsen is such a big gun that it will use something bigger than 7.62 x51 NATO. That lead to what type of bricks are used to built those home.

    They are cracking down very hard since the start of last month on slum gangs because of two major events coming up.
    1. World Cup
    2. Olympics

    Too many different rifles too many headache from a logistical and training point of view.

  • Martin (M)

    To all those suggesting that Madsen gunner switch to an IAR and the like, SCREW THAT! That Madsen is likely 100 years old, and it still kicks ass. I’ll take heavy any day so long as it’s reliable and gets the job done, as is the case in Rio. That centenarian Madsen will likely keep on pounding away long after an IAR or SAW melted down.

  • Allison302v8

    Im from Brazil, and I see this machine gun on TV.

    Looks like the english “Bren” of WWII.

  • that was the Danish armys official machine gun in the 1920’ties.


    Lame. Operator has minimal training and if the slum miscreants had any real experience they would have popped him in the head while he was sitting there F*&^g with his weapon directly in the line of fire.