Bill Wilson goes hunting with the .300 AAC BLK

[ Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat wrote the following for the forum. rsilvers, who runs Silencer Talk, gave me permission to repost it here. ]

Got our first Wilson Combat 300 AAC BLACKOUTs together last Friday.

Spent most of Sat and Sun on the range doing load development and accuracy testing. Shot over 700rds thru 4 uppers. Settled on the Barnes 130gr TTSX over 18gr H110, 2.160″ OAL as my hunting load which gives me 2050fps MV out of my 11.3″ SBR. So far I’ve taken 1 hog and 4 deer all with excellent down range terminal performance.

Bobcat at 40yds, amazing based on the exit wound we had good bullet expansion.

172# sow taken at 85yds, both with 130gr TTSX at 2050fps MV, one shot DRT with massive spine/lung damage on hog.

It’s like shooting a pop gun, minimal report and no recoil……………….

We shot several bullets into the hog in the am and recovered some bullets to see what kind of expansion we’re getting.

Bullets recovered after passing thru the shoulder area (12″ thick) of a 172# hog shot from 75yds. We did not recover the TTSX bullet that killed her last night, it penetrated 19″ and exited.

Barnes 130gr TTSX penetrated the hog and approx 8″ of water behind it, expansion is .502″ at the widest point, 100% weight retention. We shot 3 more from 125yds and penetration was a little more, 1 went thru both the of the first two 5″ thick water jugs and into the third, but expansion dropped down slightly to .479″, .488″ and .490″. Load was 18gr H110, 2.160″ OAL, MV was 2050fps.

Nosler 125gr Ballistic Hunter penetrated the hog and approx 2″ of water, core and jacket were seperated and both combined weighed 108gr, was suprised at the amount of penetration with this fragile bullet. Load was 18gr H110, 2.160″ OAL, MV was 2075fps.

Based on what I’ve seen so far I think the 300 AAC will be adequate for deer and hogs with the 130gr TTSX out to 150yds, which is about as far as I normally shoot anyway. The Nosler Ballistic Hunter should work fine for smaller hogs and deer, but I wouldn’t want to stick one in a 200+# tough old boar. The Ballistic Hunter would be one heck of a home defense round…………….

Steve Johnson

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  • Jack

    Anybody know what kind of handguard he’s running on the rifle?

  • zincorium

    Er, why would you shoot a bobcat?

    Last I checked you neither eat them nor need to cull them as varmints. I’m not opposed to hunting at all, I just can’t see the point.

  • G

    “Bobcats are also occasional hunters of livestock and poultry. While larger species such as cattle and horses are not known to be attacked, Bobcats do present a threat to smaller ruminants such as sheep and goats. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Bobcats killed 11,100 sheep in 2004, comprising 4.9% of all sheep predator deaths.”

  • Emperor Fabulous

    I will also ask, why did you kill the bobcat? Predators do not replenish their numbers as quickly as prey animals. It’s not food and it’s not a threat to anyone. Killing things just to kill them is sick in the head. When that is done with guns it’s also a great way to make more anti-gun people.

  • DaveR

    This cartridge is getting a lot of press lately. Seems like there is a big push to get it legitimized.

    That said, the fist pic didn’t help me focus on the cartridge, and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to question the killing of bobcats.

    Did a quick look around some hunting boards and it looks like bobcat hunting is quite a contentious enterprise (ie, rarely do hunters have to justify to hunters why they chooses to harvest an animal). The biggest justification for killing them seems to be that the cats compete with hunters for small game (rabbits, turkeys and squirrels) and therefore need to be harvested. This alone seems like a very weak rationalization and–as a rule–I’m simply not a fan of killing higher predators without having a practical justification.

  • zincorium: Bobcats are predators and need to be controlled just like coyotes. They are not kitty cats. They are predatory animals that will kill sheep, chickens, and will even kill fawns. If you are managing your property for deer, you don’t want predators taking them out.

  • That’s a Wilson Combat rail.

  • Jim

    What’s the idea shooting a lynx? That’s a rotten thing to do.

