The French Defense Ministry has posted an interesting article on their website about new products at the US Army’s AUSA ’10 expo. Notably, they mention a new PDW version for the SCAR. It has a very short barrel (10″?) and an H&K-style retractable stock. I like it!


Even if you don’t understand the French, I recommend taking a look at the article. It has lots of great photos.

[ Many thanks to Clairon for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Bima86

    It looks “cute” ๐Ÿ˜€
    I totally love it.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Higgs

    looks like the sltock from the Mk13 ELGM

  • Ray

    Is it just me or do most FN Guns look like “space guns”? Looks very cool!

  • S&WBT

    If you view the link on google chrome it can translate the entire article, theres so pretty interesting stuff in there

  • Andy from CT

    Could someone please ban that AR pistol grip already??? If I had my way the ERGO grip would be standard on every AR. If someone prefers something else, fine. But that old grip is the freakin’ worst!

    That said I believe that if you aren’t going to go with a P-90 or the HK MP7 size-wise a much better PDW is KAC’s entry. http://www.knightarmco.com/pdw.html

    The only thing the SCAR PDW offers is ammo compatibility. But everyone is also aware that 5.56 needs to travel out of longer barrels to be at it’s best. Rounds designed from the ground up to be used out of shorter barrels are the best bet here.

    Yes, I’m aware KAC sticks that crappy p-grip on their mad expensive AR’s. No sir. I don’t like it.


    “Even if you don’t understand the French”…Even those of us who understand French, have great difficulty understanding the French.

  • dg

    Dear FN,

    Please bring this to the USA civilian market in a timely manner. Thanks


  • iroquois pliskin

    nice looking, now the scar familly is complete ! ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    ps : but it look like the xm8 compact (i mean the stock)

  • King Hui King

    My God, FN formally (?) joins the PDW competition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avery

    Can’t have a ten inch barrel. The SCAR-L Short has a 10-inch barrel.

    Since it’s has a cutdown receiver, it’s likely 9 or 8-inches. Although, counting the slots on the rails, I might say about 6-6.5 inches. Won’t likely know until there’s official news.

  • Gir

    I got on facebook just because i felt i needed to ‘like’ this article. I cant speak to its form of function but it does look stylish enough for the french

  • Ok now that is fekkin cool. I want one!

  • Vitor

    Given how FN managed to create an extreme smooth and well regulated gas system in the SCAR, it’s the ideal assault rifle to have a PDW version, since PDWs can suffer from violent action and recoil.

    Now install a 7.62 and load with the 7.62×35 AAC Blackout and we have a champ.

  • King Hui King

    FN offically (?) enters the war of PDW

  • David Fiorito


  • Pro

    i would say 7.5 to 8.0ยดยด barrel . I like the stock . Weight and price are the most serius factors (after the size) for a succesfull PDW . I bellieve the price factor is allready off the table . Now there is a complete (overpriced) family of SCAR weapons .

  • John C

    I wonder if they will ever make that stock and barrel length availble for purchase?

  • West

    I want one of those jeeps with the roof-mounted cannon!

  • And here I thought that FN had already created the world of PDW …

  • Jdun1911

    FN, HK, or both invented PDW. PDW are repackaged sub guns.

  • jdun1911

    Andy from CT,

    I see nothing wrong with the A2 grip. I prefer the A1 tho and that because it doesn’t have the finger grove. As for the Ergo Grip, I had very bad experience with them. Both of mine had unacceptable play. I replaced them with Magpul MOE and the other Troy CBIR. In fact the CBIR is on my custom “PDW” AR15 (mk.18 clone). I’ll get some pictures up soon.

    Anyway if FN SCAW PDW is 10″ it is in direct competition against mk.18 Mod 0. I seriously doubt that FN will win that battle.

    Here is AR15 Mk18 and clones pictures thread if you’re interested in it.

  • jdun1911

    Alright here my mk18 AR clone. Well not a direct clone, in fact not even close. Lots of modification done to it. 100% custom. Everything was assembled from ground up .

    With NFA tax stamp.

    I bought a micro camera from ebay for around $10 (808 car key camera with free shipping from HK) six months ago. It was recommend by a arfcom member. The problem I had was mounting it to the SBR. A couple weeks ago the problem was solved by an another arfcom member. His solution was velco.



    Arfcom thread

  • Cymond

    Yes, 5.56 does best out of longer barrels. However, 5.56 probably beats 5.7×28, even out of a short barrel (if you ignore muzzle blast, noise, flash, and recoil).

    Obviously 7.62×51 does best when it has enough barrel, but I heard a DS Arms rep talking about how 7.62×51 in a SBR beats 7.62×39 in a 16″ barrel. Watching that presentation made me want a FAL.

  • Avery

    A quick measurement in Photoshop comparing the US GI magazine with the gas block, where I’m assuming that’s where the barrel actual ends, leads me to believe that the barrel’s about 7 inches long.

