Sig extended length pinky magazine for the P238

Sig Sauer, the masters of product differentiation with so many models it is hard to keep count, have introduced a new magazine for the P238. The extended length magazine holds one extra round (seven vs. six rounds) and has a pinky finger rest. Strangely, they are not selling them individually but only with certain model P238s.

UPDATE: Photo added:

[ Many thanks to John @ Sig Sauer Blog for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt

    Damn that gun is sexy. I’ve wanted one of those forever but the price and weight for a 380 just don’t work.

  • John C

    They never sell good accessories individualy. Like for the P250 they have a model with a threaded barrel, but you can’t get a threaded barrel alone.

  • Pete

    “Sig Sauer, the masters of product differentiation with so many models it is hard to keep count,”LOOOOOOOL

  • Do they sell extra mags for the “certain model P238s”?
    Even if you have to buy the gun to get them, buy alot of “spare” mags!

    Why they won’t sell them to just anyone is beyond me though, surely there would be a demand, why not cash in on it? Or is it they can’t they produce enough to be able to sell them separately?


  • Couldn’t someone just use Colt Government Model .380 magazines with spacers for the Colt Mustang?

  • West

    I love this gun but the normal 6 rd mags are $50.00.

    What are they charging for this one?

    And does anyone know what models they are sold with?

  • luke c baker

    this magazine is terrible…it has an 1/8″ gap when inserted
    and seems to be the old magazines that have been converted
    to these crappy extended mags.I love sig but this is not by far
    an engineering marvel