  • Casey

    I have the same question zincorium. If I catch someone just killing for sport I’ll hang their head on my wall.

  • Urban Redneck

    The rug. You shoot or trap bobcat for the rug.

  • Gregor

    @ zincorium: I guess the whole purpose of the hunting session was to shoot something living expect humans with the .300 AAC. Why would you need a suppressed assault rifle for hunting anyway? Or is there some law requiring to use suppressed firearms in hunting areas, to avoid scaring the game out of the “hot zone”?

  • Gregor

    @ zincorium: I guess the whole purpose of this hunting session was to shoot something living expect humans with the .300 AAC. Why would you need a suppressed assault rifle for hunting anyway? Or is there some law requiring to use suppressed firearms in hunting areas, to avoid scaring the game out of the “hot zone”?

  • Kcoz

    Do you know where this was done at? I thought hunting with a suppresor was illegal pretty much everywhere. Although who wouldn’t if it was legal and they were cheaper and more readily accessible.

    • Some of the comments here are ridiculous, and the more insulting ones have been deleted. I thought we were all better than this.

      People hunt, you guys need to get over that. You may not like it, sure, but this site is not for anti-hunters anymore than it is for anti-gunners. There are forms of hunting I could not do personally, out of sympathy with the game, but I respect the right of hunters to choose how they hunt.

      Regarding suppressors and hunting ….

      I have no idea where Bill was hunting. Hunting with suppressors is legal, I believe, in some places in the United States as well as *many* countries. In fact, some parts of the world require it and in others it is considered good manners.

      Think about it: a supersonic bullet is going to hit the game quicker than the sound. The suppressors simply means the hunter does not damage his hearing. Also, suppressors suppress recoil.

      I believe hunting with suppressors should be legalized everywhere. It is common sense.

  • Sean McGee

    Hunting with a silencer, at least in Texas, is legal, as long as the animals are considered “non-game.” Predators and Feral Hogs are considered non game. Deer are not. If you notice, the silencer is not on the weapon in the deer photos.

    Jim: Bobcats and Lynx are two different species.

  • Steve,

    I really appreciate how you responded to the comments.

    Many people don’t realize how much the hunting crowd does to promote gun ownership and rights.

  • Michael Frangoudakis

    Why would you worry about what he was hunting? It would have to be legal or he wouldn’t post info that would put him in jail. People hunt things all the time that others wouldn’t hunt. We have enough issues with anti-gun people without trying to crucify each other. As far as the supressor goes, why not. I have enough hearing damage already, I don’t need it to be any worse. A number of foreign countries that allow hunting promote hunting with a supressor because of noise issues. Destroying your hearing is not a good part of the hunt. I say more power to him for expanding our options.

  • Ewan

    In the trophy pictures there is clearly no suppressor fitted.

    In the UK hearing loss while hunting is one of the few reasons why you may own a suppressor. It was something to do with health and safety that firearms would require ear protection that would be un safe to wear while hunting due to awareness issues.

  • zincorium, bobcats can do tremendous amounts of livestock damage on goats and sheep along with put a hurt on fawns. There are even pictures out there of bobcats attacking and killing grown deer bedded in front of trail cameras. I helped do a depredation hunt in TX where over 100 lambs out of approximately 300 were killed by bobcats before they were trapped and shot into submission.

    Besides that, the bobcat is an amazing animal to take and highly prized by hunters. And for those who sell pelts they can get hundreds of dollars for top lot bobcat pelts. Average bobcat pelts can still be worth good money.

  • Tyrone Alfonso

    And Steve,

    Block this if you feel it necessary, but you can’t have a open forum blog then bitch when people offer up opinions. Let people say they’re stupid comments, just laugh at the stupidity if you disagree. Insulting comments are hilarious when there is no real intelligence behind it.

    But for the love of God, don’t become the thought police. That’s the last thing ANY forum or blog needs.

    Love the site, keep up the good work.

