Jordanian King presented with shiny SA 58 rifle

You might remember that in 2008 George W. Bush was presented with a beautiful engraved CZ 550 rifle chambered in .308 Win by the Czech prime minister. Last year the Jordanian King Abullah II was presented with a nifty SA 58 automatic rifle with a special finish and high-quality walnut furniture.

Other heads of state presented with a Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZ) firearm recently include the president of the United Arab Emirates who was also given a CZ 550 and the President of Kazakhstan who only got a CZ 75 pistol (I guess he now knows where he stands!).

Steve Johnson

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  • T800

    Maybe the kazakh president is more of a pistol guy and expressely requested one ?

  • snmp if you want Walnut or other fancy wood for VZ58 or nifty stock for CZ550 /CZ427/CZ451 or for CZ75 nice grip…… They are subcontractor of CZ UB

  • Vitor

    The Vz. 58 was really the best rifle of the world in his first version when people were debating between the AK and the M16.

    The 58 is much lighter , more accurate, with less recoil than the AK. Basically it had everything better, including milled steel instead of stamped, than the AK without sacrificing the realibility. And it not only lighter than the AK, but also lighter than the M16 even though it has piston and a tilting bolt. How the hell the czech managed to do that in 1958?

    The magazine was also lighter than the soviet one. A gun truly ahead of it’s time.

  • I’d love to see someone gift a gun to Barack Obama just to see what his reaction is. 🙂

    That said, it would be nice if a semi auto sporting version were offered here with these upgrades. Should sell quite well if they were offered.

  • Jeff

    Who calls a rifle a sub machine gun? The thing is barely a carbine…hardly so by today’s standards. P.S. I love the SA 58.

  • Lucky guy!

  • Rob

    Whoa! .308 is considered an smg round now?

  • DaveR

    I’m just an old curmudgeon I guess, but I sure hate to see such beautiful wood wasted on an AK 😛

  • Phil Wong

    FYI, HRH King Abdullah II of Jordan happens to be a former army officer, and Special Forces commander:

    “He entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (U.K.) in 1980 and was commissioned as second Lieutenant in spring of 81. He then served as a Reconnaissance Troop Leader in the 13/18th Royal Hussars Regiment (British Army) in the U.K. (and West Germany).

    From 1985 to 1993 he served mainly in the Armoured Corps (3rd Division) in all related command appointments at platoon, company and as battalion second in command positions, until finally commanding the Second Armoured Battalion, 40th Armoured Brigade with the rank of lieutenant Colonel from January 1992 to January 1993. During this period he attended several military courses in the U.S. and the U.K. including Staff College Camberley (U.K.) 1990-1991. He also has several attachments to the Special Forces and a year as a tactics instructor with Jordan Army’s Anti-Tank, Cobra Helicopter Wing.

    The beginning of 1993 saw him as Deputy Commander of Jordanian Special Forces till he took full command in November 1993. He commanded these forces till October 1996, when he was instructed to re-organize this and other elite units into the Special Operations Command (SOCCOM). In 1998, as SOCCOM Commander, he was promoted to the rank of Major General and continued this command until the passing away of His Majesty King Hussein in February 1999.”

  • zincorium


    Well, rejoice, because it’s not an AK!

  • subase

    The Kazakhstan president probably just likes pistol shooting, while King Abdullah given his resources and military career likes the rifle shooting and George Bush likes posing with weapons, the bigger the better.

  • Noir

    Jeff: submachinegun is just translation of samopal (as in Sa vz.58).

  • J.Q.Public

    I may be wrong here, but isn’t an SA58 a DSA made FNFAL? where as the Vz.58 bears a striking resemblance to the weapon pictured?

  • subase

    Nah your right, it’s a Vz. 58 a famous Czech rifle. Everyone has kinda ignored that it’s been named incorrectly given how obvious it seems.

    I will also add that apart from not being a SA 58 it’s not a CZ 550 either. It’s a Sa vz. 58 or CZ 858 TACTICAL.

    Also just a comment but CZ have some beautiful assault rifles up on their website.

  • Malky

    Hello guys, you ask, if .308 is submachine caliber or why we call automatic rifle smg. It´s because smg is english term for czech name “samopal”. Yes, we know it´s a rifle, but we call it a submachine gun 😀
    And SA.58 isn´t kalashnikov, it´s a different construction 🙂

  • chris

    hey, id gladly take a cz 75 any day.