Chiappa Rhino Review

American Rifleman have gotten their hands on the Chiappa Rhino Revolver and posted a review of it online.

While the U.S. market has never shied away from “ugly” guns as long as they’re reliable, accurate and easy to shoot—just look at the success of Glock—Norton questioned whether the North American market would embrace such an “unorthodox” design, even though it was innovative. With his heart on the pulse of the American market, Norton suggested a few profile changes, including a snub-nose variant, and prototypes were turned around almost immediately.


The Rhino at SHOT Show.

Steve Johnson

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  • Cool!
    Just got this, the Patron Saint of Self-Defense:

  • Falcon500

    The Glock isn’t ugly!

  • Sian

    Either that guy has small hands or the Rhino is bigger than I thought.

    Not a fan of snubbies, barrel length is the easiest part to conceal, I’ll be looking hard at the 4″ Rhino though.

  • I blogged some videos a while back that showed rapid fire with full house .357 loads with the Rhino…. The lack of muzzle flip is astounding:

  • zack991

    Umm no thank you.

  • Andrew

    Now what really interests me is that false hammer. Since it isn’t necessary for the hammer to actually fall to fire the gun, this things is effectively a SA/DA hammerless model. Probably fires just fine from under clothing and whatnot.

  • damien

    Needs a laser mounted on top of the barrel.

  • So what benefits do you get to compensate you for so much ugly?

  • puke

    Very interesting. Does anyone know if it is semi-automatic like the Mateba Unica, or if the single-action mode requires re-cocking?

    Am I seeing that right, in that the cocking-decocking-notahammer is also the rear sight? Is there any way to tell if it is cocked?

    I’m guessing that they’re not resurecting the gas-seal of the Nagant, so what does that mean for the shooter when hot gas and lead shaving is coming out the bottom of the cylinder near your hands? I’ve had a moderately unpleasant time with large revolvers at indoor ranges, due to gas escaping the cylinder-gap and splashing off the little cubyhole walls. but at least it was splashing UP.

    I’d love to get one of these, but the prospect of singing the hair off my wrists isn’t that attractive.

    Anyone have first hand experience with one?

  • JeremyS

    Interesting, but it looks like it won’t slip into a front pocket like the 442/642.

  • Don

    I actually like it aesthetically. I agree with what others have said about it not being any more practical than a 442 or a model 60 or something. Still, I have a soft spot for an weird looking guns.


  • Andy from CT

    I want one in .44 mag. But even if they make one it won’t be released until I actually buy the .357 mag version. Because that’s how my life works.

  • 54Bravo

    RE: “puke”

    No, it’s NOT semi-auto like the Mateba. Also, there are both SA only and SA/DA versions.

    Here is their official product page:

    I haven’t seriously thought of picking up another revolver in years-until now.I really like this concept in both form AND function.

    As an aside, I must say I generally find it funny that people go on and on about combat firearms’ attractiveness when that basically has ZILCH to do with how effective they are in a combat situation. “Ugly” guns work just fine-see Glock, Uzi, M2 .50, etc. etc.

  • puke

    Thanks. Looking at the website, the longer barrel versions seem to have seperate rear sights. I wonder what other design changes there are in the 200.

    Also, my concerns about gas burns seem to be addressed here:

    I hope that cocking lever does not move on a DA trigger pull, it would probably play heck with your elevation. On the other hand, you probably dont really aim something that short, rather just point.

  • Bryan S

    Looks a heck of a lot better than those ugly guns that charter puts out with the colors on the frame.

    Although, with a white cylinder, this would look sharp. Wonder how well it runs with .38Sp?

  • It ain’t getting prettier. I’m just not convinced that it needs to be that ugly.

  • Alaskan the beretta 92..I wouldn’t want to get shot by it..but it’s still a functional firearm.

  • jaekelopterus

    Oh, come on. This gun is seriously no uglier than an AR-15. Besides, only pimps and drug dealers need pretty guns.

    • John

      I always wanted to be a pimp, but couldn’t qualify. I don’t want to be a drug dealer, although I was once offered the opportunity.