    • Tyrone, discussions about the guns and ammunition are allowed, even the pro vs. cons of hunting with suppressors, but not debating on the ethics of hunting. That is off topic and I don’t want it to be discussed on the blog. I am sure there are other places where it can be discussed, the same rule applies to debating other types of politics.

  • I’m not well informed on the silencers out there, can anyone tell me about this particular unit?

  • Jim

    That’s a terrible standard, Steve. You chose to post this, but I doubt you would be willing to do so if it was an endangered species. Please don’t pretend like you don’t self censor when choosing what to post.

    As to the shooting of the lynx, if we haven’t learned our lesson from diving ecologically necessary predators to the bring of extinction (e.g. wolves) for the utterly silly reason that they do or might threaten livestock (which are relatively cheap, renewable, and easy to protect in ways that don’t involve killing the predator), then we deserve the fate that awaits us. Allow me to state more plainly that even the top ecologists don’t know what the cascading effects of removing a major predator are, and the sorts of people who actually do shoot these animals sure as hell don’t know. We’ve already killed off almost all of the large fauna from the United States, who in the hell do we think we are killing off what what little variety left, leaving our children with even less?

  • Jamie

    yeah cut the anti hunting BS with out knowing more. if it is legal to hunt said animal in that state, then it is legal.

    Whats your collective problem?

    The cats will also kill your dog, your cat, and they are not just out in way way out desolate rural areas. They do come into subdivisons in the burbs.

    You only need to have a few calves killed before you are out a few thousands bucks.

    Whats the big deal, you guys do realize the cat is a killer right?

    Whats perverse is people that root on wolves and bob cats, and cougars, and all sorts of animals when they get men. But when man gets them its “not fair”.

    I have no inclination to hunt a cat ….. well lets say go out of my way to hunt one.

    If i was retired and a gentleman farmer with grandkids around 4-5 dogs, a couple chicken coops, 2-3 cats, some goats, some pigs, 1-2 cows, and some ponies for the grand kids i do not particularly want repeated attacks on my animals, and if it was legal i would hunt said predator, if it is a wolf, coyote pack, bobcat, cougar, what ever.

    • “Guns vs. Politics” – that extends to the pro-hunting and anti-hunting crowd.

  • Jack


    I looked on Wilson Combat’s web site and it looks like the rails are different. The one in the pic looks like it’s got the ability to put rails on the sides while the ones on the web site are permanent with rails on the fore end. Different model? old? new? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Pete

    Dont see the point of killing the bobcat…and does he even eat what he kills?

  • DRod

    If you don’t see the point in doing something, don’t do it. But don’t hold your decision to someone elses. We shoot hogs, coyotes and anything else here in Texas that we consider predatory on our livestock. That would include large cats.

    Great read, this cartridge is looking more and more interesting.

  • zincorium

    Well, I should apologize for possibly badly wording my post- I see the point of hunting, never had a problem with it, I’d just never heard of any reason to shoot bobcats before now.

    I grew up in sheep and cattle raising country, but I’d never heard of anyone actually being bothered by bobcats- mountain lions and feral dogs, yeah, but not bobcats. They just never appeared on the radar.

    Sorry for stirring up the pot, I’ll try and be clearer next time.

  • Alan

    It may just be because I’m a youngster (really, I’m not pushing 30… no denial there at all) , but I’m grew up in the “only kill it to eat it [unless its a snake]” school of hunting. Venison, awesome; hog, yum; squirrel, little greasy but decent stew; etc. So I can’t really get behind the predation of non-game critters, just because you can. But to each his own, and I want to own that freaking gun.

    But imagine this article getting to Peta or some such. “Big scary black assault rifle, with a silencer, killing the pretty kitty!” it would be a PR disaster, and bring a bunch of flack on our sport(s).

  • Jason

    Hey jim, check out what the precious wolf has done to the elk population out in wyoming. It went from 20 some thousand down to like 2000 right now because of no control or hunting season within like 5 years.

  • Jim,

    A lynx and a bobcat are two completely different animals.


