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  • KC

    looks pretty slick, I was wondering how they’d design lasers that don’t have interchangeable grips

  • Chase

    That thing looks fantastic. I always thought Lasergrips looked ugly on autoloading pistols, but this is wicked cool. Damn the California Safe Handgun Roster, I really want one of those.

  • Matt

    I looked on and didn’t see it on there. any idea where to purchase one?

    • Matt, they will be on there soon. It has not been officially announced yet.

  • Cymond

    The original virtue of the Crimson Trace grip system was applying lasers to handguns that were never designed to use lasers. I mean, how else do you put a laser on a J-frame? However, I’m not sure how much of an advantage Crimson trace has over a rail mounted laser. Yes, CT is small & light, but so is that little LaserMax unit.

  • vash_241987

    I kinda wish they could have made it like they did for the xds just cause it would be easier to have one with out getting a custom holster for the laser. I guess I’ll wait and see.

  • I just bought the XDM-45 and your crimson laser like the one on your page; it mounts forward of the rigger guard. Now I can not find a holster that will holld it in the small of my back with a left handed set up; so that my right hand can reach behind and grab it and swing it around my right hip. Do you have any suggestions of makes and models? Thanks