      Nevertheless; I LIKE PIMP GUNS. The pimpier the better, so long as they also shoot. I officiated at one pistol match where there was a whole squad of ladies shooting Glocks. Glocks can be mad pimpy if you work at it. One lady had rhinestones embedded in here slide. Good shooter too.

  • damienon 02 Dec 2010 at 9:00 am said:

    “Needs a laser mounted on top of the barrel.”

    Makes sense, they got alot of unused space over the barrel!

    Kind of looks like a cross between a glock and a revolver, not that that’s bad…….

  • Roger

    I got a 357 Rhino back in May when they first hit came out. I like unusual guns and collect guns. Have them all. Never shot it and never will. It did come with a fine pancake leather Holster. The DA trigger pull is not the best.


  • Crash

    Love the look and idea behind it, hate the price. From the few I’ve seen, the 2″ hasn’t been any lower than $650, and while it’s got one shot less, I can pick up a Taurus 651 for close to half that. Guess I’ll wait for the innovation factor to wear off and prices to come down.

  • GatorMarine

    I like the logic of a the bottom firing cylinder, the flat revolver for conceal-carry, and six .357 Mag bb’s in a 2″ makes me smile. Since when did looks matter when lead is in the air? However, I will wait for a laser sight on the upper barrel priced closer to the initial offering price of $650 without a laser.

  • yuman

    I disagree with the ugly comments. It is an odd shape but a great blue finish and looks just fine. The recoil is hardly noticeable and it is quite accurate. I have put over 200 rounds through my Rhino and am a happy owner. The holster is leather and carries concealed just fine.

  • Gwolf

    I laid eyes on this on a Friday, fell in love and by some amazing luck aquired one on a Saturday. Put 150 rounds thru it on Sunday and was astonIshed at how well it handles recoil. After years of useing my S&W airlite 357 minus the 357 rounds due to tear your arm off recoil, this is truly a pleasure. I think i must have a more refined version with a decent trigger pull, less than 8 lbs. i would say, channeling to direct gasses escapeing from the cylender gap and so on. It seems to have the same approximate dimensions height, width as a Beretta px4 sc. i still can,t believe i was able to rapid fire full power 140 grain .357 loads like they were .380’s. As for the asthetics I never did like the dated look of the typical ruger or S&W revolver. Tradition be damned, revolvers might actually become relevant again thanks to the rhino.

  • David Manley

    I just picked mine up today, I put 50 rounds thru it and 18 rounds were rapid fire. Other than the percussion, it has no recoil! Its the equivalent to rapid firing a 9mm. I simply amazed at its performance after having shot many other 357 magnum revolvers that left your wrist aching. This one is a joy to shoot!

  • Marcia

    I will get my 357 Rhino in a week. I can’t wait! I love the look. It will be interesting to compare it to my XD9. I love to shoot!

    • Paula

      I am thinking about buying the 2″ Chiappa Rhino and would like to know if you ever got yours and what you think of it.


  • ericnels

    Just got my Rhino 40DS to the range. Lack of recoil/muzzle flip is astonishing! Laser is unnecessary at combat range- just point and shoot, Baby! Will be the gun I take to qualify for my CCW licence, if I can find the right holster.

  • Harry. Gabbard

    This seems to be the gun I want for my wife
    With a light trigger pull.She has had many surgerys and lost a lot of muscle. I got her a 380.Bersa but with any auto.she has trouble with the slide without modification. Such as a t put on to pull back
    But carrying it would be difficult .So the Rhino with low recoil would be great. Its deffently in the near future pricey. But looks and sounds like the perfect weapon. Harry. Near Dayton Ohio

  • Tim

    Purchased the DS and it continually misfired due to failure to rotate the cylinder. I returned it to the gun store where I purchased it and was told it would take two weeks to get it back. It is now going on five weeks. Still no news about the problem or when I’ll get my gun back. I’m very disappointed in the poor performance of the pistol and especially the total lack of customer service. I will never buy another gun from this company and will try to get my money back and purchase a different pistol.

    • Mike Ferguson

      Good luck getting parts from these folks. Not even their distributors can get them and no-one not even Chiappa seems to care, what a way to run a company. Just think what someone could do that was service oriented.

  • Joey

    is a 357 rhino 200ds a good gun for a woman