    I hope you don’t grow to regret posting this up with all the bickering that has ensued since it went up. Keep up the great work and providing us with great content on a variety of gun related topics.

  • Jim

    “If you don’t see the point in doing something, don’t do it. But don’t hold your decision to someone elses.”

    Animals are in the commons. Shooting that bobcat takes it away from everyone else. This is very much not a private issue.

  • DaveR

    my opinion #1: the 300BLK looks like an outstanding cartridge for the AR platform.

    my opinion #2: the acceptance/aversion to hunting is largely colored by an individual’s own experiences/inexperience.

    fact #1: human beings almost completely wiped out the american bison within less than 50 years of unregulated hunting

    fact #2: a bobcat *is* a lynx (Lynx rufus)

    fact #3: i’d **LOVE** to have a suppressed 300BLK!!! 🙂

  • Jamie

    alan dont let peta decide what is moral or ethical. That is purely letting them make the rules and change them at their leisure for their benefit only.

    I really resent that line of thinking, its disturbing. When was the last time you heard the left say anything even close to that.

    Hell peta kills tons of animals, they run death shelters with terrible records

    look up peta kills animals.

    Any peta supporter can go to hell. Most are communits, and most of their agenda is global socialism, enviro politics which are a cloak for wealth redistribution. They have taken it so far as to latley promote shelter animals above pure bred pets, as if there is an infinite amount of homes. They say a shelter animals adopted saves a life. Worse they love to portray the shelter animal as the common man, the mix breed human, the racial ambigious. IE nothing could be better than being non whire. You need to pay attention more, peta is one of the worst orgs in the country. Purely terrible people top to bottom. Hateful, wicked people. It takes a hardened racist to make animal adoption into a racial thing. I recently say a fat guy, huge like 450 lbs, he looked prematurely old, like he was late 30s but looked 60, horrible looks horrible hair, terrible teeth, terrible skin. He was on tv saying how a shelter animal is the embodiment of him. Ohh i think he had a disease and spine problem also. Anyways the “shelter animal” is really BETTER he says.

    THIS is him and people like him saying he is better than a fit 32 year old with good health and looks and a future. That was not a cloaked message.

    It is interracial people good, white people bad.

    Prop up the sick. Punish the healthy.

    Worst of all it condems healthy animals to die since their are a finite amount of homes. Its sickness.

    Please dont use the people at peta as a reson we should do something. That is like trying to say we should not fight a war or do X because geez, what will racist black panthers think of us. What will communists think of us.

    Dont let people who hate you unconditionally tell you some superficial excuse and get you to change. You are doing their bidding for them.


  • Jamie

    letting peta school you or scold you is like letting hitler or chairman mao lecture you on infant mortality rates.

    look at

    by the way peta finds a home for only 1 out of 300 animals.

    They are running a real tight ship over there, top notch folks you should TOTALLY listen to! not!

  • ari

    Just my opinion,but I think this article is in bad taste and runs counter to the notion of “guns, not politics”. Looking at the comments it is obviously a very divisive subject. I like this blog for its technical nature involving firearms ,not pictures of dead animals killed(with 30 round mags, no less, really sporting,Not!) ,because not only is it politically charged it is for some spiritually charged as well. This blog should be better than that.

  • DRod

    Maybe not from where you live. But here, if you saw a bobcat on your pasture and didn’t shoot it, you better hope your neighbor doesn’t find out. They are fair game here because they are a threat to our in come and livelihood. Thy are a nuisance animal in this and my other areas, no different than feral hogs or coyotes. Period.

  • Jim

    DRod, we need to preserve what little large fauna we have left far more than we need your livestock. We can raise cattle and sheep anywhere, we can’t replace large scale predators like this. The environment belongs to all of us, and thereby supersedes your personal interest.

  • Jim, have you even taken the time to look and see the current conservation status of the bobcat? It is “Least Concern” and can’t get any lower.

    “The environment belongs to all of us” — careful. That’s socialism.

  • Alan

    Looking back, it kind of sucks that the whole bobcat thing has superseded what was otherwise a great write up about a gun/cartridge combo that is drool worthy, and makes it clearer why Steve tries to stick with his tagline.

