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  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    To be fair, I hated that damn weapon attachment in the game. Made you a target for snipers in multiplayer. I preferred just the plain old gun with maybe an optic, heck, dual wielded pistols were a more viable option.

  • Joel

    That’s more like a submachine gun on top of a flamethrower than a flamethrower under a gun.

  • Russ

    It goes back even farther than that… the US Army Chemical Warfare Service developed a device known as the “Flaming Bayonet”. It mounted under the muzzle of either a M1903 or M1917 rifle, allowing a bayonet to also be mounted. The general idea was during the attack, a doughboy would charge an enemy, fire the device, and, while the badguy is distracted by the 5 to 15 foot flame, run him thru with the bayonet. There were 4 different models developed, using either a liquid or solid (cartridge) filling. All models were loaded with 5 shots.

  • Ok, maybe not the forum for this. However, I have been using an underslung flamethrower for weeks now…. in Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

    If any of you are gaming with the Xbox version – look for screen name ‘therebelminion’. We can light each other on fire. 😉

  • Syga

    Here is also an nice article about the underbarrel flamer:

  • HarvHR

    Cool, nice to know random things. The flamethrower or masterkey work quite well on the M14, if you know it gonna get close combat.