Noveske Rifleworks .300 AAC BLK barrels


Noveske Rifleworks has ceased selling 300 Fireball barrels and instead will be shipping .300 AAC BLK barrels for the AR-15. The barrels have an attractive stainless steel bead blast finish, a medium contour, 1:8″ twist, include an installed gas block and will be offered in 10″ and 16″ lengths. The 10″ is selling for $365 and the 16″ for $455.

Noveske says on their website that certain Noveske 300 Fireball barrels will safely fire the .300 BLK …

300 AAC BLACKOUT ammunition is safe to use in Noveske 300 FB barrels with a serial number of 290000 and higher.

Noveske 300 FB barrels with a serial number less than 290000 or without a serial number will need to be checked before using 300 AAC BLACKOUT ammunition. We will be setting up a program to send in older barrels for inspection and reaming if needed.


Steve Johnson

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  • Jim

    I wouldn’t call that attractive so much as styrofoamesque.

  • Tomcatshanger

    that’s a hell of a pointless markup.

  • me

    300 AAC BLACKOUT is being adopted pretty quickly. Interesting to say the least.

  • Foghorn

    I own a Noveske 5.56 18″ barrel for competition shooting and I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to strap this onto a spare upper and try the new caliber in competition, from the ballistic profile it looks like a dream come true.

  • HK_WSU

    Does anyone know why these barrels are priced this way? It seems to be a bit steep to me.

  • Kfin

    Uppers? please

  • Jim L

    I’m just glad my barrel fell after the magic number. My question is, if it’s ok to use the fb barrel, than what is not the same?

  • Aaron
    Price lists for barrels, barrel assemblies, Uppers and bolt guns in .300 BLK can be emailed upon request.

    .300BLK barrels start at $169. Lifetime warranty.

  • Dave

    If you don’t know why Noveske Barrels are priced like they are, you don’t need to worry about buying one.

  • Jim L

    I would love to see some head to head silenced shoot out between brands. Maybe they act the same, maybe they don’t. I also hear a person could run a lighter 9mm can for light use. Is this possible?

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