More on the SSAR-15 bumpfire stock

Jeremiah Cottle, President of Slide Fire Solutions, told me that there are no mechanical devices in the SSAR-15 bumpfire stock. As many of you suspected, the operator must supply forward muscular force on the rifle to fire on “auto”.

I think This is why the BATFE approved it despite banning the Akins Accelerator which only required the operator to pull back on the trigger.

Steve Johnson

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  • Other Steve

    It sure is ugly. They went through the process of plastic injection including the expensive tooling but it came out looking like tapco.

    Too bad. If it would have come out looking like a magpul, I’d be done I bet.

  • A_is_A

    Is it guaranteed not to clip your finger off? That’s my main concern, aside from durability and legality.

  • I don’t like products like this, it’s only a matter of time before they gain serious media attention in Canada and become the basis for yet more calls for Semi-auto bans.

  • jdun1911


    Why are you scare of the liberals? Don’t run away fight them. Canada is a mess because you let the liberals roll over you. Stand-up for your God given rights.

  • AJ

    jdun1911: if it was that easy, California and New York state wouldn’t have such horrible gun laws. Canada’s gun laws are less restrictive than those 2 states.

  • ap

    Wow, yeah. Think they could make it look any worse? It’s like Tapco, HiPoint, and KelTec collaborated in a full-on barf fest.

  • Komrad

    I have probably said this before on this blog, not all liberals are anti-gun. I am a liberal and pro-gun. Please do not group all liberals together with the bad ones.

  • matteo

    So…no trigger…no safety? Also, what happens if you drop it?

  • Matt

    Heyheyhey other steve.

    I have a tapcp stock and it’s great. Granted it doesn’t look as bad like this thing does. But I have to agree. For 300 freaking bucks they cod have made it look less like something the Predator would use.

    If the price goes down. I’ll still probly buy one though!

  • Matt

    One thing I want to know…it looks like it has a doohickie on the bottom sorta like and adjustable stock.

    Is this a lock that stops the reciprocating action, allowing the gun to become a locked and stable semi auto platform for when you want to make more accurate shots?

  • Nill

    Yeah, that seem to be what it is. In one of the videos you can see it being rotated to release the lock and let the stock slide before being fired.

  • DDX

    This looks pretty good, but they have to make one for the Hi-point 9mm carbine. It would almost be like a modern day MP40.

  • Matt

    I dont quite understand your question…Its a stock, they don’t have safeties or triggers. And if you drop it it just makes a clattering noise.

  • gunslinger

    I agree. It’s just like saying all conservatives are all….

    I like how Steve tries to keep this blog politically neutral. while politics do come up in discussing firearms, it doesn’t need to go into a bashing, name calling whatever. i think all comments delving there should be addressed as either pro- or anti-gun.

    but back on topic, someone else mentioned about the spring for the safety that’s in the pistol grip. how does this work with this stock?

  • SteveC

    The spring and detent for the safety is held in place with a small polymer block that also serves as a secondary attachment point for the stock. It is installed with the same bolt as the normal pistol grip… remove the grip and replace with the block.

  • ZacMan

    I have fired an AR with this installed. Of course the “simulated rapid fire” capability was just plain fun, but what I was immediately impressed with was the ability to crank off controlled, three shot bursts on target by the end of the first clip. Very easy to get the hang of, while retaining the ability to fire single shots for longer range accuracy. But you just gotta do a 30 round mag dump (around 1.6 seconds) now and again just ’cause you can! As for looks, installed, it looks just fine to me.

  • Goose

    So does anyone know if these are legal in Canada? Probably wishful thinking, and I should know better?