CMMG .22 Evolution for FN P90 / PS90

CMMG has developed a .22 LR conversion kit for the PN P90 and PS90. It takes just 30 seconds to swap in this kit (no barrel swap is needed).

The current design uses Ruger 10/22 magazines (somewhat defeating the point of the P90) but a high-cap model is planned.

No release date has been announced.

[ Many thanks to Ray for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Bryan S

    At first I was like “Woah!” and then I saw the part about 10/22 magazines.

    That stinks. I already have a cobbled 10/22…. why spend $1k on another?

  • other steve

    If they had a high cap version. I would actually consider this, SBR’ed, suppressed, the whole 9! Makes me wonder why FN wouldn’t do a “training” version in 22lr?

  • Christian

    I love the idea of this kit! It uses magazines I already own, and for California laws, it get around our 30 in. OAL requirement because rimfires are exempt.

  • Mount

    Man I love CMMG! I don’t like the 10/22 mag idea though, so I can wait for the high-cap version. Very cool!

  • Lance

    Well you can finally fire a PS90 w/o breaking your bank. 5.7 lacks power and is EXPENSIVE.

  • Mich tooael

    That is an innovative solution that allows one to shoot the weapon a lot without breaking the bank. Love it! If it works using the 10/22 magazine then it shouldd probably accept the high cap after market versions too, ya think?

  • Chi

    Just when I thought I could get over wanting a PS90, this comes out…

    Here’s hoping I can spare myself some change after the holidays

  • Will

    You really have to love an innovative company. I look foward to seeing what CNMG will come out with next. I’ve got their AR conversion kit (in stainless) and am completely satisfied with it so far.