    I’m really not seeing the utility of something like this over the SCAR-L CQC. The CQC is already 21 inches folded. This looks like it comes out to 22 inches with the stock retracted. I will give that the SCAR PDW does come out to a lot thinner profile than the CQC, because of the CQC’s folded stock. But, this would only really appeals to the plainclothes security and bodyguard types. The CQC would still be a much better option for military non-combat personnel.

  • Vitor


    A DI system can be extremely smooth with a long barrel, but in a very short barrel gun like a PDW it gets quite violent and dirty while the SCAR gas system is well known for being very smooth.

    Even Knight Armament, a big supporter of DI with their SR-15 and M110, opted for a piston for their PDW. So, if a company well known for their excellent DI guns prefers a piston system for a PDW, I think this says a lot.

  • Avery

    And something else: the P90 would still likely be a better option for plainclothes security and bodyguard work than the SCAR PDW. Shorter OAL, profile as thin as the SCAR PDW, plus no stock to fiddle with to get into proper firing position. Even if it takes 2 or 3 5.7mm bullet from a P90 to match the lethality of the 5.56mm bullet fired from the SCAR PDW, the P90’s 50-round magazine provides more firepower than a concealed-carry SCAR PDW with 20-round mags (because you know that’s what would like be loaded in them, to aid in concealment).

    Also, if what I remember hearing about Secret Service tactics, automatic weapons in bodyguard details tend to be used as area suppression, like a squad auto. It doesn’t matter if they’re hit, as long as they keep their heads down long enough to allow their escort to escape or get another agent into a better position. Even with it’s cartridge, that’s were the P90 would excel at because of it’s large magazine.

    And if FN’s concerned with the P90’s cartridge, why not experiment and make a 5.56mm NATO or 7.62x39mm-fed P90? I’m pretty sure they can keep the ergonomics and magazine size, while making the platform slightly thicker and heavier.

  • Jack

    Google chrome does an able job of translating the website, though there are a few confusing and some hilarious foul ups. For instance, trigger guard becomes “arcade bridge.”

  • Andy from CT


    Had the exact opposite experience. Never had any play on the two AR’s I put them on. In fact, I got a third for my soon to be .44 AMP carbine. A pair of POF P-25 mags are being modified and the upper will be tested. Once that’s all set then the upper and mags will be shipped to me.

    I still believe KAC’s 6×35 PDW offers superior performance to any shorty 5.56

  • King Hui King


    Dear Page Master, scroll down the page of above link and u will see the FDE SCAR PDW test firing!!!!! Thz!

  • J Smith
  • michael

    I think it’s kinda ugly and wish they’d make in 6.8

  • subase

    The nice thing about this is that the stock looks interchangeable with the normal Scar folding stock. Pretty snazzy.

    Also the FN P90 has been around for over two decades, there’s probably a good reason why only a handful of middle eastern and south american countries have issued it to their military in any sizable quantity. For body guard work and casual use it seems fine.

  • subase, I think the limited issue of the P90 is from two reasons. The first is that the PDW concept is really of such limited real tactical utility that the weapon is never a priority. The second is that given the first, there is no reason to add another caliber to the logistics chain.

    That said, I still think the P90 defines PDW.

  • Alan

    Completely off topic, but Andy from CT, can we see your Automag carbine when its finished?!

  • J Star

    PDW – it’s the new buzzword that means pretty much nothing. They can, and do, call almost anything small and automatic a PDW now, regardless of the round it fires.

    Subase – the P90 isn’t issued in quantity in militarys because it’s not really designed as a general issue weapon. However, it is in use in lot more areas than South American and the Mid-East. A lot of spec ops groups use it (especially in the EU), as well as LEO and private contractors. Compared to the H&K MP5 and its varients, no, it isn’t highly distributed. Compared to a lot of other sub guns, though, it has been.

  • jdun1911


    That’s why the mk.18 mod come with H2 buffer, extra strong action spring to slow down the cycle rate. It also have an upgraded extractor. It’s really is a non-issue and like I posted before the Mk.18 is very popular within the community.

    Andy from CT,

    I bought two Ergo grip from two different supplier. Both of my Ergo grip has play. This happen when I’m doing one handed weapon drills. The grip shift very slightly due to the extra stress. No other does this as far as I know.

  • Andy from CT

    Alan, you got it. As far is I (and the builder know) I will have the first AR .44 AMP based off a .308/7.62

    I’ve dubbed it “Black Sunshine” and I will absolutely send pics and stats here when it’s finally all together and in my possession.

    I know Tony Rumore built one or two AR-15’s in .44 AMP but those were low cap guns.

    Sorry to get off topic Steve but I’m rather excited about it. Especially since it’s so close to completion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jack

    I’ve shot this weapon at an ‘insider’ testing event. We’re looking to purchase this weapon system for our department. It’s amazing. It shot a .223 round in the same package (side by side comparison was done) of a UMP .40. Grouping was 1 inch at 25 yards with an eotech on 3 round bursts. The full auto cycle rate is slower than both the UMP 40 and the M4, but let’s face it, 1 round on target is better than 31 surrounding it.