  • Maverick

    Jim, we need to preserve what little of the Great Society we have left far more than we need your individuality. We can employ proles anywhere, we can’t replace the Great Society. The State belongs to all of us, and thereby supersedes your personal interest.

  • Todd

    @Jamie: Modern dog breed standards are nothing more than eugenics. I hate PETA as much as the next guy but the form over function breeding cycle has to end. Watch this video and check the link and perhaps you’ll feel differently about “pedigrees” and “breed standards”.

    YouTube link:

    Breed standard link. Good reading.

    @Steve: Sorry about the non-firearm nature of this post. Not political but informational.

  • Jim

    ““The environment belongs to all of us” — careful. That’s socialism.”

    No, that’s the commons. You’ve gone off the deep end.

  • Jim

    PS: Apparently communal use of oxygen is also a form of socialism. Every time you breathe, Stalin wins.

  • Pete

    I dont care about PETA, im not a green looney, im not one of those looneys that value animal life above human life, i have NOTHING against TRUE hunting so spare me those usual boring clichéd insults…killing animals “just because” is stupid period.

  • m4shooter

    I love all the Wikipedia expertise going on in some of these comments. In today’s world, knowledge = search “Bobcat” on Wikipedia.

    The simple fact of the matter is that most hunters and outdoorsmen will be lucky to see one single bobcat in the wild during their entire lives, and killing one as part of a ballistics test shows a wanton disregard for life in general. And what an ignorant and mis-guided test at that. To truly test the ballistics of a round, you can’t just shoot one bobcat and a couple hogs. You would have to do hundreds of ballistic examinations to account for different ranges, velocities, bone strikes, organ strikes, etc. Forget about the fact that any moron could tell you in advance that this round is going to poke two holes in a bobcat. And furthermore, any hunter will tell you that it’s not the size of the exit wound that matters — it’s the placement of the shot.

  • Bert

    A Bobcat and a Lynx are in fact different species. Yes, they are both of the Lynx Genus, but that is like saying Humans are Homos.

  • Frank D.

    As an otherwise quiet reader, I feel compelled to comment.

    Please stick to technical write ups & current news postings; and leave out the hunting and trophy shots. The inclusion of the bragging / trophy images entirely dilutes the post and totally remind me of this “hunter” (who I shall not name) we catch a glimpse of on TV once in a while, before we quickly turn the channel, who shoots any living animal as a sport/entertainment/…: elephants, rhinos, …

    Let’s face it. Most of us will never see a Bobcat in our life (just like many other species) and I can see no reason to kill one. I’m pro guns and supportive of hunting, but can’t accept this type of free for all shoot whatever moves mentality to get trophies under the cloak of “management” or “protecting livestock”. Killing this type of animal should only be a last resort, if all other methods have failed and not without consulting with professionals and officials. If most of us weren’t more thoughtful about the other creatures we share this little blue ball with, we wouldn’t have any wildlife.

    Anyway, please stick to firearms discussion and leave the hunting for hunting blogs. Your site is a much better place without such a post.

  • So can someone tell me what silencer is on that setup?

  • Vitor

    I ain’t no homo, Bert! =P

    ari, the article is not of bad taste, since the best way to know how good a cartridge is at incapacitating a living being…is testing on living beings. The great perfomance of the BLK against the hog speaks volumes on how well it would perform for self-defense. Gel tests are cute and fun, but hunting is the ultimate test for a round.

  • Sandy

    OMG! What a bunch of crybabies!

    I have the utmost respect for Bill Wilson.
    What is this forum about anyway? Are we here to talk about PETA, racism, fat people, genus/species, who can kill what, suppressors or the 300 BLK? OK, well maybe we can talk about the suppressors just to clear the air about what they are, how they work, why they are used and the legalities. The pics show the 300 BLK and what it can do. The text tells of how it works. All the “informative” information is great!

    Who’s right and who’s wrong? Well NOBODY, so far. And nobody will be. Go cry on another forum! And, if you don’t like the pictures, then log on to

    Scientific Classification – biological classification, or scientific classification in biology, is a method by which biologists group and categorize organisms by biological type, such as genus or species

    Species – similarity of DNA, morphology or ecological niche. Presence of specific locally adapted traits.

    And for our beloved Bobcat & Lynx:

    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Felidae
    Subfamily: Felinae
    Genus: Lynx

    Lynx lynx
    Lynx canadensis
    Lynx pardinus
    Lynx rufus

    See! Nobody is right and nobody is exactly wrong. They are the same (felinae) and they are different (species).

  • Mentos

    Ok, i enjoy this blog but i think that this is directly against the “Firearms not Politics” motto. By uploading these pictures you are politicizing the subject from the begining, not everybody who’ s interested in firearms automatically likes hunting, let alone people actually hunting Felines. To somebody like me who’ s not from America shooting the Bobcat seems like a cuntish thing to do, and don’ t give me the protecting the livestock excuse, the reason you actually have those Animals is to kill them, and then you get pissed because another Animal actually simply wants to do the same thing?
    Anyway for some reason i don’ t think that bill willson was thinking about all those livestocks he was protecting when he shot the Bobcat. And the “harvesting the Bobcats” because they compete with the hunters for “small game”? Wow. Pot kettle black. So basically the hunters are pissed off and thus kill other Creatures because they do exactly the same thing as them? How is that even a justification?

    Urban Redneck, that’ s disgusting.

    Jamie, about Peta promoting Animals from Shelters as opposed to breeding “pure bred” Pets, how is it a bad thing? If you want a Pet it’ s for its caracter and thus the Love that He or She brings you right? Not because He or Hhe has fur of that particular color on that particular spot or something along those lines, right? Then why breed even more Animals while there are already millions of Pets in shelters, resulting in even more of them getting killed because of the lack of rooms in said shelters? So yeah in that case a shelter Animal adopted saves a Life.
    And about the parralels that you draw between peta promoting Animals from Shelters over “pure breed” Animals and a supposed promoting of a multi racial Humanity you really are looking too far into it man. I explained the reason why Peta rightly promotes adopting Animals from Shelters instead of breeding Animals.

    • Austin

      did you know that PETA kills more animals per year then hunters do i bet you didnt so pleas if you dont like guns or hunting witch ever it doesnt really matter dont pull up articals about hunting and start fights

  • Mentos

    Bert, do you even realize how stupid what you said is? Of course Human are “homos”, Homo Sapiens to be more accurate. You’ re mixing families with species. Unless it was a joke.

  • Mentos

    Rest in Peace to this poor Bobcat and to all those Animals.

  • Dan Hermann

    The B.S. just doesn’t stop. I am interested to know what this cartridge does on game.
    Our society sure has changed. Remember when Walt Disney opened his tv show from his trophy room? dead animals all over the place. People did not have a problem with it back then.

  • Dan Hermann

    If you came from another country and don’t like ours, you are invited to leave. Us true Americans like our gun culture and are offended when someone tries to attack our beliefs.

  • Dan Hermann

    Sorry if I offended any non gun people on this gun site. I just put together my .300 blk with night scope for blasting Coyotes in Texas. Wild pigs too if I come across any. I work up loads and post on the .300blk forum. But the end result of working up loads is for better performance for hunting. Not just target shooting. I know, I know, guns were invented just for target shooting but I can’t help just blasting things with them. : )

  • Miles Leaman

    I found these guys are one of the few with 300aac in stock for 11 dollars per box. Super fast shipping and friendly to deal with.

  • WilliamDahl

    Personally, I would not shoot a bobcat, but that is only because I don’t eat them and they’re not enough of a pest to just kill them on sight. On the other hand, the domestic cats that run around the neighborhoods, well I think everyone should shoot those pests on sight. These days, I only hunt hogs because I don’t want to be bothered about whether a particular animal is in season or not or whether it is past dusk. They are truly a pest and can breed faster than we can kill them.